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Deciphering the Job Jigsaw

“Your workforce fuels the engine that drives your business.”

b2ap3_thumbnail_logo_20130724-061242_1.pngA uniform supply of skilled labor is the pedestal which supports organizations and countries. The temporary nature of contractual employment demands a medium which provides a constant source of comparable opportunities.  Our propulsive client wanted to elucidate the employment process for contracted professionals. He envisaged a product which would aid industry specific organizations to recruit contract professionals. A medium where Contract professionals could maintain profiles, for organizations to view their skill, experience and availability and make them offers accordingly. Our Web Development Company backed our client, by lending digital wings to his idea, through our web application, Contractors Calendar. 

Recruiting relevantly and optimizing opportunities

By creating a Contractors Calendar profile, a professional can advertise himself in front of registered industry leaders, who filter profiles using a special integrated search tool. This helps them browse through profiles as per their precise requirements. On selection of suitable profile employers send Contractor Connect emails to them. These mails identify the type of work available, duration of contract and hourly rate. If selected professional are interested in the role, they can reply favorably, and share their full profile details with employers. Employers have to purchase Contractor Connect Tokens, through a Paypal integration, to approach suitable professionals. These only get deducted when there is a positive response from the contacted professional’s end.
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This Joomla based application augments the employment process and minimizes downtime. It assists employers to recruit their future work force relevantly. It also enables contract professionals to maintain continuity of work, by optimizing future work opportunities before their current contract expires. Professionals can survey employment opportunities and recommend the same to fellow users. You can also advertise your particular business using this application.

Our client wanted the site to have a straightforward interface so that both employers and professionals could focus on the job at hand. Our Web Design India Team provided the mock up and HTML designs appropriate to our client’s requirement.


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Transmuting Team

1 Team Lead, 1 Web Developer, 1 Web Designer, 1 HTML designer took 3 months to deliver this project.

Creating Confluences

Our web application shapes up as an ideal medium which fosters confluence of employees and employers. Its feasibility depended majorly on the confluence of ideas between our client and us. Our ingenious client was an integral part of the developmental process. His clear vision and active involvement helped us in creating a precise requirement understanding document. He was prompt with his feedback's during development which helped in speed up the entire project.

We, at Evon Technologies, believe that good partnerships foster good products. Consequently we endeavor to develop good partnerships with our clients by maintaining complete transparency, in all our processes, through well defined communication channels.

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The Digital Billboard

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and more importantly,

 Who comes to Vegas ends up lavishing inflated sums in Vegas.”



The entertainment capital of the world boasts of a plethora of compelling activities and events. Billed as one of the most glamorous cities, Las Vegas is the honey comb for all travelling bees in the world. The multitude of activities at offer makes it the ideal tourism hub. Its extravagance and splendor capture the imagination of one and all. The events and experiences offered by the city, make it a once in a life time spectacle for visitors. Our Web Development Company brings to you an unprecedented app, i20wink, which helps Companies in Vegas popularize their respective events. The complete stack, of a Website, iPhone app and Android app, assists organizers by providing a medium for multimedia advertising and helps users share their experiences, pertaining to these events.

Event Exhibition

Our ingenious client envisioned a medium, whereby business owners could magnify their visibility and reach through content. We helped him build a platform, which helps advertisers create events by putting up content, in the form of promotional videos and texts, for prospective events. These sizzling 20 second clips impair winking while they last. The clips are embedded on the website as per the subscription plan selected by the advertiser. A Marquee plan puts your video on a loop in the main video display, What’s Hot in Vegas plan puts it on the slide panel underneath the main video and the site also offers a basic Icon plan.  Users can freely view these videos, rate them, share them using social profiles and add their own videos associated to the promoted events.  


The Technological Stack

Our Application Development Company developed the mobile app for this website to spread the information over a wider network. The functionality app, for iPhone and Android, enables you to view and review advertising clips of events from your phones. It generates your location through GPS and suggests events in your vicinity. You can Favorite events or share them among your friends through social media integration. It is compatible with iOS 4.3 and Android 2.1 and above. It is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.


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iPhone snapshots
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Android snapshots
The Website was created with the trusted Joomla CMS using PHP script and Mysql database. jQuery was used on the client side. All videos are displayed using the integrated JW flash player. Advertisers can effortlessly view Graphical stats of their events through the Analytics feature. He can also create, edit and view past events.  A calendar on the landing page helps you view events as per dates and category of event/activity. The main categories include bars and clubs, local, event markets transportation, Hotels, Vintage Vegas, Free, Dining and Concerts and Music. Registered advertisers can upload one new event per day. The interface was intricately designed by our Web Design India Team.

The Vivid Virtuosos

1 Team Lead, 1 Web Designer,2 Web Developers,1 HTML Developer, 1 Android Developer, 1 iOS developer and 1 Quality Analyst completed the project in 6 months.

“Confederating Organizers and Revelers”

This technological stack is a holistic solution to our client’s requirements. By providing multiple mediums (both web and mobile) for advertising; the application aids companies in extensively exhibiting the vibe of their events and helps you unearth events of your choice. Our Web Development Company aspires to develop products that maximize the potential of every segment. We embrace challenges with open arms and approach solutions with progressive invention. This ensures gratification of every mind involved in the developmental process.




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