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Joomla is the hottest CMS that is launched under GNU General Public License. Awarded as the best Open Source CMS in 2006, Joomla is the most popular and easiest CMS of this century. Joomla CMS is coded in PHP and based on MySQL database. It is free and easy to use, which makes it available for all. No matter, if you have smallest of technological knowledge, you can have your own website with Joomla CMS development. The structure of the software is based on four basic features:


Trouble-free management: The software is developed in such as way that the user finds no difficulty to install and run, even if he does not have sound technological knowledge.


Addition of modules: Since Joomla is open source software, anyone can contribute his bit to upgrade and develop new modules and components. In most cases, these added-on modules are free and downloadable. 


Templates and themes: The Joomla software is so easy to use that many designers have come up with their own Joomla theme and templates in order to increase the usability and user-friendliness of the software. These themes are downloadable.


Search Engine Optimization: Joomla is SEO-friendly. Among various tabs in Joomla, the SEO tab in the administration backend looks after the global search engine optimization for your web page, based on Joomla. It offers SEO-friendly URLs, which help your web pages rank in higher position in search engines.


Joomla Content Management System is very easy to use in order to form and update your website. Through the software, the user can add and update content, news, products, events, and services. He can add unlimited contents and templates in his website through Joomla.


Extensibility is the most important feature of Joomla Development, which distinguish the software from the others of its kind. Various organizations have created their own add-ons to make Joomla work more efficiently. The Joomla developers imbibe the basic Joomla CMS structure and then they develop various applications and solutions according to their wants and needs. The framework has been continuously supported by dedicated developers, who have been equipping the software with new features and add-ons. These new features and applications are available as extensions and Plug-ins.


Given below are some popular extensions of Joomla:


Joomla CMS Modular: Joomla’s main popularity lays in the fact that anyone can write codes to form new modules, which can be free or purchasable. These modules meet with your advanced requirements and give you the desired look for your website.

Joomla membership management: Joomla has a membership management system, which controls private and public access. Generally, different tasks are assigned to different people. Joomla comes with this feature to add extra security in the website. The access will determine who will control different components such as newsletter management, gallery, business directory, shopping cart, forum etc.

Joomla editor: Joomla has an inbuilt WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, through which the user can update and maintain his content online.

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Are you a professional blogger? Then you must have understood the prominence of WordPress, overshadowing Drupal. Many professional bloggers are now converting their web pages from Drupal to WordPress. Reason? WordPress is easier, better, and user-friendlier. Many tech savvy people may argue that Drupal is the ideal place for technically sound ones; however, there are many, who cite for the struggle, they have faced during posting their blogs in Drupal. There are a couple of reasons, why many web users are switching from Drupal to WordPress. If you are interested to imbibe the process for a better blogging experience, here are some tips on how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress, mentioned below. Before landing on the topic, let’s take a look why you might need the switch.


Why WordPress is better than Drupal:


·         WordPress is quicker than Drupal. The tasks that you can perform on Drupal, can be executed much faster on WordPress.

·         WordPress has the autosave option, which takes care of your incomplete content, while on Drupal, there is no such option in the text editor.

·         WordPress offers more Plugins.

·         WordPress has the Thesis theme, which takes extra care to make your page rank higher in search engines.

·         There is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor on WordPress, with which you don’t have to take extra burdens to add HTML links.

·         Moderating comments is easier on WordPress.


How to switch to WordPress from Drupal:


Migrating from Drupal to WordPress is not an easy task. You first need to work on the offline copies in the archive. Dump Drupal database from your system and import it into a fresh database. You can use MySQL for this conversion.


Install WordPress into your system, using the old database server, where the Drupal database is kept. You now have Drupal and WordPress running on the same server but in separate database. Don’t forget to give unique names to the databases.


You may need some programming knowledge with MySQL and PHP to work on Drupal. You can enable PHP on Drupal following the path:




You need to change the location; else Google will consider it as duplicate content. With slight coding, you can inform Google that the content is being shifted from Drupal to WordPress. After the switch, whenever, you need to post something, just enable ‘Input Format’.


This is the basic procedure of migrating from Drupal to WordPress. Now log in to WordPress site and you will supposedly find all your contents and posts along with the comments on your new WordPress site. If you find all your posts and comments in the migrated database, you can dump the WordPress database and import the archive into a new database on the server. Now a new WordPress should be installed and configured on the server so that you can use the new database properly.


Your wordPress site is ready. Happy blogging!

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This is the age of mobile computing, where all the tasks and applications of computer system can be performed on mobile platform. These applications cater for faster and easier access to all computing operations, right on your mobile phone set. Thanks to Adobe Flash Platform that these applications have become friendlier with multiple operating systems and browsers.


With the advent of Adobe Flex SDK, the mobile application has reached to the next level. With help of it, mobile developers have built mobile Flex operations for tablets and touchscreen smartphones. The smartphone users now can have access to all the computing applications on their handset easily.


The potential success of Adobe Flex SDK mainly rests with its association with Adobe Flash Builder ‘Burriro’ and Adobe AIR. Initially, the development has been made targeting the Android applications, which will be upgraded with advanced add-ons to support mobile services such as Tablet OS, BlackBerry, and Apple iOS.


The main feature of mobile development using Adobe Flex SDK is its common path to address mobile applications and desktop computers. These platforms significantly cut down the cost and time of developing and testing these applications while the users can get continuous support from the application.


The architecture of the Flex SDK application depends on three modules:


·         Adobe AIR 2.5 on mobile handsets: Runtime

·         Adobe Flex SDK: Framework

·         Flash Builder ‘Burrito’: Development platform


The mobile framework development mainly depends on Adobe Flex SDK. It offers a productive and strong framework, which builds application UI. This framework connects with the server-side data on the runtime APIs. The ‘Hero’ includes features such as built-in UI components, UI formation through MXML, data access modules, widespread component architecture, data binding, and dynamic layout.


The Adobe Flex SDK functions in a twofold ways:


·         The existing modules along with their skins have been extended to make them usable on touchscreen mobile phones.

·         The new modules have been encapsulated in such a way that the application patterns can be used in smartphones.


‘Hero’ introduces advanced level mobile features, which are ornamented with the core features and at the same time with the advanced features of Flex ‘Hero’ modules and skins. These components are compatible with the mobile application and design patterns. There are a couple of simple modules in Flex SDK like Checkbox, Textinput, Button etc. which are ideal for touchscreen mobiles. These features have a special mobile theme in Flex SDK that contains skins suitable for touch applications. Apart from the components and skins, there are some additional features of Flex SDK ‘Hero’, which are optimized for touchscreen smartphones. These new modules can build standard design patterns for these smartphones.


The mobile development using the Adobe Flex SDK will open a new era in mobile applications. For touchscreen smartphone, there are some specific components, which are additionally designed to increase its usability.


·         Views: This module displays a single screen for User Interface. With this component, the user can view a list under a category after tapping on the very category.

·         ActionBar: It appears above the Views. It includes a couple of buttons to perform tasks like creating new item or refreshing the view.

·         ViewNavigator: It controls the Views and Actionbar.

MobileApplication: It collates all functions of the handset in order to wrap these together into a single application class. 
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We demonstrate how we use Testlink to support robust and standardized quality assurance procedures within our organization.


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Joomla is a popular Content Management System that offers easiest solutions for making and updating websites for all, starting from the newbies to hardcore IT professionals. To know Joomla more aptly, you first need to understand what a Content Management System or CMS is. CMS is more like a library, which holds all your contents including text, videos, music, pictures etc. in its record. The advent of CMS has opened a broad way for the people with little technological knowledge to own and maintain their personal websites. Joomla is one of the most user-friendly and extensive CMSs in today’s world.


Support and share… these are the basic features of Joomla. Based on MySQL and PHP, it is built on a strong framework and offers easy to use applications. Apart from the basic Joomla framework, if the user wants to create a more advanced version of the software, he can create several add-ons in order to make it more powerful.


An open source, Joomla always welcomes research and development. Anyone can write modules on Joomla making it more advanced and user-friendly. These add-ons are downloadable, through the website of the inventor of the add-on. For example, if a user creates a new design or theme on Joomla, it will be available for free download. However, it is better to mention here that not all themes on Joomla are free. The designer can create paid custom themes as well. If any user wants to avail the very theme, he needs to submit the prescribed fees for the design to the creator’s website before finally getting the theme on his website.


Joomla works in a simple architecture collating your content and template (designs and layouts) to make a website. This easy to use software is embedded with various modules such as polls, RSS feeds, language internationalization etc in order to make it more user-friendly. The user does not need extensive web experience and knowledge to publish his content through this software.


The advantages of Joomla:


Open and free: Joomla is an open source and free CMS. The user can install and use without any cost.


Easy to use: Joomla is very user-friendly. There is almost no technological skill needed for using this web site development software.


Accessibility: Joomla is for all, ranging from big corporate portals to non-profit websites, from school and college websites to personal web pages.


Graphical interface: Graphical interface is one of the main advantages of Joomla over other contemporary CMSs. This feature enables less learning and easy understanding of the software from the user’s end.


Advanced features: Joomla has an extensive range of advanced features such as Application bridges, Integrated e-commerce systems, Communication tools, Data reporting tools etc.

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Mobile gaming has always been popular with the users. The advent of iPhone has taken mobile gaming to a completely different level. iPhone allows for development of highly robust and engaging mobile games. Ever since the launch of this miraculous gadget, iPhone developers have gifted the world awesome applications that have not only entertained millions of users across the world but also have served businesses all over. Most of the iPhone apps developed have provided users high interactive playing experience while others have used it to promote products and brands.


The open platform allows freelance developers to churn out intriguing apps and create a name for them. Most businesses opt for custom development of the games and applications. Offshore development centers across the world deliver high-end iPhone gaming apps at affordable prices. One can easily outsource iPhone development to these centers and be assured of quality of these applications being delivered.


iPhone has redefined mobile gaming. With fabulous graphics and superb control, they have become the most favored gaming platform for mobile users. The advantage lies in the fact that one can enjoy these apps at any time of the day, be it during a coffee break or during long hours in traffic. With hundreds of developers developing new game application, iPhone users always have more that they can ask for.


In the last five years ever since the launch of the first iPhone, online games have come a long way. The latest version of iPhone 4 has brought plenty of new features like the Retina Display, Multitasking, HD quality, and improved sound quality that makes mobile gaming more fun! Mobile games now involve strategy and multi-player options. iPhone game development now comprises puzzles, quizzes, war, racing, block, numbers, and a lot more games.


Top iPhone Games of All Times


Space Ninja – This is a space based iPhone app where users dodge enemy fire. The game comes with 40 levels, which engage gamers for a long time and test their speed and accuracy. The iPhone accelerometer works great with the game, as well as the touch-screen options. It can also be played using the directional buttons as in the old mobile phone games.


PacMan Championship Edition – It already has had its fan following on Xbox and PlayStation and now has become one of the favorites for iPhone gamers. It can be easily played with touch screen 'swiping', or the standard 'D Pad'. It also contains bonus fruits, and eating of small dots. You need a little time to settle on the game nevertheless, it is highly popular with iPhone users.


Real Racing: No gaming platform is complete without racing games, and Real Racing gives you the ‘real’ experience of driving over a rough terrain. Not the easiest of all, it tests driving skills of the player. The accelerometer has been beautifully used in this game as well as the buttons making it highly popular with iPhone users.


Get the most amazing iPhone games developed at an offshore center with years of experience at http://www.evontech.com/iphone-solutions.html

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Websites are no longer about having a few interlinked pages on the cyberspace. They have become glossy representation of brand name and image. If there is one thing that has helped websites turn glossy and interactive, it is Adobe Flash (formerly known as Macromedia). With Flash, you can add animations, videos, presentations, and online games to your website. No wonder Flash developers always find their hands full with work.


In this highly competitive world of online media where there are a number of websites of the same genre, it is very important to attract your visitor. You can do this effortlessly with Flash development. From video sites to banner advertisements, Flash interactive are being used almost everywhere. There are hundreds of offshore development centers, where you can outsource your Flash projects. Experienced Flash developers work on your website at these centers.


There are two ways to use Flash to pep up a website. Either, one can entirely create a website using Flash, which results in highly interactive and glossy websites or, use Flash interactive and banners in HTML websites. Most of the websites choose the second option, as websites developed entirely on flash platform are difficult to update especially in websites where information is being added every moment.


Advantages of Using Flash


  • Websites with plain text and images fail to attract visitors, which increases their bounce rate. Human eye always gets attracted to motion; Flash adds that motion to your website and hence, keeps the visitor engaged.
  • Whether it is a quiz, an opinion poll or a simple game built in Flash. It is enough to engage the visitor in your website for considerably longer period, which may help you, bargain hard with your advertiser.
  • You can add uniqueness to your website using Flash. It adds life to your website saving it from looking just like any other website.
  • Flash developers can make the navigation of your website dynamic resulting in more page visits per user. Even if you can make each visitor navigate to a second page, you will double your viewership without any external promotion.
  • You can add flare to text and images which you want to highlight on your website. This adds to their marketability and punch to your message. You can rest be assured, your visitors won’t miss out on what you want them to see.
  • Flash makes it easy to earn money through advertisement. Most of the advertisers look forward to advertise through Flash, as they are more successful.


All these make Flash a must for every website and Flash developers a prized community. Flash is no longer a deterrent to your website’s position on SERP (search engine result pages). Search engine bots including that of Google crawl through your website, thanks to the advancements in search engine algorithms. For more information on Flash Development, visit http://www.evontech.com/flash-development.html
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There is a rage for iPhone application development these days. Throughout the world, iPhone development is seen as benchmark for both mobile applications as well as marketing. iPhone developers are finding their hands full of ever challenging projects. One of the major challenges for iPhone developers around the world is to develop robust applications, which match with the multi-touch screen, accelerometer, and virtual keyboard features of the iPhone.


Outsource iPhone development seems to have become the choice for most corporate houses and other organizations. There are hundreds of freelance developers and established companies, which work in the niche area of iPhone application. The advantages are many for these business entities when they outsource their iPhone project to these offshore centers.


Advantages of Outsourcing iPhone Development


  • iPhone developers have expertise over application development. Working on varied genres of application each day, gives them thorough knowledge about the development of applications. They not only cater to your custom projects but also suggest minor alterations, which can make your app better.
  • Emerging markets around the world have become the favorite destination for businesses when it comes to iPhone. These places provide a huge cost advantage owing to the low labor cost. It helps in developing iPhone applications at fraction of the cost than the first world countries.
  • Most small and medium businesses do not need dedicated developers under their payrolls, as it doesn’t make economic sense. You can easily outsource your projects to freelancers or offshore development centers and hire these developers based on your project needs.
  • The low cost of development also allows companies to regularly develop newer applications or modify the present ones to promote their products or services. You can get more applications within the same budget.
  • You will have the option to choose among niche developers. In case you want to develop application related to social networking or a specific search tool, you can hire the services of freelancers or organization, which specialize in these domains.
  • Along with development, these offshore centers also offer you support services. In case you encounter any problem with your app, you can easily reach out to these centers, which give you instant support.
  • You will get time to focus on your core area of business rather than worrying about the iPhone development as you will be getting regular work reports and status of development from the organization or freelancer whom you have outsourced to   .

These advantages make outsource iPhone application development a win-win situation for both the iPhone developers as well as companies outsourcing the same. Unless you are, a big organization with day-to-day development needs, outsourcing is the ideal mode for you. You can also ask for a quote at http://www.evontech.com/iphone-solutions.html
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If you are accustomed with the Internet, Flash games need no introduction. Flash games are interactive media created for online and mobile applications. Flash development has revolutionized the way people develop websites, adding gloss to them. Ranging from small interactive applications to web design, 2D side-scrollers, and puzzle games, Flash developers have done it all over the years.


Adobe Flash (earlier known as Macromedia Flash) is one of the favourite tools for web developers as well as game developers for the development of interactive applications. However, there are few things that separate a good Flash game from an ordinary one. In this article, we shall discuss the important points that a Flash developer should keep in mind while developing games.


Tips for Good Flash Development


Plan Hard – Good developers need to be great planners as well. You need to create the game in your mind even before you have made the first click on your mouse. Even a small puzzle game written in Flash is likely to include several main screens or game states, audio files, graphical elements, and action scripts. In Flash development, it isn’t uncommon to start with a pen and paper than with a keyboard and mouse.


Design Graphic Elements - Catchy graphics always attract users and so, it is important that the graphics for your Flash Games be designed well. You can create basic graphics within Flash itself or import graphic elements designed in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or any other graphic designing and editing software.


Code Well – Once your graphic elements are ready, the next step and the most important one is coding. In this stage, you write the codes to make the game functional. Adobe ActionScript comes in handy while coding and one should proficiently use it. Instead of testing the game on actual graphics, one can opt to use the graphics holder at this stage.


Add Graphics and Audio – Once you are sure with the functionality of the game, it is time for you to add graphics and audio to the flash games. Be careful with the integration of graphics and see if every element functions according to the scripts. Check if all the buttons and other interactive elements work accordingly. As far as the audio is concerned, ensure that the background audio blends well with the game and audio clips following the cue from the scripts.


Final Touches – In Flash, add the game introduction and end of level screen, at the end. Most Flash developers add credits to their games at this stage. It is also advisable to get this game tested by another developer to ensure its proper functionality.


One of the best means to get Flash games developed is to outsource these to offshore development centers. This guarantees highly functional games built by expert developers at highly competitive prices. To get amazing Flash applications built for your organization, you have to visit the best offshore development centre at http://www.evontech.com/flash-development.html
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WordPress is the most favoured CMS (content management systems) in the world. Awesome power of the plug-ins has made it popular with the masses. WordPress plug-in development is one of the core areas of WordPress development. It is developed by developers that help webmasters customize website according to their exact needs and choice. Plug-ins relieves them of the pain of looking for technical support. Once a it is developed, a webmaster only needs to upload it to the folder on their web server and activate it in the WordPress dashboard.


There are a few things that WordPress developers need to keep in mind while developing WordPress plug-ins, which help websites run better. These standard practices kept in mind can take WordPress to the next level. Often this differentiates between good WordPress developers and ordinary ones. These practices help in standardization and make them become popular.


What to Do While Developing WordPress Plug-Ins


  • Debug Your Code – WordPress developers are used to debug codes. You need to enable WP_DEBUG. This has to be placed in  your wp-config.php file. If defined and set properly, error messages will be displayed. This will definitely make life a lot easier for you and save precious time while developing WordPress plug-ins.


  • Use A Framework – In WordPress development, you don’t need to write absolute unique codes to gain recognition. Instead, you need to write quickly as time is money both for you and your client. Wherever a framework is present, use it instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. There are many free and premium frameworks available, which can save your time and let you, develop better.


  • Internationalize – Although you will code in English it is advisable to internationalize the codes so that it supports different languages. Your application may not have immediate use in the non-English speaking world but you can always cater to a larger audience. You can achieve this easily using PHP.


  • Use Community Tools And Templates – Use community themes and templates, which are readily available to you. This will speed up the development process instead to trying to write codes from scratch.  You can use things like “WordPress Starter Theme Project” and “WP Dummy Content” which will make it easy for you to develop in WordPress.


  • Protect Files – Not all plug-in files should be accessed directly. You will need to add exceptions into the scripts that receive data from outside the WordPress framework. It may be things like thumbnail generators, image replacement techniques, or AJAX.


These things help WordPress developers in catering their clients with custom development of plug-ins. As a webmaster, these are a few important things that you must ask the developers before you outsource your WordPress development project. Ask all your WordPress Outsourcing questions at http://www.evontech.com/wordpress-development.html

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Have you wondered what makes WordPress development so powerful? It is nothing but WordPress themes, which help in creating unique websites. Themes allow quick changes of the visual design and layout of a WordPress site. WordPress developers can help you get the website or blog that you have always dreamed off using these theme development tools. No wonder some of biggest of Fortune 500 companies are using WordPress to manage their official blogs.


You can easily create custom theme using these theme development tools. If that sounds a bit tough, you can outsource your WordPress project to offshore development centers, which will do your job in a professional yet cost effective manner. In this article, we shall discuss a few theme development tools used in WordPress.


Development Tools That You Need


Local Server - Your desktop/laptop is the best place for custom development of WordPress themes. You will need to turn your computer into a local server and create a virtual web server (Apache, MySQL and PHP), which can easily be done by installing WordPress into your computer. You will not need to install these server separately and will be able to do that using the XAMP (for Windows) and MAMP (for Macintosh).


WordPress – Although this might seem too obvious, you will need to download and install the latest version of WordPress into your workstation. This needs to be installed into your local test server from where you will be testing your theme. The installation procedure of XAMP and MAMP in your local test server is a bit different and you need to take care of that.


Dummy Content –You will need dummy content to create a theme.  Go to the admin panel of WordPress and navigate to Tools > Import and choose WordPress from the list of options of WXR post data file. You can choose among The Theme Development Checklist test data, The Sandbox Dummy Content or WPCandy Sample Content.


Text Editor – Most developers prefer to use special graphics software for creating WordPress themes. You can try Notepad or Notepad++ if you are developing on Windows while Mac users can try Smultron.


Browser – You can use any browser for WordPress development but Mozilla Firefox is the most recommended one. The add-ons, which make Firefox the most, preferred choice of WordPress developers around the world. The Web Developer toolbar, which gives you a whole host of options for inspecting and debugging your code, and Firebug, which lets you, inspect each element in your theme right up till the code.


PHP – This is also commonly used in WordPress theme development. The default WordPress theme contains a functions.php file that defines many of features of the theme. Good WordPress developers use this to modify and create their custom themes.


Having these tools at hand will allow you to develop custom themes in WordPress. For more information on WordPress Theme development and associated costs involved, visit http://www.evontech.com/wordpress-development.html now! 

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Apple’s decision to lift restriction on third-party development tools has paved way for some notable changes in the world of iPhone application development. To start with, an alternative way of developing iPhone apps without having to write the code from scratch. As developers around the world rejoiced the decision, Packager apps came up with its package of promises. Adobe AIR for iOS Development is one such third party development tool, which has caught attention of many iPhone developers and with acceptance of Adobe’s Packager for iPhone, things have started to look brighter for flash developers. Before we discuss why Adobe Air is the next big thing for iPhone development, let us get acquainted with Adobe Air and Packager for iPhone.


“AIR, also known as Adobe Integrated Runtime, is a cross-operating system runtime that allows developers to use their existing web development skills to build and deploy Rich Internet Applications to the desktop.” And, Packager for iPhone is an important feature of Adobe Flash Professional CSS Software and AIR. It has enabled Flash developers to build and test iPhone Applications. This feature has enabled developers to reuse the existing codes written for ActionScript 3 real fast and efficiently. Then these codes are used to create native applications for iPhone. This means, now all your Flash applications can be converted to iPhone apps without having to write it from scratch. So, once the app is created, all you have to do is get it approved by Apple and put it on Apple Store!


These AIR applications are available for wide range of iOS devices including iPhone and iPad. AIR 2.5 has gone a step further to work for platforms compatible with Flash. This includes BlackBerry (Tablet), Android, and television. It will also work for accelerometers, cameras, microphones and more. However, Flash is not yet available for mobile browsers. Which means, you cannot run Flash content on your iPhone. It only allows iOS apps to be converted from Flash. It is going to be quite some time before you browse YouTube from your iPhone. Adobe is working with its industry partners to enable web browsing using Flash and run complete apps on AIR. 


Adobe Air for iOS Development comes with its own set of advantages. Some of them are as follows:


  • Automatic Updating: AIR comes with a brilliant feature like automatic updating of application whenever a user comes online.


  • AIR enables the user to load, save application and related data on the computer itself.


  • AIR has a notification system that allows two AIR applications running on the same system to communicate with each other.


  • The SQL databases embedded into it can store all information locally.


  • AIR supports Flash Player and it is but normal that AIR has rich support for multimedia, Vector animation, and Audio. 


  • If your aim is to create interactive and rich applications, Adobe AIR is one of the best possible choices to build the same.

Adobe Air for iOS Development has made the process of iPhone Application Development more interesting and fun for Flash Developers having already stepped into the world of Apple. 

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The launch of iPhone has revolutionized the way world talks about Smartphones. iPhone development has become the benchmark of mobile application development. IPhone developers are churning out newer applications day in and day out to meet growing needs of users. Offshore development centers around the world are busy developing business applications, fun applications, and many others for iPhone users across the world. Most of the businesses outsource their custom development projects to these centers to get better deals.


Competition that surrounds iPhone application development, has led to the development of many unsuccessful apps, which have served neither the businesses nor the developers. Thousands of dollars have been lost behind these unsuccessful development projects most of which have failed due to some common mistakes committed by developers.


Common Mistakes to Avoid in iPhone Development


Don’t try to over invent – It is wise to keep the apps simple. This saves time for developers as well as appreciated by the end user who uses it. In most cases development needs can be fulfilled by the iOS SDK that has an expansive library for UI elements. In some rare case, you might need to build a novel UI from scratch. The development process becomes complex and unreliable when every element is invented from scratch. Try getting buttons, sidebars, dialog, and tables using the same UI from SDK rather than going for custom development.


Keep the resolution right – As in a photograph or video, it is very important to get the resolution correct right from the start. Mobile application development lets you have a lot of stunning and eye catching graphics in 2D and 3D animations. iPhone 4 retina display performs best with HD graphical content. Some iPhone developers create larger graphics for good resolution but it slows down the application. So it is important for you to get things right. You can use the recent SDK and the application must be optimized in the latest iOS.


Get the animation right – You need to strike a balance between right kind of animation and usability. The USP of an application is its functionality more than the animation. Many developers commit the mistake of overdoing the animation, which can lead to the application slowdowns and increase in size. On the other hand, poor animation does not bring in the X-factor to applications therefore, making them unpopular.


Try to avoid multitasking – Many developers around the world work on multiple development projects at the same time. This is not advisable as it will be difficult for you to prioritize between the applications. Each application has its own specific requirements and needs a dedicated developer to work on it.


Application development isn’t just about technology but needs a lot of creativity where you will also need to keep in mind the functionalities. There are protocols that need to be followed in the creating the best applications for iPhone as mentioned at http://www.evontech.com/iphone-solutions.html.

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If you are thinking of an open source CMS (content management system), think Drupal. Ever since its launch about a decade ago, Drupal development has become favorite with bloggers, webcasters, and businesses et al. The user-friendly features of Drupal CMS are keeping Drupal developers around the world busy with custom development projects. Websites like Yahoo Research and Fast Company run on Drupal. Many celebrities like Eric Clapton, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, and Britney Spears maintain their website using Drupal.


The popularity of Drupal can also be attributed to the fact that very powerful and highly interactive websites can be made and managed using it. Throw a web development challenge to the developers and they will come out winning in style. Although there are many open source platforms available in the market, Drupal has its share of fan following. It is a scalable, reliable, and low cost mode of web development.


The Advantages of Drupal Development for Modern Websites


  • It allows you to develop dynamic website from scratch in no time. Developers can develop e-commerce solutions, product catalogs, networking websites and corporate websites among others.
  • In Drupal, it is very easy to create search engine friendly website structure, which is one of the core needs for any website in today’s competitive online business where everyone is looking to be placed high on the search engines.
  • You can develop highly interactive web applications using Drupal. There are also a large number of third party applications, which are available and can be easily incorporated into your website to make it rich and user friendly.
  • Drupal CMS makes maintaining a website easy for the webmaster. The backend of any Drupal website has been developed keeping in mind the basic web users. Developers might create a highly interactive website for you but maintaining that is a cake’s walk for anyone.
  • The platform allows development of unique website. It can be customized to meet your exact needs. Many free themes are available besides thousands of other themes created by Drupal developers around the world.
  • It is very easy to outsource development projects to offshore development centers around the world. Here programmers work on custom development projects and offer huge cost advantages to your business.
  • There are a lot of online forums and groups of Drupal developers around the world where you can seek help with issues related to your website. In these forums, you can interact with some of the top developers around the world and get solutions to your problems.


All these advantages make Drupal the technology for development of flexible and scalable websites. The extensive features make it perfect for all kind of development needs. Have a look at http://www.evontech.com/drupal-development.html to know more about Drupal.  

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The popularity of Joomla development needs no introduction. Throughout the world, it is one of the most widely used content management systems. One of the reasons that make it popular is Joomla e-commerce extensions that can be easily integrated for clients. Joomla developers can create awesome e-commerce solutions using these extensions to meet your specific needs. Most of these are easily available online and you can purchase them for small amount, which help in continuous development of these applications.


In this day and age of online commerce small and big businesses opt for custom development of their e-commerce platform. This is where Joomla e-commerce extensions come to use. From shopping websites to bidding website, Joomla has a solution for all. Developers sitting in offshore development centers around the world develop high-end e-commerce websites to meet the demands of competitive market.


Popular Joomla e-commerce extensions:


VirtueMart – This is the most popular extension in Joomla. The original component was used in initial years of development and is still being updated to keep up with current requirements. A favorite with developers it is a robust component which allows you to customize your storefront with custom themes. With this, you can handle an unlimited number of categories, products, orders, discounts, shopper groups, and customers.


Easy PayPal – This integrates two powerful entities of e-commerce – Joomla and PayPal. With this, you can easily set the PayPal parameters using default Joomla bot configuration screen. Parameters like email address, dollar amount, currency, item name, item number, button image or a combination of all of above can easily be set in your website using Easy PayPal. This is another favorite with Joomla developers.


Donation Thermometer - For those who plan to gather donations on their site, Donation Thermometer serves the application. It will display a red thermometer that will show donation amount increase with each donation given. This is also one of the unique Joomla e-commerce extensions available.


Jcontent Subscription – One that the developers vouch for, Jcontent Subscription is a component created for subscription-based web sites. This is ideal for websites, which are selling informational products and services. You can create subscriptions for individual users, any category of article or for any section. You can also customize the payment structure using this extension.


SimplyCaddy – This is another powerful extension that lets you create shopping cart easily and quickly, without having to set up a complete shop. This is ideal for websites, which sell simple products or services and are not complete e-commerce platform. SimpleCaddy helps in redirecting the money to your PayPal account. 


There are lot that can be done using the most popular e-commerce extensions in Joomla as described in http://www.evontech.com/joomla-development.html.

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Joomla and Drupal aretwo of the most widely used CMSs (Content Management Systems). Both Drupaldevelopment and Joomla development have their own fan following. There hasalways been a huge tussle between Joomla developers and Drupal developers whenit comes to deciding on which is the best and helps to create user-friendlyinteractive websites. In the last five years, both these platforms haverevolutionized offshore web development and increased the market manifold.


Both these platformshave a lot in common with both of them being open source CMS. For both the platforms,there are hundreds of freelance developers and offshore development centersaround the world to cater to ever-growing web business. If you have arequirement for Joomla or Drupal development, all you have to do is contact oneof the Joomla and Drupal development service providers working across the globe.Both Joomla and Drupal are being widely used by businesses due to their costeffective nature. But like everything else, these platforms too have their ownadvantages and disadvantages.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Joomla and Drupal:


  • Joomla was designed for websites and blogs, for people with little knowledge of technology. This makes it easy to use but has limitations when it comes to advance development. On the other hand, Drupal isn’t that user-friendly and helps in the development of high-performance websites.
  • In Drupal, it is very easy to set up the theme and layout of the website making it very flexible for custom development. Whereas in case of Joomla things don’t work as smooth as it is surrounded by its own paradigms but the advantage is you can create professional looking website with limited options easily.
  • When it comes to the back end administrator, Drupal has a relatively poorer administrator compared to Joomla. Developers have however overcome this with their expertise in handling the platform.
  • In Drupal, you are able to use the same log-in-details for different sites, which makes work easy whereas in Joomla, every site will have its own login details. This however makes your websites much more secure.
  • Drupal is the ideal platform to choose when it comes to developing large websites with hundreds of pages but Joomla has its advantages in developing smaller websites with lesser number of pages.
  • Drupal can easily be transformed from a basic HTML /CSS structure, whereas Joomla requires extensive PHP and coding knowledge. On the other hand, Joomla has an extensive plugin and component directory, which makes it better than Drupal.
  • For Joomla development, it is easy to get support from Joomla.org where you get comprehensive tutorials for developers and web owners. Drupal is more community oriented and you can get all the support you need from forums and groups.


All these make itdifficult to choose between Drupal and Joomla when it comes to building andmanaging websites. Both Drupal developers and Joomla developers rate theirplatforms as the best. The choice is best when left to individuals based ontheir needs. 

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We are all familiarwith the power of Flex development. Flex developers can create interactiveapplications in a matter of minutes using Flex, one of the keys to create bestRIAs or Rich Internet Applications. This is what makes Flex so powerful and ahuge improvement over Flash. One of the core development fields where Flex isbeing used is developing gaming applications providing thrilling experiences tothe gamers. Even the hardcore gamers swear by the gaming applications developedon the Flex platform.


Flash games have beendoing the rounds of the Internet for many years now. In the recent years, Flexhas overtaken Flash as the preferred platform of online game development. Someof the popular Flex games include Astro Chaser, Filler, Participate Playground,and Carnival Showdown among others. Apart from this, Flex development is alsoused for custom game development. No wonder Flex developers are keepingthemselves busy these days.


Flex development byconcept is split into two parts, the GUI and the ActionScript code. The GUI iscreated in an MXML file. This is nothing but an XML file that contains userinterface elements nested in tags very similar to HTML. At times the MXML filecan contain ActionScript code inside an mx:Script tag, but the main focus ofthe MXML file is to define the user interface. The top level tag of an MXML file is the mx:Applicationtag.


For Flex development,you will require Flex SDK (software development kit), Text Editor IDE(integrated development environment) and the Flash debug player. Flexdevelopers use these tools in a very methodical way.        Flex SDK will help you combine Flash source code into SWFfile format. With the help of text editor, you will be able to edit the codewhen required. Flash debug player will let you test your work as you progress.

Reasons for Popularity of FlexDevelopment:


  • Flex development is cross platform compatible. The games developed can flawlessly be played on different platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.            There are very few competitors to these features of Flex games.
  • Flex games are very easy to disperse and distribute. It is as easy as uploading a .swf/Flash file on the Internet. These small interactive games act can spread virally over the Internet and serve as a great marketing tool for businesses.           
  • Games, which are built using Flex needs no extra plug in installation except Flash Player which in most cases is automatically integrated into the web browsers or can be easily done into the browsers.  
  • The tools, which are required for Flex development, are available for free download and you don’t have to incur additional expense if you want to use Flex or join the club of Flex developers.
There are a number of offshore developmentcenters which         use Flex in customdevelopment of gaming applications. You can easily outsource Flex developmentto such centers and get competitive pricing.
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In today’s fast-paced world e-learning is becoming order of the day. From online management courses to corporate training, Internet has become the greatest source of learning. In all this, Joomla as a platform has become very popular and Joomla development is offering solutions to all the e-learning needs. Joomla developers are creating custom learning management systems for online courses, virtual universities and learning portals. 


If the latest trend is anything to go by, in the near future we might see more use of e-learning models even in the traditional educational institutions. It ishere that the vitality and flexibility of Joomla will make it a winner. It lets institutes and corporate houses address more people at once at a particulartime. It nullifies the traditional concept of attending a course or training ina brick and mortar building.


You can do a host of things in Joomla when it comes to building e-learning modules.You can develop custom quizzes, interactive games that help people grasp complex things faster and remember them for a long duration. You can also give custom access to the module to different categories from the trainer,coordinator to trainee.


With Joomla, many offshore development centers practice custom development of online education modules to help corporates and educational institutes cater to their employees and students effectively. Here Joomla developers churn out interactive e-learning applications, which make learning faster and easier. Most organizations outsource their e-learning development work to these offshore development centers.


WhyJoomla Is Ideal for e-learning


  • In Joomla, you can create e-learning modules easily according to your requirement. The flexibility that Joomla and its content management system have is unmatched in the market.
  • Joomla comes free of cost, which brings down the price of building these educational modules. The only cost that you will have to bear is that of hiring Joomla developers, which again can be controlled by going to offshore development centers that can save you cist substantially.
  • Joomla also has dedicated e-learning software called the Joomla Learning Management System. This is a functional e-Learning system featuring all the most useful learning tools.
  • This tool has a multi-language user interface and provides a convenient publishing mechanism. This makes it powerful for the corporates and educational institutions when the e-learning modules are developed in different languages.
  • Joomla LMS comes with an integrated e-commerce solution, which allows Joomla developers to create and manage different types of subscriptions to courseware, to sell goods and manage payment through secured gateway.
  • Course material in form of documents, PFD files and zipped files can easily be integrated into the platform. The entire course module can be divided into smaller modules for better references.
  • Joomla developers can create custom reporting module in Joomla e-learning modules to help participants track their progress and get statistical feedback on their success and failure with the project.


All these features and functionalities make Joomla the perfect platform fore-learning development.
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There is no lack of open source CMSs (ContentManagement Systems) in the world but none as popular as WordPress. Going by itssheer popularity WordPress development has become analogous to development andmanagement of blogs and business website. WordPress developers help in conceiving, editing, publishing, and indexing contentwith ease. Browse the Internet and you will come across thousands of websites,which use WordPress platform.


Ever heard of these companies – Yahoo, Sony,eBay, Wall Street Journal, Ford and NY Times? Don’t be surprised if you come toknow that these giants used the WordPress CMS to update their blogs. IfWordPress development ever needed a certification, these giants in business areits biggest testimony. If this is, still not enough to convince, you can addCNN, Mozilla, Network Solutions, cPanel and General Electronic to the list!


Reasonsfor WordPress CMS’s Popularity:


It’s Free – It is an opensource CMS which comes with a General Public License. This means you won’t haveto incur any expense for the WordPress CMS. All you need to do is purchase adomain and pay for the hosting charges and you can run your website. If youdon’t want to do even that, WordPress lets you host your website or blogabsolutely free under its own domain.


Simplicity – It is one of thecore reasons for the popularity of WordPress CMS. You can install it with asingle click and voila! You are ready to blog. You don’t need to be atechnology geek to build and run your blog or business website on WordPress.The only thing that prevents you from building one is laziness. Even if you arelazy, you can always seek the help of WordPress developers.


Themes – Want to have a customizedlook for your website? WordPress themes allow you to create absolutely uniquewebsites by using these themes. There are thousands of free themes availableonline. Apart from this, you can buy some premium themes for custom developmentof your website. Still not satisfied? You can ask WordPress developers tocreate custom themes to suit your exact needs.


Plugins – One of the thingsthat let you create awesome websites in WordPress is the presence of plugins.Gone are those days when you would have to employ developers to createapplications to run on your website. In WordPress there are huge numbers ofthird party plugins that can be downloaded, installed and used for free. Youcan install RSS feeds, Google XML Sitemap Generator, Twitter tools etc. in yourwebsite within a few minutes.


Outsourcing– WordPress boosts the largest developers in the world compared to any otherCMS. You can easily outsource your WordPress development to offshoredevelopment centers and get your work done at affordable prices. These offshoredevelopment centers not only offer you cost advantage but also help you findexpert WordPress developers.


So if you arethinking of a Content Management System, think WordPress.

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iPhone development has merged creativity and technology with serious business and made iPhone developers the coolest among techno geeks. No wonder there is a worldwide craze for the technology. The job not only comes with a promising remuneration but with lots of challenges and excitement. In today’s world where technology has become a commodity, iPhone development has created a niche for itself.


If there were a poll on the coolest gadgets of the last decade, Apple’s iPhone would surely figure right at the top. It changed our perception of a phone being just a communication device. Cool design and great functional features have made it into a prized possession. It won’t be wrong to call it a well packaged ‘world of fun applications’. There is not a single day when the world sleeps without seeing new iPhone applications popping out in the market.


From playing with a bunny to feeding a hungry cat you can do it all with your iPhone. There are iPhone applications for every possible thing that we human beings do or want to do. If something isn’t yet developed we can be rest assured that iPhone developers around the world are busy developing such fun smartphone applications. The open platform has allowed creative minds in adding fun applications at a brisk rate, which has no precedent in the history or technology.


Popular iPhone Fun Applications


Google Map App - This iPhone application lets you search for addresses and street maps easily. You can easily pinpoint a contact right up to the residential complex in some cases even the door. iPhone developers have also integrated other Google products such as Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Picasa and Blogger into this app.


Last.fm – This app is a delight for music lovers across the world. You will have access to more than five million tracks worldwide, absolutely free! What’s more you can create your own playlist and music library using this app.


iGun Pro – If you live your life ballistic and are interested in knowing about guns this iPhone application is custom built for you. It allows you do virtually do everything you would want to do with a gun from reloading to firing your favorite gun. You can select from a host of targets and also learn about the history and specification of guns using this application.


Epicurious: Meant for the foodies! You can sample more than 28,000 dishes and recipes from leading restaurants and cooking connoisseurs of the world. iPhone developers surely do love their food!


Hollywood Pocket – One of the most popular iPhone applications, this allows you to watch high quality movies on your iPhone. What ’s more, it is 100% legal as it sources movies from public domain. The films are in QuickTime format so you can pause, fast-forward and rewind as you watch.

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