Sharing slates 

Technology is the engine of our existence. It has made distant places accessible and connected people from all corners of the world. As the rapid technological flow steadily engulfs the entire world, our custom web design and development team harnesses this technological energy to create tools that further our progress. We recently developed a digital whiteboard tool in-house to foster better communication and collaboration among people from distant places. It facilitates the remote sharing of a common board by two people online.
The whiteboard
Our whiteboard boasts of a range of customizable features which assist two people to partake in a common activity. The whiteboard serves as an ideal medium to share detail through text and diagrammatic representations. It offers a number of functionalities through a comprehensive tool bar, which lets you depict your imagination through flow diagrams. These are communicated between people in real time through the Red5 Media Server streaming at the backend. The Whiteboard is integrated with comprehensive chat functionality. Users can discuss their project or training module verbally, through text and through videos. Among other platforms, our whiteboard has successfully been integrated into a distance tutorial platform for children residing in remote village in India.  We are proud that our tool assists in adding value to the lives of these kids.
Brainstorming sessions, discussing project requirements with clients and conducting training sessions would have been easy if participants were sitting across a table. But with rapid globalization companies have spread their outreach faster than the Scarlett Speedster. Our whiteboard is ideally created for you, if you seek to provide distant education/training or create a distinct communication channel among members of your organization. Survival of the fittest is the norm and the fastest to adapt overcomes. Our tool helps recreate the sit across the table environment even when participants are millions of miles away. We, at Evon Technologies, a custom web design services company in India, strives to create profitable tools that assist you in adapting to the changes around you.