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How Salesforce Sales Cloud Boost Your Business Performance?

  • The essential Salesforce Sales Cloud features will help your sales team create a well-structured sales process, guide you to follow it, provide detailed customer data and keep effective customer support via various channels

Enhance your sales process with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s most preferred CRM tool. There’s often some questions about whether or not it is different from Salesforce. Well it is completely different and here's why:

Salesforce first emerged in 1999 as the first cloud computing platform to start a business model built on partnership. They built this unique and vibrant ecosystem that helped them gain a lot of popularity at that time. They took CRM to the cloud, enabling companies to access all of their customer information online, from any device, anywhere in the world, at any time. The Sales Cloud platform is an integral part of the CRM that Salesforce offers. Salesforce Sales Cloud created to automate the sales process, assisting both sales managers and reps

The essential Salesforce Sales Cloud features will help you form a well-structured sales process, guide you to follow it, provide detailed customer data and keep effective customer support via various channels. And if properly managed, configured or customized, Sales Cloud could up your sales game and boost your business performance. To clear things up, Salesforce Sales Cloud acts as a cloud-based CRM platform that keeps the information about leads, customers and sales all in one place and makes it accessible to your team. There are four different editions of Salesforce Sales Cloud available, all priced based on different business needs and company size. They also connect with other Salesforce cloud offerings that are Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing cloud, Community Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.


What is Sales Cloud?

Before we dive into the particulars of Sales Cloud, you must be aware of its origin, its parent company, Salesforce first. Salesforce is a widely used cloud-based CRM platform that has made a name for itself in the SaaS industry. It became one of the first companies to run and sell a cloud-based customer service management (CRM) system that delivers its offering in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and other areas.

Salesforce comes bundled with a lot of products and services that an organization would require to operate its business and services. Some of the popular ones are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, App Cloud, etc. The main focus of this article is to understand the Sales Cloud service of Salesforce and how it increases your business performance.

Sales Cloud from Salesforce refers to the "sales" module. It provides features such as Web-to-lead to help lead capture with auto-response rules. It involves Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts,  Products, Quotes, and Campaigns. Sales Cloud is intended to be a complete structure for the entire sales process to help generate revenue. It is an enterprise product which provides an excellent platform to conduct end-to-end processes of a company's sales department like logging the product data (price, quantity, order ID), creating campaigns, managing client contacts, triggering emails, reports and dashboard features, creating order and opportunities based on growing deals with customers etc.

Sales Cloud is designed explicitly to promote and improve the sales division activities of any business. Therefore, by using customer data, business analytics tools, and streamlining the organizational task of running a sales team, Sales Cloud can help you increase sales, distribute leads, and build up your business.


Key features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is dedicated to the management, marketing and sales automation, and analysis of sales processes. Sales reps and sales managers can utilize its functionality to perform the tasks of different scales, more efficiently. Let's look at the key Sales Cloud features that help both sales managers and sales reps do their job with improved efficiency:


For Sales Managers

  • Sales Path helps sales managers to establish the sales process so that it can be managed with ease. By showing the actions that are expected from the sales reps at each stage, sales managers get the expected behaviour from their reps.
  • The lead conversion process is available in Sales Cloud which can be tailored to your business needs (for example, with B2B and B2C business characteristics in mind). It lets you set up the process of converting a lead into an opportunity, account and contact. You can also just convert a lead into an opportunity and account and include automated workflows and validation rules to make the lead conversion process stable and constant.
  • Products and Price Books is for setting up rules to pricing options for products and services, operating with multiple currencies. Sales managers can provide extra discounts to different customer groups based on industry, location, etc. This method also lets you change prices while keeping a record of the initial price for the proposal. This way, everything is well managed without putting up any manual efforts when the prices for the product or service change.
  • Sales Cloud Einstein gives AI-powered analytical capabilities to sales managers, allowing more detailed sales predictions that come from the superior analysis of historical pipeline information, ongoing business trends and previous opportunity engagement.
  • Process Builder is another way to create an automated workflow, which provides sales managers with some added opportunities for administering their reps' performance.


For Sales Reps

  • Tasks and Events Management helps Sales reps to conveniently manage their activities such as emails, calls, meetings and tasks with an intelligent activity timeline, available in Lightning Experience edition. Reps get a complete summary of their activities associated with a particular opportunity or account, accessible under single record. So next time reps don’t have to look for the important info in different lists.
  • Lightning Voice makes communication with prospects and customers easier by enabling the one-click calling and automated call logging feature. The next it does is localizing sales reps’ phone numbers to their sales areas, which offers a higher response rate from the prospects.
  • Process Builder works the same way as it does for sales managers. It helps to automate a lot of manual tasks, like following up on a lead or lead nurturing due to notifications and automated field updates, which helps sales reps complete their everyday tasks quicker and easier.
  • Social Accounts and Contacts provide sales reps with every information they need on the contacts or accounts taken from different social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This makes it easier for sales reps to take care of their customers’ needs more effectively.


Should I use Salesforce Sales Cloud?

If you want to centralize your company's sales data, automate workflows, connect your team members, and use your data to generate more leads, then yes. Sales Cloud is an ideal solution for companies of all sizes. It has four different editions which makes it possible to find one that is most suitable for your needs, and the customization options available on the platform means that your Sales Cloud CRM setup would be completely unique. While there are many benefits of Sales Cloud, the proper research is vital or have a Salesforce consulting company do it to ensure that you make a well-read decision to serve you and your business better. 

There’s no denying it’s an outstanding CRM solution. So do your part to analyze the Sales Cloud automation needs that are right for your business. The good news is you don't have to look very far as Evon Technologies can help you implement it to improve your lead flow and revenue. You can learn more about services provided by our Salesforce development company in India. Our Salesforce business analyst and Salesforce consultant can help you take your sales efforts to the next level, so the platform becomes a stepping stone for your business and not an expensive inconvenience.  Reach out to us or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a better idea of what you are getting into.

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