What was your main aim behind building a website for your company? You would say, to promote your business and market your products, right? But a bigger question is do we know another stark reality - Without an appealing web design most of your efforts to monetize visitors go in vain. Now that we are in 2017 already, it’s paramount to figure out what trends will appear and evolve in web design this year. So, here is a complete list of top web design trends that will rule the web in 2017.

Top Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2017




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Cards-layouts are a great medium to communicate stories and make it much easier for users to scan blocks. The freedom users get to view content immediately and as they wish is the biggest reason we find card-style interfaces in several apps, websites and printed pieces. And this trend is highly likely to surge in 2017 right from where it ended in 2017.


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According to ClickZ, online content video views surpassed 50 billion a month for the first time on record. The implication is crystal clear, grace your website with snappy background image and high quality videos to grab the attention of users.


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Which fonts could reflect your brand identity?

Can users see in them the message you want to deliver?


Typography indeed has an impact on conversion rates, thus it’s very imperative that you make use of more usable web type tools like Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit.



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Web design trends keep on evolving to add more to site aesthetics, be it visual or text. The above examples are top trends that seem to reign web designing in 2017. If you have any experience in custom web design and development and want to add more to what has already been discussed, please share them in the comment box below.