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What we do

About us:

  • Developed 70+ iOS apps, 40+ Android apps.
  • 10+ BlackBerry apps, 5+ Windows mobile apps.
  • 5+ cross-platform desktop apps, 300+ Websites & Web Portals.
  • Architected & Developed portal with 3 Million+ hits a day.
  • 10+ years in industry with 250+ developers.
What our clients say

"Custom Mobile Developers from One of the Quality App Development Companies in India"

Software Product Development & Consulting

  • Forte: Open source technologies on cloud based deployments
  • Expertise: Content delivery on multi-channel platforms

Contact us, if you are looking for:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Cut down on investment
  • Access to best skill-sets in technology

React & React Native App Developers

  • Expertise in cross platform development
  • Testing on multiple devices
  • Time and budget prediction for an implementation
  • Complete App analytics, User engagement Reports
  • Virtual Reality, 3D rendering, Augmented Reality Apps
  • Integration IoT using Bluetooth

Angular and IONIC apps

  • Rapid prototyping
  • App launch to stores within 3 months
  • Multimedia Apps, Social Apps, Game Apps
  • Integration of Complex Javascript libraries
  • Firebase Integration
  • Ad network Integration for App monetisation

Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google App Engine)

  • App backend in Node.js, Ruby On Rails and Python
  • Expertise in Search & Micro-Services (AWS Lambda)
  • Expertise in In Memory data Stores
  • High Throughput DataPipelines like AWS Kinesis
  • Expertise in no-sql database (Mongo, Cassandra, Dynamo)
  • Real Time push engines with expertise in Notification Systems

Deployment Strategies

  • Expertise in Jenkins and kubernetes
  • Automated rollouts and rollbacks
  • Horizontal Scaling
  • Storage Orchestration
  • Load balancing

Call to discuss

  • GDPR and other Security compliance
  • OWASP Top 10 security guidelines
  • Backend Scaling
  • Application development Strategy and MVP
  • Dev & Collaboration tools: SVN, GIT, Project Locker, Bit Bucket, GitHub etc.

Web Development Stack

Hire Our

Web Development


  • Business Identity Portal with CRM.
  • Enterprise Information Portals.
  • Media & Streaming web applications.
  • Facebook, Google, LinkedIn & SalesForce applications.
  • Collaboration tool integrations (Blogs, Forums, Wiki).
  • Communication tools (text, audio, video chat, Whiteboards).
  • Online image/product customization tools.
  • e-Commerce portals.
  • HTML5/Flash games & tools.
  • Social Network development.
  • Indexing & Search Solutions.
  • Enterprise Solutions.
  • Scaling existing web applications.
  • Mobile website implementations (Responsive UI).

SEO ready & Responsive UI

Our Graphic & HTML5/CSS3 designers make sure that your portal is easily accessed/indexed by Search Engines & is ready for all screen sizes (mobile devices) from day one.

Custom Development

Talk to our consultants to know which platform fits your requirements best.

We Customize

We do not re-invent things that already exist, we customize them for you to save on costs and time.

NoSQL DB for Scaling

When RDBMS is just not enough.

  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • HBase
  • Big Data


We use the following frameworks for different requirements.

  • CakePHP
  • MODx
  • Smarty
  • Zend Framework
  • Spring Core/MVC
  • Hibernate
  • Grails
  • GWT
  • ASP.Net MVC

View Technologies

Cross browser, cross platform view development.

  • HTML5
  • Adobe Flash/Flex
  • JQuery
  • Backbone.js
  • AngularJs

Cloud Deployment Expertise

Very few know their optimum use.

  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • App Engine

Mobile App Development Stack

Hire Our

Mobile Development


  • General Apps: Location, Maps, Graphs, Data Management.
  • Unity3D Game Development.
  • Desktop/Mobile clients for Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint.
  • XNA 4.0 SDK for Xbox game development/Mobile
  • Gaming Apps.
  • Media Streaming Apps.
  • Collaboration Apps.
  • Social Media Apps (Facebook, Google).
  • Enterprise back office systems.
  • Location aware apps.
  • Bar coding solutions.
  • Media Streaming apps.
  • Communication and Messaging solutions.

Custom Development

Our App development makes sure that all models, versions & screen sizes are covered.

Development platforms

Your requirements are guide to our choice of development language & platforms.

  • Native Apps (Obj C)
  • Native Apps
  • RIM
  • HTML5 WebWorks
  • Windows Mobile 8
  • Appcelerator(HTML5)
  • PhoneGap (HTML5)
  • Adobe Air (ActionScript)
  • Sencha (HTML5)

Why us

  • Multi-platform expertise to port your app to any platform quickly.
  • Complete testing infrastructure and profiling tools to test your apps on a wide range of devices.
  • Our team of Developers, Interface Designers, Project Managers and QAs are very experienced to handle start-up ideas.
  • Stretchable graphics is our key development practice.
  • Follow good coding practices and write well documented/commented code.
  • Security of the user data while using the app always a top priority.
  • Testing infrastructure for all smartphone models and releases.

Partial Profile & Testimonials

Some Websites & Apps

    These are some exciting projects we have done, mail us to get their case studies to understand us better.

    Client Testimonials

    "The iPhone app and Android app turned out better than expected. You guys did an amazing job. Thank you for a great app. Will definitely hire again."
    Kevin Rhoads, Founder,
    DreamTaxi Media & Marketing

    "It was a pleasure working with this great team. They were very patient and worked very hard at making the app exactly what I had wanted. I highly recommend working with Evan Technologies. Thanks again!"
    Sybille, Owner,
    Virgin Island Ecotours

    "The evontech team took on a challenging and complex job and performed admirably! Evontech was good with communication and utimately performed very well on the project goals. We will definitely continue to use evontech, they have very real expertise and skills."
    Bob Dooley, Red5 Interactive

    "Good Quality Work! They worked quickly, effectively, and with a high degree of competence. I will use evon technologies again."
    Giuseppe Graziano, BlackSlabMedia

    "Consistently improves their work. Excellent and highly recommended company."

    "Despite myself being a some what difficult customer to work with the team did a amazing job. I will certainly work with them again."
    Grant Wolz, Owner,
    New Vision Promotions LLC

    "We contracted with Evon Technologies to write code for an iPhone / iPod Touch app. They were not the lowest bidder, of the five that were selected for serious consideration. Evon provided greater detail in their response to our RFP and we believed this would translate into greater attention to detail as the project developed. We are VERY PLEASED with our decision to utilize Evon, not only did they come to the table with considerable technical expertise, but also their communication and professionalism were exceptional. The project scope changed (both up and down) and Evon was very fair in terms of price adjustments and in some cases completed additional work at no additional costs. Their entire team (management and technical) were always available, followed through consistently with project milestones and provided quality code that met our specifications. We are a US based company and this was our first project to outsource overseas. We had concerns about communication and time zone differences. We can now rest assured because Evon Technologies has made it all very easy. Evon seems to be very focused on customer satisfaction and they went the extra mile to insure we were happy with the resulting project work. We consider Evon Technologies a partner and a talented resource and intend to utilize their services as we develop further in the mobile and web based markets. Thanks for a great job Evon!"
    Robert Cook, Prosoft Inc

    "Great work, quick and very knowledgeable."
    John Foskett, Managing Director,
    Online Optimisation PTY LTD

    "Very professional, accommodating, and insightful. Company was great to work with and flexible to our schedule. We appreciated the work of the team and look forward to working with them again on future projects."
    Michael Civins, Rumor App

    "I wanted to take a few moments to thank everyone involved, for the great work that you have put forth for us in the completion of our project. We have had very positive feedback from our representatives. Although impressed, I believe many take for granted the experience that it takes to complete a project such as this. We have worked with both good and bad development agencies in the past and I am thankful in having created this business relationship with your company. Communication and organization are just as important as experience and it is a great feeling to have been greatly serviced by a company and organization that possesses all three. We have many other projects on the agenda for QuestionFish and we hope to be able to move our business forward to continue our development. A site such as ours, with good fortune, will have work and maintenance that is needed in many different avenues for many years to come. I hope that we can contiue our business relationship and that it may be profitable for all parties.
    Once again, I send my sincere appreciation for your efforts and it has been my pleasure to be introduced to all of you."
    Rodrigo De La Torre, President
    Question Fish

    "Naturally, the product concept was very dear to us. We wanted to share the idea only with someone who could respect, visualize and then execute it. We met Evon Technologies and realized that this could be the place. Today, it is almost a year and we feel greatly excited to see the idea shaping into the product. We are pleased with Evon's quality and timelines to develop the product with full commitment. For us, Evon is much beyond a partner and see a long relationship."
    Jay Prakash, Owner
    Centhrix Technologies Private Limited

    "Great company that does excellent development work. They are a very talented group of developers who are completely committed to the entire vision of a project. They deliver project ontime and adhere to all the specifications outlined for the project. They work with you one-on-one to ensure the success of your project. Absolutely would recommend them for your development needs."
    Harvey Huddleston, CEO
    Huddleston Enterprisers Inc.

    "They did as they said they would and stuck to the budget. Thanks, we are glad."
    Scott Kokotan, President,
    Wasinger Tech

    "Evon Technologies are a great development team with a broad range of skills, hence the reason we have used them on this project and others. Thanks for the great work."
    David Robertson, Co-Founder,

    "Look no further. I highly recommend Evontech. They have been professional, flexible and delivered quality work while providing good input and ensuring a high-quality deliverable. My interactions with the team have been great and there are no English-language barriers from this professional operation. Feel free to contact me if you want more insight or a recommendation. I look forward to working with Evontech in the future."
    Leslie Berry, CEO, Get Viable

    "This was a big and complex project. Evontech worked closely with us, and was responsive when we hit complications. We hope to use Evontech again for other projects in the future."
    AJ Miceli, VP Marketing,
    FishUSA Inc.

    "We feel the team did an outstanding job and would like to thank everyone involved for an outstanding job. We are grateful for the relationships that we have made and thankful for all the hard work and effort that all have put into this project.Please note, that we are considering several other projects and if they are approved we will reach out to the team to help with these. Thank you so much and from all of us here at Money Click, we wish you a happy and peaceful 2012 and beyond."
    Robert Silverstone, CEO

    " Evontech did a great Job on our projects. Communication is excellent, I never felt lost about the actual status of the project. We already have worked several times and will definitely work with Evontech again!Excellent Work!!! We are a very happy customer of Evon Technologies."
    Paul Murray, CIO,

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      +91 8266041801 +44 203 372 4609 +1 408 454 6110


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      How we do it

      You manage

      High Involvement

      You are already an Expert and just want help with development.

      Our role

      • Help you select team from our company through test/interviews.
      • Train the team in your architecture/technology to get them started quickly.
      • Manage their work logs for you.
      • Replace team in case of any issues.

      Your role

      • Assign daily/weekly tasks to the developer.
      • Review his work (quality and code).
      • Train the developer in your preferred project management tools.
      • Communicate regularly with the developer.

      In this model, we first take approval of billing hours from you and then generate the invoice accordingly.

      We manage for you

      Low Involvement

      You want to outsource an idea or a requirement:

      Our role

      • Provide complete project/module plan before we start.
      • Provide you with Bug Tracking System, Task Management Tool, Code Repository.
      • Set up team of Architects, Designers, Developers and QA Engineers.
      • Design all User Interface assets.
      • Maintain high quality, well documented code through review process.
      • Architect the complete solution.
      • Responsible for complete application security and Intellectual Property rights protection.
      • Functional testing.
      • Help you perform integrated testing.
      • Send daily status update

      Your role

      • Perform integrated tests.
      • Approve designs, architecture.
      • Attend or conduct weekly status meetings.
      • Approve/Disapprove the weekly release.
      • Provide us with dev/test servers and the licenses.

      Hence in pure offshore model, you are the Visionary and we are your Tech team.

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