Case Study Atlanta transport logistics


The client is an Atlanta-based transport logistics and charter bus booking company that has been operating all across the US in over 250 cities since 2012. The venture aims at connecting the customers with the bus operators for a reservation using software that works on real-time availability data making the bus operators and customers its clients. 

With the assistance of advanced logistics and planning, the company’s transportation services are also available for major events and conventions. The company has provided large-scale motor coach services to universities, large corporations, government agencies, sporting events, and music festivals.  

This reputed and reliable Transport Logistics Company has a sales and customer support team that manages all the queries and issues of its clients. It provides various bus options, lets the users review amenities and pricing, calculate a free quote, and find themselves the perfect transportation solution. It also oversees the arrival and departure of a bus, the communication between the passenger and the driver, the bookings, onboarding, the stops during a journey, payment, and other related requirements.             

Time Duration of Project  

January 2016 - Ongoing

Our Team    

Over the course of time, there have been different roles involved in the project and currently, there are 6  team members working for the client at the moment. 

Client Requirement    

The leading transportation logistics company offers its bus services in over 250 cities all around the world. It was their idea of expansion that turned them to us to increase brand awareness and improve targeting.

And now we have created several marketing websites for the company that focuses on individual cities across North America. The websites allow customers to book trips for individuals and groups with ease   

The client wanted us to create websites that included creating dedicated web pages for specific states and cities to ensure easy website navigation for the customer. This also helped them understand the brand and its services. The purpose behind having dedicated pages was to reach more consumers which would increase sales. With that going well, they now want us to create a mobile application for Android and IOS users that are looking for bus services online.    


Since we began working with the client over 6 years ago, we’ve created several websites and are presently working on a mobile application for them. We are happy that we were able to provide the client with the flexibility and scalability they were looking for. Having said that, there has been an increase in traffic, impressions, and conversions. Besides, 


LAMP Stack: Apache, PHP, Mysql 

User Interface: HTML 5, Jquery

Other Tools: Node JS, Graph API, Google API, Reseller Rating API, Gtag Implementation

Mobile App: React Native

Current status  

The Evon team is working with the transport logistics and charter bus booking company to maintain a high quality of service and accelerate their development process. Furthermore, the ongoing tasks include - 

Final Thoughts  

Evon has developed the first and only marketplace for the client that provides real-time quotes and availability information to the customers in less than 60 seconds. With our team developing over 120 websites and a mobile application, the client has benefitted in -

  1. Finding and getting more customers.  
  2. Building flexibility, control, and credibility for the brand.
  3. Growing their business by reaching a greater number of potential opportunities.
  4. Gaining a competitive advantage in the market