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Salesforce Lightning vs. Salesforce Classic: Which version is better?

A customer relationship management (CRM) software is something a company uses in order to stay connected with their customers and improve their productivity. Salesforce is one widely used cloud-based and SaaS-based CRM solution for managing the business’s relationships and interactions with customers. It helps your sales team to optimize and automate your workflow right from Marketing to after-sales, and on top of it, its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing business systems. For example, you can integrate it with your Marketing Automation tools like Hubspot, Active Campaign, and Marketo to name a few.

A while back, Salesforce announced that they are not going to roll out any further updates for their classic version of the software. Many companies that are still using the Classic mode of Salesforce for some reason, it’s time they should consider upgrading to Salesforce Lightning, a faster, updated and cleaner version of the same platform. 

The reason for not switching to the lightning mode might be the personal preference or the painfully thorough process of switching. But it's better to go through the month-long process of planning and testing, instead of avoiding the switch completely until one day you have no other option than to migrate from Classic to Lightning. Hiring a Salesforce consulting company will guarantee you to stay up to date on the latest version and services provided by Salesforce.

Why Use Lightning?

Irrespective of whether it is necessary for your organization or not, switching to Salesforce lightning has its advantages. With a little bit of evaluation, you can make the transition smoother and seamless.

According to a Salesforce survey conducted in August 2017, Salesforce Lightning users have seen an increase in productivity. Many organizations are now making the switch and opting for Salesforce Lightning Experience to improve their performance. Moreover, a list of comparisons between lightning and the classic edition is curated by Salesforce help. Seeing that the comparison list is too long and complex to comprehend, we have made things easier for you by compiling a shorter version of it.

Here are the reasons why you need to switch to Salesforce Lightning from Salesforce Classic.

Cleaner User Interface

A clean interface is essential for making the user experience better for the end-users, with the implementation of Salesforce Lightning, the UI has shown an increase in clarity and ease-of-use over the traditional version. The Lightning version offers updated UI features such as more customization options in the homepage, more columns in the dashboard, and well-distributed items on the screen, among other UI changes. One of the most important tasks of creating pages has become convenient as in Lightning it is done with a drag and drop button as opposed to requiring codes in the Classic mode. Overall there is a drastic difference between the interface of both versions and you can confirm that by having a look at their home tab. 

Recommended by Salesforce

According to the Salesforce Lightning Adoption Survey conducted in 2017, there has been a significant increase of 44% in conversion rate. The user's productivity has increased by 41% while the win rate has improved by 21%. The Classic mode, on the other hand, will not receive the yearly updates by Salesforce, and they will only be applicable for Lightning. Based on this data, Salesforce recommends its users to go for the best that they can offer to them. 

No Additional Cost

One lesser-known fact about updating to Lightning is that you can make use of this update and its newer features without paying any additional fees. There is no hidden cost involved, so if you’re still paying for Classic mode, then you are not taking advantage of Lightning features that come for the same price.

Enhanced Security

Another big reason for switching to Salesforce Lightning is its security architecture. For instance, in the Lightning Component Framework, each component handles its own security and they can interact with each other as well as the server. The permissions for a set of users also work in a different manner in Salesforce Lightning, one can’t raise its assurance level from the current session. They have to log out of the current session and then sign in with authentication that has a higher assurance level. This works out well when you have different assurance security sessions for access to reports and dashboards.

The Integration of Einstein AI

The addition of Einstein Analytics in Salesforce Lightning has been an important factor in improving its interface. Einstein AI automatically takes care of cleaning and structuring raw data into the desired output for analysis in real-time. The major advantage of Einstein Analytics is that it relies on its own database and automatically perform an hourly update from Salesforce data. Due to this Lightning dashboard can display more reports than the Classic and can be exported as a picture.

Einstein Analytics also brings some new functionalities to the table such as:

Verdict: Lightning is better 

We have concluded that the Salesforce Lightning is a huge improvement over the Classic one, and if you're planning to switch then you need to evaluate some things. Firstly, verify if your organization is eligible for the move i.e., check if you are using a supported Salesforce edition. Secondly, make sure if your functionalities are still available in the newer version. We would also recommend you complete this module to have a better understanding of how Salesforce Lightning works. Once you are done with these major steps, you are pretty much ready to make the switch.

Salesforce Lightning is a better implementation for your company when it comes to CRM software. With Evon’s Salesforce development services in India, we have customized Salesforce CRM according to business needs to maintain the customer relationship. We will help you move to Salesforce Lightning from Classic in every step of the way. If you’re ready to move forward but stuck somewhere or facing issues, then contact us for assistance, we will surely get back to you with the solution.