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Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Our Company

Evon’s digital transformation services have helped our clients create outstanding customer experiences using analytics, automation, and AI.

Our digital

Let our experts analyze your company’s tech infrastructure
Build the right application
A case study of the solution we provide
Transform your data into valuable insights
We build Turnkey IoT applications
Pair ML and AI with your business goals
Drive higher ROI with Legacy Modernization

Our digital

Digital transformation

Our digital transformation consultants analyze your company's tech infrastructure, processes, and structure to strengthen the company's short-term performance. Their industry knowledge, customer journeys, and market dynamics help you develop an effective strategy with quantifiable business outcomes.

Mobile, web, and desktop app development

We help you decide on the right platform for building your application. Our experts have the digital skills and a mindset to evaluate each type of app development against your requirements to take your projects to the next level. Build a one-stop solution for your customers by bringing all your on-demand services online, with our super app solution.

Automated Demand Prediction and Inventory Management

After a thorough assessment of the target state of supply chain management, we assess and select a product that is most fitting for the client. The employed solution is planned to bring all interrelated functions related to sales, demand, pricing, inventory, and purchase orders all on one platform to create a system of intelligence.

Big Data infrastructure and management

Let your businesses reach their full potential with massive amounts of data. We will transform your data into valuable, applicable insights to make better business decisions, create new revenue, and stay ahead of the competition. Evon delivers enterprise infrastructure architecture services and solutions for building real-time and Batch Processing platforms in a hybrid environment.

Turn-key IoT system engineering

Building Turnkey IoT applications that are operationally ready IoT solutions capable of providing customized IoT systems, performance, readiness, and reliability. With us, you no longer need to find the right hardware components to build your IoT infrastructure from scratch. Our development team bridges the gap between people and devices utilizing IoT technology and influencing global transformation.

End-to-end ML and AI model production

We are committed to pairing machine learning with your business goals. Leverage our Machine learning, data science, and Artificial Intelligence expertise to steer better business outcomes and minimize downtime. Our AI consulting services are human-centered and result-oriented, empowering you to become the leader in your domain and gain more value from your data.

Legacy Modernization

Our advanced legacy modernization services help you re-engineer business processes, update outdated CRM, troubleshoot any concerns in real-time, and drive higher ROI by enhancing operational efficiency. We assist you to reimagine your core IT infrastructure with agile and resilient legacy modernization solutions to meet increasing business needs and mitigate transformation risks.

The Industries We Serve

Our IT transformation solutions serve a multitude of industries mentioned below in addition to construction, banking and finance, accounting, media & entertainment, education, and more.


Our services help manufacturers leverage smart technologies to improve operational efficiency and enable autonomous machinery.

Transportation and Logistics

Digital transformation technologies help transportation and logistics companies manage asset tracking, warehouse automation, and supply chain inefficiencies.


Advance your efficiency, customer experience, and business performance with our future-proof DX solutions.

Retail and eCommerce

Transform the shopping experience with engaging mobile software solutions for smart retail stores through digital connectivity and data collection.


Emerging technologies and healthcare IT consulting to deliver reliable healthcare software solutions right where you need them.

Travel and hospitality

Meet your clients’ needs with our engineering experience and end-to-end technology solutions for travel and hospitality.


Full-scale mobile applications and green building solutions for construction companies that take construction into the digital era.

Why Partner with Evon

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The Digital Transformation strategy initiated by Evon is sustainable, scalable, notable, and easy to reproduce. This is because we introduce procedures after understanding your business operations to increase the outturn and standardize the practices.

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Our digital transformation consulting team assesses the existing technology stack for future inclinations. Evon’s digital transformation solutions help clients operate through the latest cloud-based, robust, and scalable applications.

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Artificial Intelligence

We stimulate your digital transformation strategy by adding intelligent systems and scaling up the ability to gain and apply knowledge. We assist you in drastically reducing the time drained on tedious tasks and enhancing overall efficiency.

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Lowered R&D Costs

Most IT leaders globally push beyond cost efficiency to help accelerate their growth and enhance value. We assist clients in considering a digital business transformation as a process that allows the organization performs its end-to-end transformation at the right speed and scale.

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People and Culture

As one of the leading digital transformation companies, we prioritize the most crucial part of the transformation- creating a silo-less, cross-functional collaborative work environment for people. Skill-building and strategic sourcing are a part of our solution.

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Redefined digital transformation strategy

We help businesses gain, retain, and innovatively assist customers by enforcing cost-effective, customer-focused digital transformation strategies. For this, we always use new technologies that progressively create capabilities.



Digital Transformation Consultancy is a service that helps companies develop their digital transformation strategy and implement it to enhance their performance through digital technologies. The Consultants examine the company’s tech infrastructure, processes, people, and organization to strengthen the organization’s performance and maintain sustainable improvement.

Almost any business can benefit from digital-driven improvements that create value for customers, employees, and partners. Some of the benefits that digital transformation can deliver are:
  • Faster and more efficient processes
  • Improved capacity
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved safety, quality, and productivity

Planning, preparing, understanding, and executing are the four main stages. Some businesses have implemented digital solutions and are thriving. However, most companies are now in the preparation stage because of budget constraints and lack of resources.

Our digital transformation strategy varies across industries. We assess an organization's digital capabilities and business goals, then develop tailored strategies based on industry competition and customer expectations. We focus on four areas of transformation - Process transformation, Business model transformation, Domain, and Organizational transformation.

Undertaking a digital transformation project requires a significant investment. However, the numerical cost is significantly outweighed by the financial and non-financial benefits that enterprises get from implementing this. The total cost of the project depends on factors such as the size of the business and the overall complexity of the project. Connect with our digital transformation consultants for exact cost estimations for your project. Phone: +91 8266041801, +44 203 372 4609, +1 408 454 6110 Skype: evontech Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Let our experts analyze your company’s tech infrastructure
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Shofur client portfolio
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Cloudsufi client portfolio
Mursion client portfolio
Agiliron client portfolio
Fractal client portfolio
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Mursion client portfolio
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