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Flex Development

We are all familiarwith the power of Flex development. Flex developers can create interactiveapplications in a matter of minutes using Flex, one of the keys to create bestRIAs or Rich Internet Applications. This is what makes Flex so powerful and ahuge improvement over Flash. One of the core development fields where Flex isbeing used is developing gaming applications providing thrilling experiences tothe gamers. Even the hardcore gamers swear by the gaming applications developedon the Flex platform.


Flash games have beendoing the rounds of the Internet for many years now. In the recent years, Flexhas overtaken Flash as the preferred platform of online game development. Someof the popular Flex games include Astro Chaser, Filler, Participate Playground,and Carnival Showdown among others. Apart from this, Flex development is alsoused for custom game development. No wonder Flex developers are keepingthemselves busy these days.


Flex development byconcept is split into two parts, the GUI and the ActionScript code. The GUI iscreated in an MXML file. This is nothing but an XML file that contains userinterface elements nested in tags very similar to HTML. At times the MXML filecan contain ActionScript code inside an mx:Script tag, but the main focus ofthe MXML file is to define the user interface. The top level tag of an MXML file is the mx:Applicationtag.


For Flex development,you will require Flex SDK (software development kit), Text Editor IDE(integrated development environment) and the Flash debug player. Flexdevelopers use these tools in a very methodical way.        Flex SDK will help you combine Flash source code into SWFfile format. With the help of text editor, you will be able to edit the codewhen required. Flash debug player will let you test your work as you progress.

Reasons for Popularity of FlexDevelopment:


  • Flex development is cross platform compatible. The games developed can flawlessly be played on different platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.            There are very few competitors to these features of Flex games.
  • Flex games are very easy to disperse and distribute. It is as easy as uploading a .swf/Flash file on the Internet. These small interactive games act can spread virally over the Internet and serve as a great marketing tool for businesses.           
  • Games, which are built using Flex needs no extra plug in installation except Flash Player which in most cases is automatically integrated into the web browsers or can be easily done into the browsers.  
  • The tools, which are required for Flex development, are available for free download and you don’t have to incur additional expense if you want to use Flex or join the club of Flex developers.
There are a number of offshore developmentcenters which         use Flex in customdevelopment of gaming applications. You can easily outsource Flex developmentto such centers and get competitive pricing.
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