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Breaking Down Your Monolithic System: 7 Guiding Principles for Restructuring to Microservices

  Microservices is an architecture that promotes breaking down a big monolithic application into smaller and simpler services, organized around business capabilities or functions. The multiple components are then deployed on distinct machines,
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How Cloud Technology is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Post-Pandemic Cloud & Healthcare Back in 2019, the Enterprise Cloud Index Report revealed that the healthcare industry is embracing public clouds at a 13% penetration rate compared to the 12% global average, evidencing the confidence the
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5 ways we maximize your efficiency with No-Code Development

The sudden shift to remote work has brought surprising results, as companies have become more productive instead of suffering business disruption. A 2021 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research revealed that the work-from-home surge had
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Scale Your Business with Odoo ERP services

Scaling your business requires a lot of effort today. You need a single solution that can handle different aspects of your business operations. With a unified approach, you can manage all your processes like sales, marketing, finance, etc. Hence, to
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Improve Your Workforce Performance and ROI with Digital Transformation

Companies are investing at least 5% of their annual budget on digital transformation projects – a number that is only rising. The “transformation” part of digital transformation takes place in the physical aspects of the enterprise –
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Understanding MACH Architecture and Its Benefits

Today, it has become increasingly important to construct end-to-end digital experiences. Organizations focus on agility and reusability to deliver new features and services quickly.  Applications are now built with modularity, using pre-built
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Embrace Mobile-First Strategy to Supercharge Digital Transformation

  The need to upgrade and modernize organizations has been discussed across various industries for more than a decade. Although we have been talking and hearing about digital transformation for years, it's only recently that businesses have
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Boosting Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Odoo CRM

Sales in a company are the direct result of customer satisfaction provided by the business. A satisfied customer will provide the organization with more business opportunities than any advertising and promotional campaign. Therefore, Regardless of
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8 Digital Transformation KPIs and Metrics to Track in 2023

Digital Transformation (DX) is a challenging initiative integral to the organization's success over the past few decades. As new technologies become mainstream for businesses and customers, companies must adjust to stay with the trend. Most
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AI in ERP and Its Potential

“AI is the new electricity”, said Andrew Ng, the co-founder of Coursera. As the invention of electric power revolutionized the functioning of industries, likewise the introduction of Artificial Intelligence to various industries transformed how
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