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Future Of Mobile Devices With Increasing Dynamic User Experiences

  • Statistics say there are over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world as of 2020 and to keep up with their expectations for something new and unpredicted, businesses are putting to use gravitational technologies for personalized user experiences

More than 50% of today’s web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Source: Hosting Tribunal

Mobile phone devices control our lives like nothing else and it doesn’t seem like a huge deal to many. From when the morning starts to until when the day ends and we sleep, we’re on our phones around the clock. From setting our alarm clock on our phone to waking up listening to it, being engaged on social media to enjoying music and videos on your phone, reading a book, clicking selfies to googling every important question to not so important ones - a mobile device has taken over all aspects of our lives. 

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Statistics say there are over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world as of 2020.

Source: Interaction Design

That simply has led to an upsurge in mobile device usage making the mobile development industries compete for building better user experience. As one can’t help but wonder its importance and potential to affect the overall mobile engagement and the smart cellular phone business. Nevertheless, considering the evolution in user experience over the past years, mobile experience for customers can indeed be surpassed by working on individual elements of the device.

User experience has a great impact on website design, leads, conversions, and business. A UX that’s pleasing to the vast majority of users builds value for a business, customer loyalty, enhances customer satisfaction and ROI. Looking ahead, we expect to see user experience (UX) design in iOS and Android studying the demands and behaviour of the user and then integrating those insights into their design for an extraordinary user experience. 

52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with
a company.

Source: Web Apeel

UX developers are working towards increasing dynamic user experience. User interaction, the growth in the number of users, user expectation, etc. are some of the major factors that need to be functioned upon. The Operating system in iOS or Android is a constitutional part of UI/UX design. And, every UI expert has to go by the guidelines of a specific OS. And Oh, the target specific features are looked into to value the interests of the user. Adding to that would be good, simple content with necessary information, the right font size, image size, good speed to avoid high bounce rate.

Features that just make everything better are convenience, ease of use, speed, the ease to move around the page and between pages easily, more personalized experience, and a well-fixed layout.

Yesterday, today, and a deep dive into the tomorrow

Martin Cooper, “the father of the cellular phone” once came up with a revolutionalising notion of making cell phones a portable device. He wanted to bring to people the comfort of carrying their phones everywhere with them. That being so, with Motorola, he introduced the first handheld device, the mobile cell phone for consumers in 1983.

Since then, technology has evolved over the years. Back in the days, phones were used just to make calls and now they can be used to click pictures, listen to music, browse the internet, play games, watch videos and that’s not even the half of it. It’s capabilities have gone beyond imagination. Right now mobile phones and the digital world are not planning on hitting the brakes on controlling our lives. We can only imagine how it will control our lives in the coming times considering the future is ready with breakthrough inventions to make the user experience unexpected and innovative. Also, to make the mobile phones more personalized in the coming times. Going forward, let’s talk about the technologies that will get you thinking about its optimistic future potential and capabilities of mobile devices.

Voice user interface (VUIs) - When we speak of VUIs, the names of digital assistants and smart speakers such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant comes to our mind. It took these popular virtual assistant AI technologies to change the way users interact with their digital devices. It allowed people to control apps and devices through voice control. Tasks like setting an alarm, playing a song or a video, or be it opening an application, voice user interface has just made these jobs a whole lot easier. On the other hand, with all the efforts being put in towards overcoming limitations and making the VUIs more human-like, we could expect there to be a time when voice assistants will be more than just a machine.

Soon, you might be living in a world with machines speaking to you and following your verbal orders. Well, there’s time for that but the point here is that Artificial intelligence is making computers and mobile devices intelligent and human-like by giving them the ability to think, learn, observe and act by using data. At the same time, the UX designers also use data analysis for working on building an exceptional UX for the user and to increase user engagement. The influence of AI over businesses and big companies is immense because of the plethora of applications it brings onto the table. Its utilizations along with artificial intelligence and machine learning will bring to us intelligent applications, personalized mobile experiences and much more. 

The evolution of technology has changed people’s lives. Human-machine interaction is continuously evolving with the emerging technology. Over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile applications downloaded per year and UX Designers are going an extra mile to create newer and engaging interfaces for users. Mobile development is growing and mobile applications are majorly being used to improve customer engagement, marketing, branding, etc.

The future of mobile devices belong to voice technology

Exceptional Voice technology can bring better mobile experiences for the consumers by providing quicker and more efficient ways of carrying out tasks. When it comes to Voice recognition technology, it hasn’t reached its full potential as yet. People still find it easier to type than to use speech recognition. The problem being the accuracy of the recognition engine. For this to work, there has to be made drastic improvements in the recognition engine of the digital assistants. There are challenges and limitations to it too but the technology providers are working towards overcoming them. 

With the technology advancing, there are predictions envisaged that voice assistants would no longer require wake words. Currently, the users have the option to customize the wake words and in the coming years it is believed that these wake words won’t be necessary to start a conversation with a voice assistant, giving the users a user-centric experience.

Integrating voice technology into products will bring to us Voice-enabled devices. Experts predict for a time when every human will own one or many voice-activated products. Amazon Echo for now, and other overarching devices yet to be developed for unpredictable user interactions. 

Voice push notifications will give users the taste of a more user-centric experience by enabling them to hear notifications so that they don’t have to read them.

Voice assistants ability in the future to differentiate between voices and recognize unique voices will offer more Individualized experiences to people. The users will be able to ask personalized questions and the digital voice assistants will learn a particular individual’s voice, detect the voice when required and respond with information accordingly.

Security and privacy is a major concern even today which should be the key focus for the technology providers in the future. The coming times will allow users to keep a check on the security of sensitive information with voice verification and ID as part of the voice assistant. Voice payments, in particular, will become more secure and convenient for users to make purchases. 

The future of mobile applications surely includes IoT software app development and Bots. Where a smartphone surely does control our life, it also lets us control many other things in our lives. IoT Automotive apps will let drivers and passengers use IoT to automate maintenance, infotainment tasks, safety procedures, and diagnostics. 

With all that said, Evon Technologies, a custom mobile app development company in India is one of the pioneers in mobile app personalization and development services and employs UX developers and designers who are efficient in building applications to provide users an improved, seamless and user-centric experience. We understand how mobile solutions and improved mobile technology can be extremely important for business success and good business is what we make sure comes to you now and in the future. Have any thoughts or queries? Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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