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Archquest ‘24 - The Software Architecture Design Challenge

  • The process of ideation has always been important in Evon. Archquest ‘24, a software architecture design challenge, was organized recently as a platform for architects to come up with the best architecture for the clients


"When the customer comes first, the customer will last." 

Robert Half, Founder of Robert Half International

Back in 2006, when Evon Technologies was founded, it had one consistent aim in mind - to deliver the best, most innovative, tech solutions to its clients, no matter what. We all know Rome was not built in a day. Today, if Evon’s custom web development services are trusted and valued by clients, globally, it is because of persistent efforts in the direction of quality technology and client satisfaction, both. 

Archquest ‘24, a software architecture design challenge, was organized recently, in keeping with this core idea. Sumeet Arora, Chief Technology Officer, Evon Technologies Pvt Ltd, believes that:

The process of ideation has always been important in Evon. For this reason, channels of knowledge exchange have been created throughout the company. And the more the number of minds involved, the better the outcome for our clients. Archquest ‘24 was actually all about that. Through Archquest ‘24, clients were going to get the best from all architects in the company!

The Challenge

Archquest ‘24 was open to architects who wanted to whet their creativity, tech knowhow, strategic thinking and the right dose of competitive spirit. From freshers to experienced technical architects, anyone could participate - solo or as a team. 

The task for the participants of Archquest ‘24 was to design system architecture for some of the new software projects in Evon. All employees signed the NDAs first. Thereafter, the business analysts shared the details and requirements of the client project with the architects. The participants got a week to finalize and submit their designs.

In Round 1, the software architecture designs were to be submitted as handwritten documents, intricate diagrams, or however the participants deemed best. They were to include the architecture diagram and the technologies proposed. 

Round 1 was followed by a thorough peer review stage of the many submissions that came in. The short-listed architecture ideas went to Round 2.

In Round 2, the final ideas were to be presented to a live audience in the office. During the presentation, the finalists were required to successfully justify why a certain technology was chosen over the alternatives and how it would help the proposed solution for the client

Post evaluation by experts, the most functional, scalable and secure architecture was to be rewarded with a cash prize of INR 25,000.

The Competition

Urvashi Sharma and Harneet Singh Sethi were the finalists. Their two innovative designs were shortlisted for Round 2 and were presented by them to a gathering of tech experts and enthusiasts on the final day, the 18th of April, 2024.

Harneet and Urvashi’s pitches were evaluated by an expert panel of judges. The panel of judges included Apurva Singh, Ankur Gupta, Chandan Ahluwalia and Narendra Arora. The proposals were evaluated according to how they aimed to meet the customer requirements as well as on aspects of DB design, deployment model, security, scalability and maintainability. Keeping this in mind, Harneet’s software architecture design ticked all the boxes and hence brought home for him the cash prize of INR 25,000. 



The Core Idea - Our Clients

Quite like democracy, technology is also of the people, for the people and by the people. At Evon, this collective is recognized, with utmost importance given to the people we cater to - our clients.

Archquest ‘24 was more than just a competition; it was a platform for technologists to explore various technologies, engage with new tools, and push the boundaries of their creativity in order to come up with the best  architecture for the client.

Apurva Singh, the Chief Product Officer at Evon Technologies, shared his view about Archquest ‘24, succinctly summing up what Evon stands for. 

‘This initiative was aimed at fostering a culture of innovation across all levels of our team. By actively participating in these exercises, each team member gained valuable insights into the intricacies and best practices of architectural decision-making for cost-effective software development, ultimately driving customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to see increased participation in future contests, as this will not only benefit our organization but also enable us to deliver superior products to our clients. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technology and development practices, we can continuously improve and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Evon Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a leading software development company in India. We make our clients’ business goals our own. We not just provide expert tech solutions and services but also aim to drive up quantifiable business outcomes for our clients. And we have done so successfully for over 17+ years now.  Our team comprises 450+ skilled professionals with diverse expertise across various technologies. Our areas of expertise include Cloud deployment services, Web backend scaling services, cross platform development, ERP/CRM, and ground-breaking Generative Artificial Intelligence. Get in touch with us to know more about our custom product engineering. Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


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Our Team

We are a group of technology experts committed to designing, developing and delivering solutions for our clients, since the year 2006. Our team of 425+ stays ahead of the ever-evolving technology landscape it works in. Thus, we keep honing and expanding our expertise in order to cater to both startups as well as established enterprises. Know more about us here.


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