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Top 10 Programming Languages of 2017 So Far

What are the Top 10 Programming Languages of 2017 So Far

We are almost halfway through 2017, and it’s always exciting for web developers to know which programming languages have been the best picks lately in the programming world. In this blog, I am unveiling 10 most preferred languages in 2017 so far. Please note that the top 10 languages I am going to list below are strictly based on GitHub’s recent data and TIOBE Index for June 2017 - the most credible sources to track the popularity of programming languages.

Let’s Begin!!!


Java, an open-source language that’s been around since the 1990’s, allows developers to “write once, run anywhere”. So, you can run compiled Java code on all platforms without having to recompile. Java is the product of Oracle corporation and is widely used for creating server-side applications, video games, mobile applications and smart TV applications. Since both large and small businesses use applications written in Java, this language is high in demand and ranked among the top ones by Tiobe Index and Github.

Java is also used by most Android development services. Some top Android app examples of Java are Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds. It doesn’t end here as Java is also used everyday by many airlines, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Java’s Growth in 2016: 63%


First released in 1991, Python is a widely used open-source, high-level, general-purpose and dynamic programming language. Python has witnessed most of its growth in the past five years (7.0%). Python is popular among developers for readability and easy learning. Whitespace indentation in Python allows developers to delimit code blocks without using curly brackets or keywords, which emphasizes code readability. If you are new to programming, you can pick Python as it is one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages.

Some of the top applications that have been built using Python are YouTube, Reddit and Instagram. You can also use Python for scientific computing, custom web design and development and 3D rendering.

Python’s Growth in 2017: 54%

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PHP is also an open-source and very popular programming language used for server side scripting. Although PHP was primarily designed for web development, it’s also used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP first came out in 1994 and originally stood for personal home page. It’s now taken as the abbreviation for Hypertext Preprocessor. Since PHP has a low learning curve, new programmers can also develop web applications in quick time.

PHP powers more than two hundred million websites, including the popular ones like Yahoo, Facebook and Wordpress. Developers can easily deploy PHP on most web servers on almost every operating system and platform.

PHP’s Growth in 2016: 43%


JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language, which is widely used to make web applications and add interactive elements to the webpages. The programming language allows developers to create animations and have better control over the web interface. All modern web browsers support JavaScript without forcing you to install plug-ins.

JavaScript has been the top language on the TIOBE index for a few years, but it’s currently ranked seventh in the list of top 50 programming languages. For many developers world over, JavaScript is the numero uno language for front-end development. However, the advent of Node.js made it possible for developers to use JavaScript for backend as well.

JavaScript’s growth in 2016: 97%


C, a general purpose programming language, is considered to be grandfather of all modern languages. Emergence of C dates back to 1970s and it has served as the base of many of today’s languages such as Java, C++ and Python. Although learning curve of C is large, using C makes it easier for developers to pick modern languages like Objective C, C++, PHP, etc.

C helps developers get complete control over software and is considered to be the backbone of many of today’s most popular operating systems such as Windows, OSX, and Linux. Flexibility of use for memory management is one of the top virtues of C. The TIOBE Index currently ranks C at the second position, whereas Github ranks it at the ninth position.


C++ is a general purpose programming language which could be considered as C with more features. In contrast to C which is used more for operating systems, C++ is used for higher level applications like accounting software or video game engines. C++ also offers support for object oriented programming, which is not the case with C. Many developers see C++ as the best pick for building web browsers, computer graphics drivers and financial trading algorithm.

Call of Duty, Halo, and Fifa are some top examples of C++. Since C++ is robust and fast, many Wall Street firms use it to trade thousands of shares in no time. Using C++ will help you get the qualities of both high-level and low-level programming language.

C++ growth in 2016: 43%


Ruby is a general-purpose and object oriented programming language that gives rise to fast development and use of fewer lines of code. Although Ruby came out in 1990s, it rose to fame after the emergence of Rails, a high-in-demand framework for Ruby. Ruby on Rails is apt for extremely intuitive web development. A dynamic type system and automatic memory management are other virtues of Ruby. Mostly startups and mid-sized businesses use Ruby on Rails because Rails is often used as a website prototyping language.

Similar to Python, Ruby is also easy to learn. Ruby is ranked fourth on Github and 10th on the TIOBE index. Metasploit and Twitter are two popular examples of Ruby.

Ruby’s growth in 2016: 66%


C#, developed and released by Microsoft in the early 2000s, is a general purpose, object-oriented programming language. C# is an evolution of C and C++. Therefore, if you have previous experience of using C and C++, learning C# will be much easier for you. C# is used for numerous Microsoft products that are powered by .NET framework. You can also use the programming language for standard Windows software development and server side web applications.

C# is not as popular as Java or PHP is, but it’s been rising in popularity every year since its release. Since Microsoft is the creator of C#, the language is used to run several Windows products, like Bing and MSN.


C# growth in 2016: 88%


Swift, a product of Apple Inc., is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language that debuted in 2014. Apple developed Swift for iOS and OSX applications.. Ever since Swift came out in the tech market, it has witnessed tremendous rise in demand. Swift could be a good choice for creating an intuitive app since it adopts the best of C and Objective C. Swift is minimalist, powerful and simple.

Swift’s growth in 2016: 262%


Go is an open-source programming language created by Google in 2007 for simple, efficient, and reliable software development. GO is also popular for web servers, APIs, minimal web application frameworks, etc. Although GO is currently ranked 15th on the TIOBE Index, I have included it in the list considering it was ranked 65th on the TIOBE Index a year ago. The language has skyrocketed in popularity and is now ranked 10th on Github.

With GO, you get C-like semantics, modern data structures, memory management and high performance with fast compiled binaries. TIOBE Index also announced Google’s GO as the most popular programming language of 2016.

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GO’s growth in 2016: 93%

All the languages listed above have been the top choice of developers in 2017 so far. However, before you choose a language to kick start your programming career, carefully analyze the needs and requirements of app development, web application or web design.

Have you ever used a programming language before for a development project? If yes, which one? Which programming language suits your need and interest the most? Please get in touch with us and share your views in the comment box below.

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