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Why does your Company Need to Adopt LCNC Development?

  • Low-code and no-code development have been gaining popularity in recent years as a way to rapidly develop software applications without requiring extensive coding knowledge or experience

49% of organizations using low-code say it has the greatest ability to automate processes, while 50% say they use low-code because it has the fastest speed of delivery. (Source: Forrester)

In 2014, low code was a new term in the industry and since then it has come a long way and transformed itself to provide us with an alternative, which is no-code development. But following that, the main focus of these two processes has been to make software development simple and easy to use. This may sound unprecedented to many, yet this is considered the future of software for the majority of others. With hyper automation and IT modernization, tech companies are becoming mindful and are being encouraged to adopt LCNC platforms for web and app development so that their programmers can focus on the more critical tasks and the business can gain strategic advantage. 

The LCNC platforms are great for those who are looking to create off-the-shelf software as they are ready-made software available to everybody and include many features, most of which appeal to the masses. 

The Difference Between Low-code and No-code Development?

Low-code and no-code development are two different approaches to software development that allow non-technical users to create applications without extensive programming knowledge.

Low-code Development 

Low-code development involves using a visual interface to build applications through pre-built components and simple drag-and-drop tools. Hence, the Low-code platforms still require some coding, but the amount of coding is significantly reduced, making the development process faster and more accessible.

No-code Development

On the other hand, no-code development eliminates the need for coding entirely. Instead, users can create applications using visual interfaces and pre-built templates that allow them to drag and drop elements to create the desired functionality. No-code development is often more accessible and user-friendly than low-code development but can be more limited in terms of customization and flexibility.

LCNC Development - A Brief Introduction

LCNC development stands for "Low-Code/No-Code" development. It refers to an approach to software development that combines the use of low-code and no-code platforms to create applications quickly and easily, without the need for extensive coding knowledge. No-code platforms are used to add additional features and functionality to the application. These platforms allow businesses to comfortably create custom workflows, integrate with external systems, and automate tasks, all without the need for any coding.

By combining low-code and no-code platforms, LCNC development become a competitive necessity as they enable users to create complex applications quickly and efficiently, while still maintaining flexibility and customization options. It also makes it possible for non-technical users to participate in the development process, which can increase collaboration and innovation within an organization.

How is Evon Integrating the LCNC Development Platform into its Projects?

We have no doubt LCNC platforms are making software development faster, easier, and more affordable. From time immemorial, only those who knew the coding language could talk to machines but now even those not in the know can make machines do what they want without the talking (coding). 

We are an IT company and there are times when we like most others feel a chunk overwhelmed by the demand for resources and time. Integrating LCNC (Low-Code/No-Code) platforms into client projects ensures faster development cycles, increased agility, and lower costs. Let us lay out some of the steps that we take to integrate LCNC platforms in our client projects -

  • Assess project requirements: Before integrating an LCNC platform, we make sure to assess the project requirements and determine whether the platform is suitable for the project. LCNC platforms are best suited for projects that require rapid development, frequent changes, and a low level of complexity.
  • Choose the right LCNC platform: Once we are well aware of the project requirements, we choose the most appropriate LCNC platform for the project. There are many LCNC platforms available in the market with individual strengths and weaknesses. We consider various aspects (our client’s project requirements) while selecting the right platform for them. 
  1. We check for scalability in the platform so that it can adapt and advance as the client's business grows and can handle larger workflows and applications.
  2. Check if the LCNC platform can integrate with the client's existing tools and systems such as CRM, ERP, and other software applications.
  3. Check for security and compliance to ensure that the platform is secure and complies with relevant data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
  4. Look for a platform provider that offers reliable and responsive customer support to help your client resolve any issues that may arise.
  5. Check for pricing and licensing that ensure that it fits within your client's budget.
  6. Lastly, we test and trial the platform to ensure that it meets your client's requirements and works well for their specific use case.
  • Design the project architecture: Our expert developers are familiar with the LCNC platforms and their capabilities, features, and limitations. Therefore, they design the project architecture keeping all aspects in mind ensuring that the LCNC platform integrates seamlessly with other technologies and systems. The architecture we design is modular and scalable to accommodate future changes and enhancements.
  • Build the application: With the project architecture in place, we build the application using the LCNC platform following the best practices and coding standards to ensure that the application is efficient, secure, and maintainable. During the development process, we focus on defining the functional and technical requirements by choosing a user interface that offers easy customization for customer satisfaction. The design of the application's user interface, data models, and logic flow is done using drag-and-drop widgets, forms, templates, and pre-built components. The LCNC platform makes customization easy through configuring settings, third-party services, and API integrations. 
  • Test and Deploy the application: Once the application is built, we test it thoroughly to ensure it meets the project requirements and quality standards. We use automated testing tools to test the application's functionality and user experience and speed up the testing process. This can include validating data inputs, ensuring the workflows are working as expected and checking for usability and accessibility. And once the application passes all tests, we deploy it to the desired environment and monitor the application's performance, usage, and feedback from users, and make necessary changes and improvements based on feedback.
  • Provide support and maintenance: We provide support and maintenance once the application is deployed to ensure that the application runs smoothly and meets the client's evolving needs.

The above-mentioned steps help us successfully integrate LCNC platforms into client projects and deliver high-quality solutions to them. Our team at Evon has been developing and deploying all kinds of applications for 17 years. We are a software development company that has been coding for years and now when times have changed, we are resilient in adopting new technologies to stay with the growing market. LCNC platforms are undoubtedly reducing development time and costs, accelerating time-to-market, and enabling rapid iteration and customization. With so much on the list, these platforms are heading to bring a transformative change that will change the technology industry for good. Contact us or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are looking to take your first steps toward No-code Low-code Development.

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