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7 HTML Tricks To Make Your WordPress Site Stand Out


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WordPress plays a big role in how we interact with the Internet, with currently more than 15,886,000 websites running on WordPress. Since WordPress has become so popular, web developers don’t shy away from adopting general layout, formatting, navigation, and sometimes even color schemes and typefaces of WordPress sites. As a result, it becomes very difficult to keep your WordPress site distinct from other sites, including your competitors’. However, by using some HTML tricks, you can make your WordPress site stand out.


Having said that, Evon Technologies, a Wordpress web design company offers state-of-the-art services for your business and skilled developers with over 12 years of experience who deliver Wordpress responsive designs and implementations, Wordpress shopiing cart solutions, plugin development, and more. Moving on, let's elaborate on the HTML tricks that works wonders if used in Wordpress.

7 HTML Tricks To Use In WordPress


The base HTML code you used to build your WordPress site is the key. By making some subtle tweaks, you can easily and effectively empower your site to appear distinct from others. Let’s understand how.


Custom Page Creation

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Does your site have the relatively standard, boilerplate layout? If yes, there is nothing wrong in it, as it creates familiarity and enhances user experience. However, it’s important that you customize within those parameters. All that you need to create custom page template is to make simple HTML edits. One of the best virtues of custom page creation is that it allows your site visitors to see what you most want them to see. The freedom to prioritize and streamline your content allows you to give right content to your target audience.


Click here to learn how to create custom page templates


Easy Search Outlet



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Not all your users want to get details of deeper part of your website. So, it’s a good idea to narrow down search results by adding a faceted search function. With that being done, it becomes easier for users to find specific things they have in their mind when they come to your site. If you have ever shopped on Amazon, you must have seen Amazon’s suggested search. Users like it since they don’t have to waste time in finding what they are looking for, and navigation also becomes easier. It’s also easy to implement the plugin and additional HTML.


Click here to learn how to add amazon-like faceted search to your WordPress site.


Offer Random Posts to Users


If your site keeps coming up with new content, it’s better to redirect users to random posts. Since there are kind of users who want to dig deeper, redirecting them to random posts helps them explore more. Create a button with some HTML code and redirect users to a random post on your site. It helps users find out more offerings of your site and serves an alternative to the funnel-oriented navigation of a page.


Click here to learn how to redirect users to a random post.


Syndicate Your Content With RSS Feeds


If you want to get maximum eyeballs to your posts, you need to introduce them at the right time. One of the good ways to do so is syndicating your content with RSS feeds. You must target prime hours when most of your audience is checking their feeds. After creating a code which delays WordPress RSS syndication for a fixed amount of time, you posts will show up to your audience only during prime hours. In addition to interesting and quality content,  timeliness of posts is very essential to reach out to a wider audience.


Click here to learn how to delay wordpress RSS after publishing post.


Drop-Down Menu


The traditional horizontal menu bar often troubles users when it comes to navigation. It also clutters up a page, which is why you should consider a drop-down menu for your WordPress site. You can easily create a code for a drop down menu and get access to several customization options. These options will allow you to direct your site’s users to the pages they want to visit, and that too in different ways.


Click here to learn the code to create a drop-down menu.


Remove Post Revisions


WordPress allows you to revert back to an old post in your hour of need. By default, WordPress saves all your revisions as separate posts. As a result, those revisions can appear in search results for your users, posing the risk of cluttering up your database on the admin side. The best way to avoid it is to control post revisions. It helps keep things streamlined and reduces the burden of fixing things at your end too.


Click here to learn the code to create a drop-down menu.


Highlight Author Comments


WordPress is very popular across the globe for blogging. And one of the major reasons behind its popularity for blogs and heavy interaction sites is its amazing comments section capabilities. However, problems can happen in comment sections too, which can irritate users and force them to run away. A remedy to this problem is to highlight author comments as it helps users see a natural flow of conversation.


Click here to learn the code for highlighting author comments.


By using these 7 HTML tricks, you can maximize the appeal of your site and empower it to look different from other sites. You should also follow Best Practices in WordPress Development to create a strong web presence.


If you have ever used HTML tricks to make your site look different and function effectively, please share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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