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A Journey of Growth, Learning, and Triumph with an Automobile Major

  • Our inspirational journey about a renowned Automobie Major deciding to join hands with us to scale its digital footprint worldwide

We believe that in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, collaboration and innovation can surface remarkable transformations. Almost two years back, our software development company in India set sail on one such inspirational journey when a renowned Automobile Major decided to join hands with us to scale its digital footprint worldwide. 

The result? A story of unwavering determination, profound growth, and an incredible transformation that extended beyond just the companies themselves.

From 8 to 100+ - The Journey of Digitization

Good work speaks for itself! Evon was recommended to the client by another company we had worked with. So even before that first call came, we were aware that we had to do our best to live up to the expectation. We did not disappoint. We were set to create secure applications and international business websites that would pave the way for the motor company to reach a wider international audience, digitally. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life, public health, and business altogether. The organization was already in the process of implementing digital transformation, pre-pandemic. However, there was a need to implement more digital capabilities in their work operations, and fast. Earlier, the customers went to the showroom to learn about the products and make a purchase. Now they needed to do that and more from the comfort of their homes through applications that we had to create.

At the very first step, our developers had to learn all about Sitecore, a closed-source software platform, and deliver a part of the product in a few week’s time. While the learning curve was steep, some developers were unsure about spending time learning a technology that was not sought-after. Nevertheless, the successful delivery of the product was valued by the client as it showcased our team’s sincerity and level of commitment.

Then, Sitecore was a very expensive platform. Evon already had the expertise to solve this problem for the client. We proposed a shift from Sitecore to Liferay, a digital experience platform, for the client’s digitization in one of the neighboring countries. The decision and the switch were not easy but the major advantage of bringing down the cost of the project to 1/10th of the original stood above all. The result was another successful delivery of a project, this time helping our client cut costs significantly!

Going forward, we realized centralized data (large databases) was hard to scale so we had to segregate the data according to different regions and migrate it to Liferay. Over time, we were able to make the data independent, proving that the solution we had suggested was scalable and the right choice for fulfilling the client’s requirements.

Ever since we have been working together on various projects to achieve digital transformation. While helping them build secure mobile applications and international business websites across countries, we have been automating manual processes, reducing errors, and improving their overall productivity and efficiency. As the number of projects we were assigned increased, so did our commitment and the strength of our team - from 8 to 100+. 

Our 2 years of Association: A Learning Expedition

The journey was not easy, but it has been one full of learning. We were bent on delivering a meaningful and personalized customer experience while keeping the client’s customers at the heart of our strategy.

As we delved deeper into the digital transformation process, we met with many challenges. Be it having to learn a new technology as fast as possible, or tight deadlines making our team train and work parallelly, to meet release deadlines. However, it was precisely in such moments that Evon’s team discovered its untapped potential, resilience, and collective strength. We honed our skills and emerged stronger and more confident.

The bonds formed during this journey were as integral to its success as the technological advances. The employees were not merely team members; they became a close-knit family, supporting each other through the uncertainties of a major transformation, and still continuing with utmost trust.

Today, the Automobileajor has successfully expanded its digital reach to 80 countries so far, embracing change, and growing alongside the technology ecosystem. Our team, once novices to certain technologies, are now experts having now had the training and learning experiences, and in the process becoming invaluable assets to Evon Technologies.

“Firstly, Congratulations on releasing the project. I have been working with you guys closely over the last few months and appreciate the effort the team has put in. Thank you. I believe the team has come a long way in terms of understanding the app and the code base. Good job and I wish you continue and build on this as we move forward.”

- The client


The Road Ahead

In the near future, we aspire to be more resourceful to the client and are exploring ways for that. Solutions like Liferay, 3D modeling, Virtual training, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality can change and enhance experiences for the customers, employees, and the company – to ensure the company's exclusivity in the global market.  

This collaboration between two established enterprises is a testament to teamwork, resilience, and shared ambition. Our employees, who are on board with us on this journey, have not only achieved corporate maturity but also a sense of pride, knowing that they were a part of something extraordinary, and continue to be so.

Mental Well-Being Matters
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