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Mobile Game Development

Mobile phones are no longer only a communication device; they have emerged to be complete fun and entertainment device with inbuilt games, music, camera etc. Mobile game development is no longer a niche and restricted territory. Each day, mobile game developers are churning out ever interesting and interactive applications. Be it iPhone games or for other handsets, these entertainment apps have come a long way since the first game Snake made its debut in the 1997. With increase in the processing capabilities of mobile phone, mobile gaming has grown leaps and bounds.    One of the emerging trends in the mobile industry is the java games. These days, such apps are being released with multiplayer options with some going 3D, which is being touted as the benchmark of future games. Mobile gaming has thus become a multi-billion dollar industry. Gone are those days when mobile gaming meant a few fun apps...
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Game Development Tools

Game development is not just about fun and entertainment, it is serious business for some. Professional game developers around the world develop robust and interactive games for both the computer and mobile platform. Just about a few years back, computer games were more popular compared to mobile games but these days mobile games are matching the PC games shoulder to shoulder. With multi-player and 3D graphics making their way into mobile gaming industry, they have become very popular.   The easiest way for custom development of games is to outsource it to offshore development centers around the world. In such centers, expert developers engage in game development for clients. They use the latest technology and platforms for the development of games. Some of these technologies are as listed below:   Popular Game Development Tools   Autodesk Maya – A favorite among all, this is 3D computer graphics software, which runs on...
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Flex and ActionScript Development Tips

Adobe Flex (formerly Macromedia Flex) has become the most preferred tool for the development of Rich Internet Applications. Flex developers around the world are busy developing ever more robust games and websites. What makes Flex development so powerful is the use of Adobe ActionScript, which is an object-oriented language. With Flex you can easily create photo galleries, reports, interactive graphs, excellent transitions without reloading the page and GIS related locational specific information. In this piece of write-up, we shall discuss some of the commonly used Flex and ActionScript development tips:   Speed Up Existing System – Flex developers have mastered the art of speeding up existing system with the use of Adobe ActionScript. Take notice of the bugs and the scripts running in the system. Use the debugging console where compiler errors are marked by a little red "x" and to get rid of the problems. Flex development adds agility to your...
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Flash Lite Mobile Development

Web development was revolutionized by Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) which brought in gloss and interactivity. Flash Lite development has created the same impact on mobile development. Launched it 2005 this platform has become immensely popular in the mobile development community with Flash Lite developers churning out robust applications for mobile phones and other portable electronic devices like Chumby and iRiver.   Adobe Flash Lite allows users to view multimedia content and applications developed using Adobe's Flash tools, which had previously been available only on personal computers. Developers mainly use mobile devices with heavy graphic processing capabilities. It is a development technology executed at the client-side and runs on a mobile operating system. Developers are pushing the level of excellence further up with their creativity and superb technical knowhow.   The greatest advantage with this technology is that it can transform web-based (desktop) Flash content to mobile with little effort.  It...
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Demo for Sahi : Parameterization

This video demonstrates the capability of Sahi to do testing using parametrization. With this, we can automate testing so that we can run the web application with different values and observe its behavior.  Watch this at
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Demo for Sahi : Tool to support automated testing

The link to the video below gives a demonstration of a simple case of recording and replaying a web request
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Joomla CMS Development

Joomla is the hottest CMS that is launched under GNU General Public License. Awarded as the best Open Source CMS in 2006, Joomla is the most popular and easiest CMS of this century. Joomla CMS is coded in PHP and based on MySQL database. It is free and easy to use, which makes it available for all. No matter, if you have smallest of technological knowledge, you can have your own website with Joomla CMS development. The structure of the software is based on four basic features:  Trouble-free management: The software is developed in such as way that the user finds no difficulty to install and run, even if he does not have sound technological knowledge.  Addition of modules: Since Joomla is open source software, anyone can contribute his bit to upgrade and develop new modules and components. In most cases, these added-on modules are free and downloadable.   Templates and themes:...
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How to migrate from Drupal to WordPress

Are you a professional blogger? Then you must have understood the prominence of WordPress, overshadowing Drupal. Many professional bloggers are now converting their web pages from Drupal to WordPress. Reason? WordPress is easier, better, and user-friendlier. Many tech savvy people may argue that Drupal is the ideal place for technically sound ones; however, there are many, who cite for the struggle, they have faced during posting their blogs in Drupal. There are a couple of reasons, why many web users are switching from Drupal to WordPress. If you are interested to imbibe the process for a better blogging experience, here are some tips on how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress, mentioned below. Before landing on the topic, let’s take a look why you might need the switch.  Why WordPress is better than Drupal:  ·         WordPress is quicker than Drupal. The tasks that you can perform on Drupal, can be executed...
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Mobile development using Adobe Flex SDK

This is the age of mobile computing, where all the tasks and applications of computer system can be performed on mobile platform. These applications cater for faster and easier access to all computing operations, right on your mobile phone set. Thanks to Adobe Flash Platform that these applications have become friendlier with multiple operating systems and browsers.  With the advent of Adobe Flex SDK, the mobile application has reached to the next level. With help of it, mobile developers have built mobile Flex operations for tablets and touchscreen smartphones. The smartphone users now can have access to all the computing applications on their handset easily.  The potential success of Adobe Flex SDK mainly rests with its association with Adobe Flash Builder ‘Burriro’ and Adobe AIR. Initially, the development has been made targeting the Android applications, which will be upgraded with advanced add-ons to support mobile services such as Tablet OS, BlackBerry,...
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Using Testlink to follow quality assurance practices

We demonstrate how we use Testlink to support robust and standardized quality assurance procedures within our organization.
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