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5 Emerging Offshore Software Development Trends

  • Each year sees innovations and software development trends in the field of offshore development. We have 5 of those trends making their way through the industry in recent years

Offshore software development trends for 2020

Speaking from experience and knowledge gained through years of research, developing software is not a walk in the park. Software development industry based companies handle a lot of phases that include technical aspects of the software, resources needed, budget constraint, and cater to the demands of the industry. So instead of working late hours or adding new software developers to the taskforce, offshore development solves this dilemma with ease. 

Offshore software development, which was once considered as irrational, has now become a standard practice for businesses across the world. It is a fast-moving and compelling division, that offers equal opportunities to small, independent businesses and large corporations to grow, diversify and develop.

To put it in the words of Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore, “If you deprive yourself of offshore development and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”

Like we mentioned earlier, when offshore development services first introduced, in the late ’90s, the idea seemed to be almost absurd to businessmen around the world. It was often considered as an act of “treating people like things”, and the integrity of offshoring was being put into question. On the other hand, in the recent global scenario, offshore development is no longer the scarecrow it once used to be. Now it's an international rule of business to gain flexibility and efficiency, allowing them to ramp up the development process.


What is Offshore Development?

Offshore development is the process of combining development efforts with a software outsourcing company or developers to develop software. The process involves outsourcing all or part of your software development to a company/partner who typically will work from a distance to provide the required services.

Offshore development can be achieved in three different ways:

First, outsource only a module of the software. Second, hire a dedicated team of developers and have them do the job. And lastly, hand off the complete project development process to a company or developer from design to development to deployment. Offshore development also makes it possible to create a marketplace for talents from different parts of the world.  As the number of organizations opts for outsourcing their projects, offshore development becomes a popular solution giving rise to offshore teams. 

Offshore Software Development trends

Each year sees innovations and software development trends in the field of offshore development. Here are 5 of those offshoring trends making their way through the industry in recent years


  • Enhanced data security

With several companies shifting their concerns towards data privacy and cybersecurity, data security has become a hot commodity lately. Which also makes it one of the biggest concerns for the companies making use of offshore software development services. Enterprises are looking forward to enhanced data safety as they are outsourcing business operations so it's only fair to expect reliable data security from the partners in return. 

Therefore offshore software development companies tend to perform an internal audit to locate and disable backdoors, poor SQL infrastructure, or other possible vulnerabilities. Developers are implementing security protocols, that includes endpoint threat detection and response, access control in cloud security, and real-time threat analysis. Which proves that they are striving to offer secure software services for their clients.


  • Use of cloud computing technology

Though it has been around for a while, cloud technology allows higher working efficiency and delivers innovative solutions to the clients. It is a growing trend that is enabling companies to share their resources with the partner over the internet with minimum management efforts. 

A study conducted by International Data Group (IDG) in 2018 stated that 73% of businesses use cloud-computing technology in at least one of their applications. Another 17% of businesses are looking to implement cloud-computing solutions in the future.

It is also said that organizations that invest in cloud technology, experience 53% revenue growth when compared to those who don't. Incorporating cloud computing automatically makes the business reliable, which leads to the services being available round the clock and applications can be launched from anywhere.


  • New offshore locations

China and India take the top spots in the market for having the largest number of offshore software development companies. In fact, India and China alone have a total IT exports estimate of $150 billion. Although India still dominates other destinations when it comes to offshore software development, many US companies are shifting to similar markets in Asia and nearshoring to locations in Latin America. For instance, the Philippines is presumed to turn into a hotspot for offshoring. 

However, these nations are on the verge of competing with Eastern and Central Europe in the offshoring battle. Nations like Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Romania are going to turn into IT outsourcing hot spots. Ukraine is a step ahead as it has already become a brand-new site for offshore software development with 1666,000 software developers on board.  A global mindset shift is occurring as the market continues to globalise and organisations increasingly exploring options to work remotely with cross-border nations.


  • Rise of Blockchain technology

Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology that helps track cryptocurrency transactions and potentially eliminate record-keeping, has drawn the attention of many global industries of every sector. The technology created a butterfly effect in the IT industry and has been a remarkable technological trend in recent years. The IT sector has started implementing it to bring down costs, enhance resilience and speed up digital transactions. Offshore developers need to be accustomed to the Blockchain technology such as Etherium, to provide peer-to-peer network, decentralized computing, digital signatures and authentication, and public-key cryptography. 

With a growing demand to adopt Blockchain by organizations, software developing companies with experts in the field will be preferred outsourcing options. So the focus will shift to offshore developers that have Blockchain experience to work on projects with the inclusion of Blockchain principles. 


  • Demand for cutting-edge skills

New technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain are only a few of the many that are making rounds in the software industry. Others are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity. Software development Outsourcing companies need to provide personnel that have experience with these technologies. As essential as these hard skills are, Developers must also procure cutting-edge soft skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership to compete in the market. Unless the software development industry hits a roadblock, the demand for cutting-edge skills in outsourced talent will keep accelerating. 

And finally 

Emerging offshore trends will give a lift to software developers as well as businesses in the IT industry to bring transparency and trust in the client-partner relationship. Though they have their perks, navigating and keeping up with offshore trends can be quite a task.  And so is narrowing down an offshore company to develop software as per the requirements of the business. The right offshore software development company will offer you reliable, productive, and flexible candidates for the services you need. 

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