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Why Use C++ for Developing Business Applications?

  • Business applications developed on C++ are fast, highly functional, encompassing and scalable

Why use C++ for developing Business Applications

Business applications have become an important part of the way businesses around the world work. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that now, more than ever, the use of applications in businesses has grown from sales and manufacturing to processing, management, communication, etc. In fact, the list is endless. Some of these might include: 

  • Automated billing systems
  • Automated payment processing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Continuity Planning 
  • Content Management
  • Customer Support 
  • HR management

These applications have become an integral part of businesses and are often indispensable for a business to sustain, and consequently, be successful. Over the years, such applications have been constantly enhanced and improved to include more functionality and provide more exhaustive solutions.

Business Application Development

Several programming languages are currently used to develop business applications. Examples could include JavaScript, Python, Java, C, Go etc. However, and this might come as a surprise to you, C++ is still around and very much in use. Many people think that C++ is more suited for high-end gaming applications by game app developers, but the truth is that the same reasons that make C++ a preferred choice for game development make it all the more suited for any C++ development companies. Wherever speed and concurrency are required, C++ takes the front seat! Some of the areas where C++ finds extensive application in business are as follows.

Enterprise applications

Some of the most important and popular enterprise software is often written in C++. Such applications are usually found in the domains of:

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  2. Project management tools
  3. Marketing automation
  4. Enterprise resources planning (ERP)
  5. Business Intelligence

Other than this, C++ is extensively used in banking and trading enterprise applications. For example, Finacle by Infosys® is a popular core-banking application that uses C++ as the programming language for C++ cybersecurity and its backend operations. 

Database Software

C++ is extensively used for scripting MySQL, one of the most popular database management software used by businesses across the world. The software is the backbone of a huge number of very popular database-based enterprises, such as Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and YouTube etc., not to mention a plethora of other companies that use MySQL.

What makes C++ the language of choice for business applications?

Business applications often require programs and modules to run real-time, fast, and concurrently. In certain scenarios, such as finance and trading, these applications need to be able to perform high-powered calculations and decision-making as fast as possible. As such, these applications need to be written in a language that can perform such high-powered calculations and complex problem-solving. C++ often comes to the rescue! Two of the most important reasons that make C++ the language of choice for such applications are its speed and it is being close to the hardware. It is often said amongst developers and technology enthusiasts that while other programming languages are closer to the business/application/user, C++ is closer to the computer.  


Although C++ is a high-level programming language, it is very close to the machine. Some people also recognized it as a middle-level programming language. It is almost assembler like. With C++, you can indulge in low-level manipulation of data and write close-to-hardware code that is capable of running as fast as the CPU! This makes it favorable for business applications where performing complex real-time calculations might be required. 

Constant updates

Developing a business application in C++ can be advantageous because you can be sure that your business applications do not die anytime soon (and consequently, neither does your business). Since the time of its inception, C++ has been constantly upgraded and five major versions of the language have been released over the years.

  • C++98 (ISO/IEC 14882:1998) is the first edition
  • C++03 (ISO/IEC 14882:2003) is the second edition
  • C++11 is the third edition
  • C++14 is the fourth edition
  • C++17 is the fifth edition

These constant efforts by developers to keep C++ updated ensure that C++ isn’t getting outdated anytime soon. You can be sure about making a secure investment by choosing C++ for your first software development project!

Modular Approach

C++ takes a modular approach towards solving problems. Programming problems are solved by  being broken into smaller modules and putting together these modules back together into the final solution. Most business problems need to be approached in a similar way. Any business is made up of several functions/processes working together and integrating them together towards a final solution. C++ enables this approach through the use of ”objects”, a reason for it being called an “object-oriented” programming  language. Programs focus around objects and their manipulations. Abstraction is exclusively followed, which means how an object behaves is unknown to other objects. This approach provides a wonderful way of breaking problems into smaller modules, solving them, and putting back the solutions together to obtain a complete solution.  

Rich Library Support

Businesses develop quickly over time, especially once they’ve been in operation for some time. This necessitates the addition of new features, functions, and, sometimes, calculations. Having to rewrite entire codes to add or remove such features can be cumbersome. However, C++ offers a rich library support, which makes writing new code and adding new functions relatively faster. Such libraries might also be required in business calculations and functions where high-speed real-time calculations are required, if not always for developing new functions and features.  

Support for Distributed and Cloud Systems

More and more businesses around the world are switching to the distributed system of functioning. As better and more efficient networking systems develop, people from across the world are coming together to work on the same business/process and contribute to common cause. As such, businesses need a platform that can support such a distributed work environment. For this, C++ emerges as a high-performing solution tool. This is because C++ connects very well with the hardware and offers a lot of control over it. Add to this the fact that since it connects generically with hardware, it is compatible with a lot many machines. Plus, scalable file-systems, used by cloud storage systems, work close to the hardware. C++, due to its hardware capabilities and the multithreading libraries it provides, offers high concurrency and load tolerance, which are required in such systems.

Developing Business Applications with Evon Technologies

At Evon Technologies, our dedicated team of C++ experts works closely with clients, turning their vision into real-world applications. Whether your requirements are ERP, B2B and B2C Web Portals, Business Intelligence & Analytics, or CRM, we got your back! We have experimented with C++ over the years and we strongly believe in the language’s power and capabilities. The language is here to stay. Thus, we encourage and promote using C++ for developing your next business idea. Get in touch with us or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more on how you can hire a C++ developer.

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