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Blogging is Dead!

Hey…did you know the blogs are dead? That they have been murdered! Yes, they are no more with us… blogging is dead! Let’s observe two minutes of silence for the poor souls…


 Hey just heard, the poor blogs have been replaced. Now, they are on the way of going obsolete in its true terms. Who took their place?…ahh…microblogging of course!


Microblogging…What is it?


 Ohh, c’mon guys, welcome Microblogs, the new member to the world of web! The web giants like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, and others are quite tensed of their future now. Who would want to use them now that microblogging has paved way for faster and prompter communication! Also, not to forget the attribute of reaching out to larger number of people. Well, not a bad deal after all!


Microblogging is relatively a newer concept compared to other platforms on web. It refers to small updates of maximum 140 to 150 characters that have become instantaneously popular with the bloggers. ‘Twitter’ is a living example of it, which enjoys the maximum market share followed by other microblogging platforms like Jaiku,, Yammer, and Plurk. The most attractive feature of these microblogging sites is that they can also be updated from your mobile phones! So keep blogging while on the go! There is even more to it…


Top Features of Microblogging:


 Besides being mobile compatible, there are other features to these microblogging sites, which attract more and more users to it. Let’ have a look…


  • Speed: Not only when you post your stuff, but also the speed with which it reaches out to the remotest corners of the world! Doesn’t matter if everyone on the network is connected to you, your message will for certain travel across the world. Thanks to features like’ Retweet’ and ‘Share’. You followers, the followers of your followers, and their followers and so on…all you have to do is keep your post interesting and it will reach people in lightning speed.


  • Hassle Free: All of us bloggers know, if the blog doesn’t look nice, you’re out of the race. Decide on the themes, the font, the right images….it takes more of your time than actually writing a blog! Microblogging comes hassle free…no need to change your profile theme, no worries about fonts, nothing doing with the page layout…you just keep on posting your say and that’s it!


  • More Fun: Just imagine getting the first hand information from live locations and situations itself! Thanks to mobile blogging, you can always be posted about the latest happenings around, even before the media is informed…and that’s the fun of it! Just imagine your friend attending your favorite rock band concert (which of course you could not make) and reporting live from there on microblogs…amazing huh!


  • Real-time Responses: You won’t have to login again after sometime to check out if your post has got any responses. The best part about microblogging is that, the real-time users and live bloggers are always there to read your posts, as it shows up in their timeline and comment immediately.




Microblogging might be fun but it can be pretty challenging to deal with your ever-growing timeline. You continuously have to monitor your timeline or wall for new posts or you just miss them! And once missed, trust me, it takes quite an effort to go back where you had left.


What Next?


Whether you too are going to go for micro-blogging as other bloggers are doing or just leave it here, I don’t know But I know, microblogging is on its way to be the next big thing with bloggers, who have already abandoned conventional blogging. . It’s upto you whether or not you want to utilize its potential.


 So, now that we know the reason behind this death, the death of blogging…who would you blame…Microblogging or the Bloggers?!

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Sunday, 17 January 2021
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