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Custom Web Design - Important Points you should know

  • Custom website design involves creating a website from scratch using coding. There are no templates, no pre-packaged graphics involved in it

Why you may need custom website design

If you’ve been keeping up with web development for the past decade or more,  you’ve likely noticed that building a website for a business has never been this easier. With the influx of website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress making the website building process convenient, many companies wonder if they should even bother with going for custom website design in the first place. Both custom web design and website templates have their benefits and shortcomings suited for specific audiences. Very often people use phrases like a custom design or custom website design without really knowing what they mean. In reality, WordPress websites are simple predesigned templates that are sold at a comparatively higher price thanks to cool designs, flashy colours and pictures. But this is not a custom web design, it's hardly web development, but this is a conversation we are going to have in this article. 

What is a custom website design?

Real custom web design and development involves creating a website from scratch using coding. There are no templates, no pre-packaged graphics involved in custom web design. Most people believe that fully customizable web design templates also come in the category of custom web design. Website templates only go as far as allowing you to personalize web pages within predefined limits. But custom web design works differently, it allows you to control every regard of the design process.

Web development is the process of building, creating and maintaining websites altogether. It is what keeps the site running, i.e. enables it to run accurately on different browsers and systems. It also acts as a powerhouse that processes e-commerce transactions, manages leads and downloads digital records.  Web development can be responsible to break or make a site’s reputation and profitability. It’s not always about the appearance of the site, but its features, speed, and compatibility are crucial factors that conclude to a website’s progress. This is where custom website design services come on top. Custom web development allows you to build a unique website and gain that competitive edge over others in the same line of business. Going forward with pre-designed templates can also do the job, but, if you want something that will stand out, custom web design is a better option for you. 

When do you need it?

When there are no budget limitations

This one makes the most sense of all.  When you‘re not restrained by strict resources, building a custom website becomes a wiser option. If you want something custom,  you need to dig deeper into your pocket. On the brighter side, you’ll have the choice to do whatever you need regarding your website. 

The requirements you might have can be some minor changes from a time-tested and sound design, or an entirely new concept, with a  custom-fit web design plan and a strong development team, you can do it successfully. 

When you have a complex website concept

There are times when you just have too much work with your website.  Perhaps you have something else in mind for your site with different features, widgets and content of different niches. Things such as launching a photo archive, video and audio library, including on-site purchase options and even some VR features. For such a complicated project, you need to work with people who are expert at this. A work like that requires experience and attention to detail, a professional’s skill who can make these features look seamless and practical without degrading the user experience. 

Going for the custom option will add value and can provide you with brand recognition. A complicated site with complex designs can give you a huge benefit over pre-designed websites that use the same templates on every page. In a recent digital era, leaving a good initial impression is a big factor.

When you’re in it for a long haul

People who are in the same industry know that custom web platforms generate more ROI when compared to pre-designed templates, even though they are more expensive. Custom websites are created with the clients, their business goals and audience in mind. 

When you care about aesthetics and minimal design

The appearance of your website also plays a significant role in grabbing the attention of new visitors and potential customers. Cool website design can help in increasing sales and stimulating traffic to your site, so it's important to create a look that is pleasing to your audience. With a custom development route, you have more possibilities at your disposal, letting you create a site that will have a better response than pre-designed alternatives.

 Website look and feel


When you want good SEO for your website

Digital marketers usually favour custom websites because they rank better with search engines. Online visibility is essential for success, for that better SEO and web development should go together. Search engines also prefer custom-built sites because first, they are more user-friendly and second, they work better on mobile devices and similar platforms.

Important Custom Website Development considerations

Here are some important custom web development considerations for improving your online presence and visitor’s experience that can be significant in someone's decision to leave your site or stick around to become a loyal customer.

The look and feel 

Your website should provide information to the visitors in a simple and easy-to-navigate manner. Its design and content strategy should outline your business’s brand, concept and purposes, with relevant search phrases built into it so that search engines can identify it and direct people to it.

Server-Side Scripting

This is the component of your website that coordinates between the webpages your visitors see and your online database. Your database contains company information such as payments, products, supplies, etc. Well implemented server-side scripting makes it easier for customers to access only what they want.

Client-Side Scripting

It focuses on the webpages your visitors interact with and deals with managing how they look and how customers interact with them. Client-side scripting is essential in making the visitor’s experience on your website natural and informational.

Content Management

People who are updating content on the website must not face difficulties while doing it. It should not require IT expertise to upload, manage and update content. A user-friendly content management system helps administrators to add new pages, images, text, etc. at any given time.

Network Security 

The network you use to run your website, communicate, and share delicate information should have sturdy security and precautions to prevent attacks from hackers or disturbances such as lengthy power outages.

Shortcomings of custom web design

The main thing that might concern you is the cost, particularly if you are on a strict budget. Even after building a custom website using Java web application development, maintaining it can also be pricier. The other thing that might bug you would be its time-consuming nature. Developing a fast, unique, highly-compatible and SEO-friendly website takes preparation, study and time. There are testing stages your site will have to pass before it goes live and becomes fully operative. Companies usually opt for pre-designed templates because they are less pricey and act as a quick fix when someone is in dire need of a website fast. Therefore, templates are growing more options when custom development is still time-consuming.

How we can help

Free website design templates may work fine for basic website design, but they won’t help to project the professional image or influence you want to put out there.  Creating a custom site takes more effort so that it stands out from other sites and does not necessarily have to be cost-prohibitive. So if you are someone that has a particular vision for how you’d like your website to look and function then consider hiring someone for custom web design and development.

Evon Technologies is an offshore software consulting and custom web development company in India. One of the solutions we provide is building custom websites with the help of our dedicated team who design, code and build your website to include all of the crucial areas required. With our  custom web development services, we make sure that the website looks good and is user-friendly for the visitor and content management team. We’ll set everything up so you can keep the site going on your own and also help your team learn the best practices for implementing updates in future. If you like to start or need further guidance, contact us today or drop an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consultation. 

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