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What are the Advantages of Using Custom CMS for Web Development?

  • In a technology-driven environment, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality website using custom CMS that will showcase your work to the world and attract people to use your services or buy your products

Benefits of Using Custom CMS for Web Development


There are tens, if not hundreds, of good open source content management systems conveniently available on the Internet today. Why would anyone choose a custom web design and development in their right mind? The answer is both simple and complex. If you were a small business and wanted to remain there, we would not advise you to put extra effort and use a custom CMS. We would be wary of recommending any exclusive systems, let alone a system designed specifically for one site. The reason is when you pay for a custom CMS, you will get way more than you might be using. Instead of that, we would suggest putting that budget towards making your design unique and search engine marketing. 

A large number of sites on the Internet today would fall into this category. They don’t necessarily need more functionalities than a plain blog or page management system like what WordPress or Drupal offer. When it comes to choosing a content management system there are various off-the-shelf options available, suitable for a lot of website requirements. However, in some cases,  companies will benefit more from a custom CMS if they have specific requirements that may not otherwise be easily fulfilled using open-source software. A custom content management system is a software developed specifically for the various functions and features a website requires. A custom CMS is used instead of open source content management systems where more complicated website functions are needed.


Custom CMS for Web Development

An entrepreneur wants to enrol their business in the digital world i.e. in the internet market to get a return from it. Therefore in the current situation, there is a speedy increase in demand for business websites and mobile applications. To counter this there are plenty of websites and mobile application development companies. Earlier it was difficult to do a custom website design,  but custom CMS  brings the revolution in the website development digital world.

In a technology-driven environment, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality website that will showcase your work to the world and attract people to use your services or buy your products. A simple CMS vs Custom Web Development comparison will help you determine what to move forward with. One can use a good open source Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal for a small business when you have no plans to expand. Alternatively, you can use the expertise of a good custom web design and development company to custom build a CMS for you. Custom CMS builds a more powerful website to help you in growing your distinct business.


Quick important points to know about a custom CMS platform:

  • A custom CMS doesn't always mean proprietary
  • A Custom CMS development may be required or not depending on your needs
  • Enterprise-level customers run customized CMS platforms most of the times
  • A custom-built solution may run quicker if developed suitably
  • A custom CMS is not the ideal way to go for a basic website


Advantages of using a custom CMS 


Custom CMS can sometimes be more reliable in terms of security because the framework is individual and therefore has fewer security gaps. It is because the code is written by one developer instead of a big team of developers. It makes it more difficult for hackers to exploit any bugs in the CMS and cause harm because they are unknown to the system.  When you think about it, this only makes sense—the more people use a particular CMS software solution, the bigger the pool is for the hackers who are experts in that area. But with custom CMS, you can be certain that you’re not big enough to draw the attention of mainstream hackers.



Open source content management systems come with a ton of different features and functions, however, for more in-depth and elaborate functions a custom CMS is best. For example, if your client’s website needs a complicated location tracking feature, this will need to be custom coded by the developer. It means that the requirements of the website will decide whether a custom website design is a good option for your client's website or not.



All of the elements and functions of a custom CMS are custom coded, that makes it easier for your client to manage their website. Custom content management systems can be made as manageable as possible, which results in less training time for your staff and those using the system to become accustomed to it. Custom content management systems are developed from scratch to ensure that all the needs of your client are met. This way, the CMS only has the functions a website requires that can make it easier to navigate. 



With custom CMS, you can include a new page or section of your website, without any complexity. Compare this to the traditional way of coding the new pages for a section and modifying the entire navigation structure of the whole website to match the new section. Creating a custom design with custom CMS is a major benefit for those clients who are looking to make their website stand out from others. This goes hand in hand with usability as the design of the CMS can be developed in a way that also teaches people how to navigate it.



Updates are rarely needed in custom CMS because the entire system is developed for an exclusive client. Updates are only required when the client wants to add a new feature or modify a function. Since the developer has built the CMS themselves, additional functions can be built and added without a hassle. Moreover, the developer will make sure that any new features are compatible with current ones so that the CMS keeps running smoothly.


Infinite Customization

Popular, open-source platforms like WordPress and Drupal have a vast ecosystem of plugins and modules to handle many situations, but they often need customization to meet your specific use case. Plugins can get you 90% of the work done, but a developer would need to spend countless hours of development to customize them to meet your needs fully. And since plugins are usually created by 3rd party developers, customizing them tends to get confusing, so it’s the website that ends up having to make changes. Custom-built CMS can achieve your goals without the need for compromises to build the site around the plugin. When you custom-develop a new feature, you can be certain that it will continue to work properly.

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Switch to the custom CMS website

Building a website for your business is a good idea but you have to choose between an open-source CMS or a custom CMS website. If you are a small organization or business that needs less than a hundred pages, it is advisable to develop an open-source CMS website. But switching to a custom CMS website is a better choice in case of a large organization or business that typically have hundreds or thousands of web pages that need to be updated regularly and have multiple authors and admins.

Evon Technologies is an offshore software consulting and custom web development company in India. One of the solutions we provide is building custom CMS websites with our dedicated team who design, code and create your website to include all of the crucial areas required. We make sure that the website stands out and is user-friendly for the visitor and content management team. If you are planning or have planned to develop your custom CMS website, then contact us today or drop an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CMS Vs Custom Web Development - Pros and Cons
Why Your Business Website Need Custom Development?

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