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How Consulting Companies are using Salesforce

  • Once you implement Salesforce CRM to your business, you need to partner with a reliable Salesforce consulting company to boost your sales, marketing and customer service activities

How Salesforce consulting companies help with CRM implementation?

If you take up the time to read our blog on Salesforce then you know that Salesforce without a doubt is the best cloud-based CRM platform for maintaining excellent customer relationships used by most global enterprises today. Being a cloud-based CRM platform, Salesforce includes a broad range of products or services up in its sleeve.

Whatever your company size or service area is, once you decide to implement Salesforce CRM to your business, you need to partner with a reliable Salesforce consulting company to boost your sales, marketing and customer service activities. The Services provided by Salesforce consulting companies are intended to help with your sales, marketing and customer service needs. They use their extensive CRM consulting experience to help the companies that provide professional services, retail, IT, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, and other industries benefit from CRM use.

In recent times, businesses are looking to grow rapidly and improve their customer satisfaction status. For that to occur, they need to look for Salesforce consultant services which will strengthen their relationship with customers across all channels. The upside of companies relying on Salesforce CRM solutions is that they get to work in an easier collaborative environment. The odds of gaining success in the current business scenario increase for companies getting into salesforce support services with the improvement in coordination and customer interaction.


How Salesforce Consultant helps you with CRM Implementation?

Needless to say, as valuable as a CRM is, implementing it into your company's business process is quite challenging. The risk, time constraint and cost involved in the process is what creates the need for a top-grade Salesforce consulting firm. The implementation of Salesforce CRM involves complicated steps and processes that can only be followed with the enterprise-level expertise for a seamless implementation. A standard Salesforce CRM implementation involves these main steps:

  • Mapping the integration process
  • Training your team
  • Preparing data
  • Migrating data
  • Tracking progress
  • Updating and communicating

All these six steps sum up to 3 processes- Prepare, Set-up and Engage You cannot implement new software without some speed bumps along the way, it takes a lot of time for a team to adapt all the practices. However, the transition becomes convenient with the help of a designated Salesforce consulting partner or firm who can help your business as well as your team to navigate through the process.


The first step of the implementation process with the Salesforce consultant is exchanging and penning down ideas. The consulting company gets in touch with your team to determine your company’s precise objectives and requirements. Set your objectives from the very start, in addition to making your Salesforce consultant familiar with your intentions from this implementation. This is the information-gathering process where a Salesforce expert helps your team to identify and streamline the processes to make the transition easier. 

To understand the various functionalities of the CRM better and help you adapt the most fitted features for your business, you require a Salesforce expert. The transition of every system is different for different businesses. The CRM features that may be relevant for one firm may not work for the other.  A Salesforce consultant, however, has the right CRM knowledge, industry experience, and technical understanding to set you in the right direction. A certified Salesforce partner company or consultant ensures that relevant efforts have been made to alleviate any risk involved during the migrating legacy data and CRM integration.


A certified Salesforce consulting partner set clear targets which help you track your progress and speed up the work so that the implementation can be done in the set time. After the implementation is done, the Salesforce consultant gets to the more challenging part. In the beginning, your team could face a few problems to work efficiently with the new CRM. No one really likes the big changes, there is always a risk of losing productivity in the beginning. At this stage, a Salesforce consultant and his support team are the ones who can provide relevant post-implementation training and support. This will help your team understand the CRM and its essential features and help you speed up the CRM implementation process.


The next step is to set up a dashboard followed by automating the system, project tracking, setting up email and lead management process. All this can be done with the help of Salesforce consulting company in addition to customizing features as per your requirements. The support service part is what we think is best as the Salesforce partner company also offers support services which help your IT team and admin tackle any issues that can occur.  


Services provided by Salesforce CRM experts & integration consultants

Administration and Support services

Salesforce Admin and Support services are designed to help clients manage their salesforce org. In most cases, they can do the following task with the help of Salesforce experts.

  • Add/remove/update user/profiles/roles
  • Email templates
  • Managing security settings: Login controls, forgotten passwords, user access.
  • Create/modify Reports and Dashboard
  • Create/modify object layouts standard/custom objects
  • Create/modify list views
  • Workflow/approval process
  • Data management
  • Creating new fields
  • Visualforce pages
  • 3rd party web services integration
  • Apex coding including triggers
  • Web-to- lead, Email-to- case, Email-to- lead
  • Automated Email processing

Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development is based on user requirements and needs , these are few Salesforce Development activities performed by dedicated Salesforce developer:

  • Visualforce Web pages development 
  • Customising existing Apex/Visualforce Code 
  • Creation of triggers 
  • Scheduled/Batch Apex 
  • Apex Web Services

Consulting companies also use Salesforce technologies for application development and support. Below are the most used applications for Salesforce Platform.

  • Salesforce1 – Implementation & Development 
  •  Heroku Enterprise - Application Development 
  •  Community Development 
  •  AppExchange - Application Development & Support 
  •  Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Integration

A Salesforce partner provides extensive Salesforce Integration Services which covers strategy, development and management process to facilitate the continuous flow of data from Salesforce service cloud to marketing cloud, premise to premise or from cloud to premise platform.  Salesforce integration establishes and manages seamless communication between Salesforce CRM and apps, using the API.

Salesforce Automation (SFA) implements automated workflows to create a smooth sales process which manages business leads, sales predictions and team performance. SFA business can function with ease by integrating Salesforce AppExchange applications with third party ERP applications.  Salesforce application integration provides a centralised view of multiple enterprise applications or new legacy systems.

Salesforce Implementation

The first order of the Salesforce implementation process begins with the 'Discovery' phase where the Salesforce consultant learns about the client's requirements and based on those requirements, set an implementation plan. The implementation plan includes:

  • User and Organization setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Import & Migration
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Pipeline Management (Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Contracts, Orders etc.)


Summing Up!

You can undergo a steady transition and get the best out of the world’s number one CRM if you have a Salesforce consulting firm that can take care of your business needs. As you search for the right Salesforce implementation consultants, look for somebody who you can see working with your company for the long term. This means to partner with an organisation you can trust as a counsellor and has what it takes to take care of your Salesforce issues as soon as they emerge. It will allow your company to improve business effectiveness, decrease operational costs, enhance customer service, and will enable you to handle the challenges in today’s unpredictable business environment.

Having said that, Evon Technologies will make a perfect companion for your Salesforce integration and implementation needs. We are working with small, independent companies and large corporations to provide Salesforce development services in Indiaso that they make the most of this platform. Our team of Salesforce developers and experts has proven expertise and experience to manage complex implementation projects. With the help of them, your team will have a smoother transition to Salesforce CRM enabling a streamlined workflow to improve internal and external communications in your organisation. Need further assistance? Contact us today or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start this journey with us.

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