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How Much Does an Efficient Custom Website Development Cost?

  • How much does it cost to build an efficient custom website for your business? Our in-depth pricing guide gives you website development cost estimates

 How Much Does an Efficient Custom Website Development Cost?

The very first and probably the most challenging question that comes to your mind when you are considering setting up a web presence is - How much does it cost to develop a website, and not how to build a website? Well, the answer is not that straightforward. Corporate website development cost is a very subjective matter and there is no clear-cut cost blueprint for it. We have developed hundreds of websites and to this day, we still cannot give a generic answer to that question.

It all comes down to how much work is involved. Specifically, the 2 factors that determine how much work is involved are the size and company of your website. That means a good-looking, professionally done 15-page informational website with standard customization is going to cost less than a profoundly customized 50-page website with all the bells and whistles. In terms of actual dollars, the cost to build a website for a small to medium business could be less than $1,000 or more than $10,000. That’s a huge price range to go through. So we will try to break things down for you so you can get a realistic estimate of what it will cost to design and develop your website.

Average Cost to Build a Website

We have prepared a breakdown that shows the phases that make up a website development price. In a nutshell, business website development solution costs can start at $1000 and go up to $10,000 and over, it all comes down to types of business websites.

Note: The prices below are based on a $50/h rate. It’s an average rate to Hire web developers from India.

UI/UX Design

Tools that can be used for UX/UI design: Zeppelin, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision. You are most probably not going to find a poorly designed but successful product. Most users are all about the visuals. Good design is what captures their attention and calls to action and a bad design can lead to making them leave your website and never come back. In simpler terms, UI/UX design services are as fundamental as engineering. That means costs on the design are one of the major points that answers the question of the website building cost. Here is how UI/UX designers take care of the process of creating a corporate website design.
Three main stages define a custom website design cost:

  • Research: It defines the target audience, their preferences, and analyzes competitors.
  • Wireframe: It creates wireframes to show a simplified placement of elements and agree on it with a client.
  • Prototype:  It crafts the final user interface to reveal how the final website will look on devices.

The above breakdown allows website development companies to reach the best performance and settle down every project detail. So, what is the average cost to create the design of a custom-built website? It can range from $750 to $4,000 and over. Once again, the time and cost to create a UI/UX design depend on what your requirements are. Requirements such as the number of pages, animation complexity, and so on.

Front-End Development

Some technologies that can be used in the front-end development of a website project: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript, SASS, LESS, Angular, React.

Take an example of a registration page with three conventional fields: name, login, password. You can see the tones they throw, shapes of the input fields, and a red Register button below.  You click that red button and see the animation. That’s the front end.

The front end is basically everything your visitors can see and interact with on the website. It normally begins after the UI/UX design is ready. So what you viewed on prototypes before, developers would turn into a working product running on your browser. QA engineers start being a part of the project from this stage and continue working on it till its release date.

The main factors that determine custom website creation cost at this stage are:

  • Website responsiveness or adaptiveness
  • The complexity of animations and graphical components

Front-end development costs can range from $1,000 to $12,000 and over.

Back-End Development

Some technologies that can be used in the back-end development of a website project: Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js, .NET

Let’s see that registration example one more time. Without the back end, nothing would ever appear after you click the red Register button. The back end is what helps input data travel to the server and register you as a new user. If something goes wrong, it returns an error saying you’ve already been registered or some other message. In other words, without the back-end, the page alone is just a bunch of code visualized by browsers. It can’t fulfill its end purpose, which is to register users. 

The back end is at the heart of every website powering all its features. That also means that the back-end development makes up a substantial part of the website creation cost. Some factors influencing overall development time and the average website cost are:

  • Integration with third-party services
  • Complex queries
  • Non-standard data processing (for example audio)

Back-end development costs can range from $4,000 to $12,500 and over.

Admin Panel Development

A content management system is also known as an Admin panel is a solution that allows to create, manage and edit website content.  So if you even want to modify a word in a paragraph somewhere on the website, you won’t need to ask developers to do that. There are plenty of ready-made CMS engines like Shopify, WordPress, Drupal, and others. They are designed to reduce development hours and cost to build a website.

But as with most of the out-of-the-box solutions, they can be limited in functionality as well as security as malicious software are written to target popular systems and not custom-built ones. Prices on custom CMS development can range from $3,000 to $9,000 and over.

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 CRM for travel agency

Source: Dribble

Key components of the cost of  Custom Website Development

Now that we have established ground on how much a website cost is likely to be, let’s focus on the key components of the web development cost.

The type of website

The owner of the company is the best judge of what they want to accomplish by improving their web presence. With over 19 million websites, it is apparent that the world has moved past offline, and realized the benefits of web development solutions. Do you intend your website to just provide information on your product/service or do you want to set up an online marketplace for it? The website development cost of the two may differ more than you can expect when it comes to how you go building a website.  For example, a small business website development cost will be much lesser than a company website with hundreds of pages. An e-commerce website's expenses may even go higher.

Website design

The same goes for design too, you can’t tell how much the website cost. It can range anywhere from $250 to $20,000 depending on how you want your website to appear. A particular skin or a theme can be used and will cost less than a custom-made designed one for your websites’ needs. However, they might not look as impressive and provide the same customer retention and engagement as a custom-made design. Your made-from-scratch website might be a bit expensive but it is an expression of you and your business and is the most effective way to attract customers.

Domain Name and Hosting

The URL of your website or the domain name is like a unique internet fingerprint that can be used only by you. Other companies can have similar names but your .com (or .in, .org, etc) belongs only to your company. To secure rights to this domain name, the name has to be registered annually, which factors in your website development quote. The cost of a domain name ranges from $5 to anywhere.  A keyword containing a domain name may cost even $1000! Website hosting provides your website a place on the server of the “host” making your website available to internet users from around the globe. 

Depending on the traffic and the features equipped, hosting can range from being free to a few hundred dollars. Free hosting is not recommended due to the lack of proper tech support if it is provided at all. The nature of the website, loading time, site crash support, expansion plans in the future all depend on the quality of the host.

Content Management System

Coding is tiresome work that takes up huge amounts of time and effort. If we were to do all edits on the websites, even the small codes would cost a lot of time. Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easy to edit the information on the website as and when required. CMS such as Magento or WordPress can be accessed for free, while others might need monthly or yearly subscriptions. Free platforms like Magento may not efficiently serve the specific needs of your business for website creation and follow-up web development trends.


Most websites handle a ton of data and need an efficient mechanism to deal with it. The database management systems can be expensive but they can facilitate some valuable additions to the website. The exact cost of database integration depends on the time and scope of the integration. The biggest concern with regards to databases is privacy and with so numerous data leaks, security is also a rising concern. The average cost of database integration is $15,000, although prices vary as per the requirements.


Consistent support and maintenance assure that the software and hardware on the website are functioning properly and that the website is updated with new developments in the business. It naturally results in a better SEO ranking and higher visibility. Websites need to be maintained and frequently updated for them to perform as intended. Website maintenance constitutes a substantial part of your website building cost as it is recurring. The maintenance cost comes between $300 and $1000 unless there are major changes that will result in redesigning and redeveloping the website.

Note: We have tried our best to keep all information on pricing accurate for small to medium-sized enterprises, but based on the company size and website requirements, one might need to make changes in the cost of their services.

Wrapping up

So how much does it cost to create a website? There is no fixed answer to this question. In India, you should be ready to pay between $500 and $10,000 for a fully functional small to a medium-sized business website. This price could go down if your site has less functionality or go higher if the design involves complexity. Website development costs may also fluctuate in the future with all the technological advancements. The exact cost can be estimated only when all the requirements are clear. In other words, you should have a conversation with a website development company, to get the precise quote.

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