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How to Boost Your Business Sales With Custom Built Website?

  • Building a custom website is a creative process of understanding your target audience, who you want to reach, and how you want your website to function and look on the internet

Increase website conversions and sales with custom built website

In the current age where everything is digitized, a website acts as your business’ window to the world, irrespective of whether you are a brick and mortar establishment or an online entity. Likewise, the demand for a dedicated website is not just confined to startups but is equally essential for an established company. Even if your business is performing exceptionally well, investing in a well-designed and active website can help you reach out to a wider audience and improve your sales manifold. Customers tend to spend an average of 3-4 hours from the day online, so a business website is now becoming the necessity of a business. A website plays a vital role in the progress and downfall of a business.  Having a custom-built website for your corporate business is a necessity in today’s internet-driven world so that businesses can gain their audience’s attention, increase sales performance and improve their products and services online. 

Take eCommerce for instance, good web design is one of the most powerful growth tools for an eCommerce business. Every phase of an eCommerce business, from the company’s logo to the website’s look and usability, to your marketing brochures, must be designed for maximizing the user experience. Conversely, a bad design can ruin your business name. One of the main goals of any custom-build website should be to push visitors to perform the wanted action, like make a purchase, register an appointment, or even download a whitepaper. These conversions are responsible for generating leads, converting visitors into customers, and keeping those existing customers to come back. Here are some ways you can do that to boost sales with your custom website.

 1. Optimize your website load speeds 

Your business is only as powerful as your website. If visitors experience a clumsy design and painfully slow load speeds, they’re going to leave before you’ve had a chance to make your offering. According to research from Stanford, 75% of internet users will make decisions about a business’s reliability based only on how their website looks.  A Kissmetrics infographic reveals that by the time your website reaches 4 seconds of loading time, you’ve already lost 25% of your potential viewers. It is a destructive statistic, as many beginner eCommerce businesses don’t invest enough money and energy into their website development to overcome this obstacle. If your website hosts data-intensive graphics and photos, it takes longer to load than a smooth, neatly designed website with minimal graphics.

The lesson here is not that you should drop photos and graphic elements from your custom web design but to use design elements effectively for maximum influence and faster loading speeds. Also, while working with your website designer, make sure you communicate that quick load speed is a very high priority.

 2. Hire Professionals for your Website 

Business website designing and development is a complex task because it represents a business. It is a big investment from an entrepreneur in terms of time, efforts and money. So if you are planning to create your business website or looking to upgrade the existing one, then hiring a professional team of designers and web developers is a must. You cannot expect your business growth through online sales if you don’t have a well-optimized website. And for a well-designed business website, you have to hire a custom web design and development company with a professional team of web designers and developers to know your requirements and fulfil them as per business needs.

 3. Get a flexible website

The flexibility of a website is always a primary trait that lets it be productive. It makes it convenient to add, switch or modify products and services without any obstacle as per the business needs. One of the perks of having a flexible website is you can work on it without having any major technical knowledge and make adjustments as per your customer’s satisfaction. It helps you redo your website whenever you need and in turn, it saves your money as well as time. 

For making small changes, you don’t require web developers as it becomes easier to manage it on your own. Thus, customizing web pages according to customer requirements on your website and getting custom web development solutions will inevitably increase sales volume.

4. Follow up existing customers with remarketing ads and email campaigns

It’s always more cost-effective to sell to existing customers than to procure new ones.  If you aim to grow your business website quickly, divert some of your marketing efforts on getting consistent sales from your existing customers. Two most preferred approaches for engaging with existing customers are remarketing ads and email campaigns.

Google’s remarketing ads target users who have already been visiting your website. This way the people getting these ads are the ones who are likely to be the most responsive to your message because they’ve already gone through your business website and its services on their own. An eye-catching ad design for your brand will help keep your business fresh in your clients’ minds. Combine that captivating design with a relevant offer for returning customers will gather to your website to take its advantage. You can also consider hitting your former customers with an email campaign. An email is still an effective tool for contacting customers – especially tech-savvy, smartphone-toting customers who are living in the digital world or shopping online.

 5. Attract your customer base

Your business performance and sales depend on the customer, and you cannot expect your sales growth when you are unaware of your customer's preferences.  A custom website translates to a website that is designed and developed according to customer requirements and preferences. You can know more about your customer preferences by doing a well-researched analysis of your target market and audience and obtain the required data from it. Once you have attained enough data about your customer needs, you can let the professional developer do their work and help him develop your website according to your customer’s needs. Thus a deep understanding of customers greatly impacts the sales of a business.

 6. Optimize your site for mobile devices

With more and more people using their smartphones to scan the website and buy products and services, making sure your site provides a good experience for mobile users is crucial to increasing your sales volume and conversion rates. Therefore make sure your site is responsive, mobile-friendly with simplified forms, and easily clickable callouts and buttons.

 7. Make your CTA easy to understand

Correct placement of the CTA (Call to action) button makes a website whole. It should be clear and informative to teach users what activity follows after clicking on that specific button. What you are offering them if they click on it and what will come up next. It should be optimized and make sure to not force users into clicking on buttons because it will create a negative impression of your website. 

CTA should be placed based on researched user behaviour data and it should not be hard to close. Assure your CTA is easy to follow and should not annoy users so that they can grasp some important information about your website and click on it if they find it helpful. Proper placement of CTA buttons helps to boost up your sales as well as overall business growth.

Switch to the custom-built website

Creating a website from scratch is not a big deal but customizing it according to customer requirements can be tricky. A simple CMS vs Custom Web Development comparison goes a long way to help you determine what to move forward with. Custom web development services and solutions will let you build your website as per customer’s behaviour and needs, which take a step towards brand recognition and followed by business growth or increase in sales.

Evon Technologies is an offshore software consulting and custom web development company in India. Our services include building custom websites with our dedicated team who design, code and create your website to include all of the fundamental areas required. We make sure that the website stands out and is user-friendly for the consumers and content management team. We bring traits that include cross-platform compatibility, cross-browser compatibility, usability and scalability, to your business website to help you boost up business sales. If you are planning or have planned to develop your custom website, then contact us today or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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