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How Web 3.0 can help you gain competitive advantages

  • The influence of Web 3.0 on businesses will be favored by making them transparent and highly user-centric

How Web 3.0 benefits your business

Applications based on Web 3.0 have already begun transforming global industries with the integration of business technologies. Most business leaders understand the major impact of Web 3.0 on businesses to channel the benefit of the internet to drive profit. Dedicated Web 3.0 companies can help clients and customers to control their data for privacy concerns and protection from possible cyberattacks. 

The influence of Web 3.0 on businesses will be favored by making them transparent and highly user-centric. Everything that didn't work with how businesses operated with user data will shift significantly. To answer how businesses can utilize web 3.0 technologies, businesses- both traditional and new will open the gates for blockchain and the capabilities the technology brings with it. You will witness your apps getting a blockchain upgrade, where everything will be made transparent and open to access for everyone.  

Web 3.0 and transparency 

About 81% of adults believe they have little or almost no control over what data is collected from them. Most of them also expressed concern and believed that the risks outweigh the benefits when companies and government collect their data. As the internet is evolving, Web 3.0 is promising transparency where users can own their data, be well compensated for it, and be mindful of what others are doing with this information and data. With Web 3.0, data will be on the blockchain and remain transparent, and easily traceable.   

Essential components of Web 3.0

To achieve everything expected out of Web 3.0 Blockchain, many technologies will have to unite and come to focus, meaning the integration of blockchain technology will not be enough. To make the web semantic and decentralized, the emerging technologies at present will become the main technologies of Web 3.0. 

Semantic web

The semantic web uses AI to understand what a user or customer may mean or pl to enhance and revamp the accuracy of the experience. It's designed to improve web technologies to generate, share and connect content with a correct interpretation of searches based on the word's meaning rather than keywords.

AR, VR, and high-fidelity 3D graphics  

With this, the user interface of the digital web will combine with the physical and actual world. The gap between the physical and digital environment will fill, and we will expand the potential to bring physical objects into the digital world or vice versa. 

Artificial Intelligence

It’s not unusual for users to search for a keyword and receive separate results. With Artificial Intelligence, computers will analyze and learn on the move to provide user-centric interactions. Features like chatbots on the front end and machine learning algorithms working in the back end will make the user experience suitable and semantic by studying structured and unstructured data sets. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are innately part of the Web 3.0 space. The characteristic of Web 3.0 is decentralization and giving better control to content creators. Blockchain and cryptocurrency eliminate middlemen and let direct transactions between two parties. Blockchain helps make Web 3.0 more transparent and secure on the other hand, cryptocurrency stops intermediates, such as financial institutions. 

IoT devices 

With IoT devices running on ever-present advanced networks like 5G, the Web will be all over through internet-connected computer interfaces of physical objects. Right from phones to watches, cars, drones, refrigerators, and even ovens connects to the Internet.   

Advantages of Web 3.0 features for a business

The impact of Web 3.0 on business will be transparency and user/customer orientation. Blockchain as we know is at the core of Web 3.0, all web apps will need a blockchain upgrade if they want to be a part of Web 3.0. Some of the advantages of Web 3.0 features for businesses include the following :

Ownership of Data

Til now the data generated by users were handled and used by tech giants.  With Blockchain-powered Web 3.0, the end users will get full data ownership.  Data that is transferred through the network will be encrypted. Users will be able to decide the information they want to share with corporations and advertising firms and will be allowed to make money from it. 

Enhanced regulation compliance 

Blockchain is an immutable record of transactions accessible to everyone on the chain. So it becomes easy for companies to comply with their governance necessity by maintaining transparency. 


Web 3.0 features would let users access data across multiple applications without being on any spectrum platform. This means you don’t have to worry about a single device being accessible to Web 3.0. With a decentralized network, It becomes easy for apps to work across different platforms and devices such as TVs, smartphones, smart cities, smart homes, etc.   

Improved security

Web 3.0 will be much safer than its predecessors as with Web 3.0, it is more challenging for hackers to access sensitive information. Because of blockchain’s decentralized and distributed nature, it will become impossible for them to infiltrate the network without the operation getting tracked back to them.  

Blockchain without authority 

The goal of Web 3.0 is to power blockchain without a central authority. This way anyone will be able to join the blockchain and participate in it by creating an address. It will entirely remove the possibility of users getting banned based on their gender, income, orientation, geographical or other factors. 

Supply chain management

Due to Blockchain’s transparency, businesses can better monitor and track their supply chain on Web 3.0. By eliminating silos, companies can quickly identify errors in manufacturing and delivering services, bettering time management and reducing costs. Businesses can also share necessary information, such as production schedules and contract deadlines, making deliveries easier. 

Future of Web 3.0 companies

The effect of Web 3.0 blockchain on businesses- both traditional and disruptive will be equally immense. Web 3.0 will redefine how we interact with the digital world and the change will not be just for individuals. Web 3.0 is still in the development phase and new companies using the technology are only beginning to emerge. Businesses should keep an eye on their progress to capitalize on any opportunities as Web 2.0 phases out and Web 3.0 becomes the norm.

Evon Technologies believes that even though Web 3.0 is in the future, the reality of today is that businesses need to start preparing. If you want the latest advancements in your web and app development projects or a software development company in India that has been a part of this web transition. You can reach us today or drop an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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