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How DeFi is transforming the financial industry?

  • The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is based on a smart contracts blockchain, mainly Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency

The Future Of DeFi In Fintech

With the tremendous rise in cryptocurrency investments, individuals and institutions are now beginning to delve into decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi became a large opening lately and is one of the most disruptive technologies. In 2022, cryptocurrencies reach new heights, companies are actively embracing crypto payments, while miners invest in graphic cards to skyrocket their profits.  Even though the digital currency chart has been a roller coaster in recent months, the niche is actively progressing and opening new horizons.

What is DeFi Fintech?

DeFi stands for decentralized finances and it’s an umbrella term for financial blockchain services. DeFi-based platforms allow their users to carry out financial operations, and transactions, borrow money, trade assets, and more, without needing a mediator represented by banks. To understand the relationship between Defi in cryptocurrency you have to be familiar with smart contracts. The decentralized finance sector is based on a smart contracts blockchain, mainly Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency. Smart contracts are replacing brick-and-mortar banks. 

Just like conventional banking, DeFi also allows users to perform financial transactions, such as transfers, lending, investing, and savings. However, with DeFi it allows consumers access to financial facilities without the need for a mediator. You don’t have to worry about brokerage, exchange, or financial institutions involved in the DeFi ecosystem. This lets DeFi’s application go past conventional boundaries, making it available across markets, regions, and different parts of society.    

How does DeFi work?

A DeFi protocol utilizes computer code known as smart contracts that run on the blockchain network. The source code of most of the DeFi projects is unrestricted for anyone in the world to access and audit. DeFi protocol users can communicate with these smart contracts using their wallets to transfer funds, lend or avail of any of the services that DeFi provides. DeFi fintech projects on the blockchain network deliver easy and cheaper access to capital, efficient lending, borrowing, and decentralized crypto and synthetic stock exchanges. 

Because it is decentralized in nature, some DeFi projects like Uniswab have become highly efficient global financial markets catering to individuals and institutions correspondingly. 

Benefits of DeFi protocols in the financial sector 

There is no central governing body on these apps allowing users to interact in a trustless manner because the underlying smart contracts automatically keep those involved in transactions safe. By adopting blockchain technology, DeFi expands its use from simple value transfer to more complex financial use cases. The addition of DeFi applications eliminates middlemen in financial processes such as loans, crowdfunding, derivatives, and betting. 

It is a common cause that the more nodes are excluded from any process, the more reliable and transparent it becomes. The statement describes all Defi benefits in a nutshell. Excluding banks, payment gateways, and other intermediaries from all the financial processes makes transactions easier and straightforward for all parties. We can still see its benefits over the conventional financial industry. 

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Transparent Financial Operations

Financial organizations never disclose their transaction processing algorithm. Due to this overcomplicated know-your-customer process, transactions may be delayed or even blocked because they may seem suspicious to financial officers.  Besides, there’s always a possibility of system malfunction.  In case your funds are transferred to the wrong receiver due to a bank's mistake, it will be difficult to prove that it's their fault. In favor of Defi systems, they are built with open-source code that is available to every user. They can analyze the code and conclude whether they consider it safe enough to carry out financial operations through this software.

Extending to the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has been one of the most essential use cases of DeFi. The present-day infrastructure of insurance suffers from complicated audit systems, paperwork, and long claiming procedures, the use of DeFi-based smart contracts can make it much more systematic.  

DeFi fintech projects such as Nexus Mutual, Opyn, and VouchForMe also provide insurance coverage for cryptocurrency on the blockchain network. The rise in inflation and decreasing interest rates in fiat currencies have made savings and investments in middle-class people around the world. Since DeFi has taken place of traditional banking systems, borrowing, and lending protocols have become one of the major applications of DeFi. 

Smart Contracts as a Single Source of Truth

Every financial establishment states its own rules and regulations regarding payment processing, insurance, lending, and other operations. When dealing with several institutions, you have to figure out regulations and deal with a lot of bureaucracy on your own. Decentralized financial platforms declare all rules with the help of code. Smart contracts are filled up automatically based on the actions you perform. With smart contracts, you don't require to analyze a 20-page agreement and sign every one of them. Instead, smart contracts are filled up automatically based on the actions you take on  the platform, without the need for human interference until the expiration of your agreement.

Financial Operations Without Borders

Conventional financial operations come with the disadvantage of location-based limitations. Due to taxation rules and the incapacity to trace spending in other countries, banks might limit access to some of their services, disable mobile banking and implement additional limitations while clients are abroad. One can access the DeFi platform from any place in the world. By just having an internet connection you can exchange tokens, use them to pay for your purchases, and transfer them to other crypto wallets.  

Seamless International Payments

International transactions, in their current state, create a lot of inconveniences for physical and legal identities. A common SWIFT transfer may take from 1-4 business days to get to the receiver’s account. The SWIFT key may also get quite expensive if you use this method more often. Additionally, banks may ask beneficiaries to verify income from a company with a contract that guarantees the legality of received money. With Decentralized financial services, international payments get easy. Tokens can be transferred in seconds without any additional costs.  No one will ask you for supporting documents until you trade digital coins for fiat money and try to transfer it to your account. 

Turn DeFi’s Potential to your Advantage

Although centralized systems still control market activity due to user-friendly interfaces, security, regulatory oversight, and insurance facilities, the development of DeFi has made way for decentralized crypto exchange protocols.  While more people enter the digital asset space, DeFi will have to work on expanding its capabilities and becoming more robust with security and scalability. 

Evon Technologies is our software development company, we are keeping up with DeFi’s advancements and are inclined to contribute to the financial revolution. Take advantage of our blockchain solutions to accelerate financial processes  and deliver more privacy to users with our reliable and future-ready blockchain solutions and services. Get started and contact us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are looking for experts to take your first steps toward DeFi technology.

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