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Logic Simplified Merges with Evon Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  • Logic Simplified is now a unit of Evon Technologies Pvt Ltd - with common leadership and a single focus. The two companies are ready to take advantage of synergies
Logic Simplified Merges with Evon Technologies Pvt Ltd.

A combined effect is always greater than the sum of separate effects.

Recently, the merger of a software development company in India, Evon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Logic Simplified was announced, with exactly this synergism at its core. The two companies will be functioning as one. This Diwali, the CTO, Sumeet Arora, and the CEO, Vijendra Chauhan, made this decision known to the workforce of the two companies. The instant applause that followed Vijendra Chauhan’s announcement added an extra note of celebration to the already happy occasion.

Evon’s journey, as shared by the founder, Sumeet Arora, is important to know - not just to understand this forward-looking decision but also to draw a leaf of inspiration from. 

Evon Technologies was founded 17 years ago, as a small business big on skill, passion and a commitment to grow roots in the technology industry. A steady inflow of fixed price projects coupled with a lot of hard work and planning, drove the vision forward. In the next phase of the company, ‘work for hire’ deepened those roots even as all eyes were kept fixed on the global horizon - to foresee and stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

The time of the pandemic was challenging in ways the world was not prepared for, followed by high attrition, inflation and a looming global recession. However, in Sumeet’s own words - ‘Evon didn’t just survive, it thrived!’ While the strength of the company doubled to over 400 people, the revenue tripled. Today, Evon Technologies is one of the largest, most trusted, software development companies in Northern India. 

Meanwhile, back in 2011, Logic Simplified was founded by Sumeet Arora as a niche game design and development company, with the best game app developers on board. After over a decade of inventive products and the best game development services, the team of 3 has grown to over 100 top designers and developers under one roof. Its constancy of growth is testimony to its solid foundation and resilience, as is its global reach in providing emerging technology solutions.

Logic Simplified is now a unit of Evon Technologies Pvt Ltd - with common leadership and a single focus. The two companies are ready to take advantage of synergies. 

Synergies are typically described as ‘one plus one equalling three’, three being the value produced when two companies decide to work as one. Rightly so, it is time for Evon 3.0

Going forward in its new vision, as shared by Sumeet, Evon plans to target scaling and further increase its global presence, with international delivery centers and new client locations. A renewed focus on consulting is envisioned. Price-capped implementation, with more liability and ownership, is expected. 

Thanks to the merger, the diversification of the portfolio is a value addition that is a win-win for both. Logic Simplified brings to the table expertise and experience in AR,VR, Corporate Metaverse, Blockchain and Gaming domains. Evon, on the other hand, has been freely implementing Cognitive AI and Reinforcement Learning in its solutions. 

Overall, with more access to industry-leading talent, market and customer base, both companies are charting a new road ahead, strategizing greater growth and productivity, while also hoping to give back to society through renewed CSR initiatives.   

At any given time in any given company, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, expertise and experience make for a successful combination. With Evon Technologies and Logic Simplified merging, we will have all of these, two times over.

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