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How FindNerd helps clients and PMs manage projects effectively while Working From Home

  • How to track your projects and resources located in an offshore site or team working from home? FindNerd offers customized, effective solutions

Project Management with FindNerd

Work from home (WFH) has become a commonplace thing over the past few years. As business and work environments have evolved, teams have become more distributed now. Thanks to the phenomenal growth of technology, people can now connect to their workstations from wherever they are, and do not always have to be “physically” present at their “desks” or offices to work. The practice has been adopted by several companies across the world for a few major scenarios: (1) emergencies; (2) employees’ commitments to their life outside of work, which renders them incapable of attending regular office; (3) procuring talent that might be geographically located in remote areas, etc.

This goes all the more for IT companies, where communication for people and teams working together often takes place over computers or devices—even while they are at the office. Working from home (or work-from-home) has gained popularity for several reasons. 

First and foremost, it saves people the time and cost of travelling to and back from work for people. Unless there is a meeting scheduled, where important plans and strategies are to be formed and discussed, people might not be actually required to be at the office. If they can work from home, with the same efficiency, it is a boon for the employees.

Second, employing a work from home culture can be beneficial for the employers since it might save them the infrastructural costs. With proper networking and efficient time management, a team of over 100 people can work together in a very small “virtual” office. Space constraints are significantly removed.

However, for successful implementation of a WFH setting, efficient proctoring might also be required. This is not to “keep-an-eye” on the employees; it shouldn’t be taken that way. But it is important to make sure people do not lose their efficiency and stick to the deadlines, the way they would if they were working from a regular office. It also helps the Human Resources Department keep better track of employees, their ‘presence’ in the firm, and any problems they might face.


A great, efficient, and comprehensive tool to effectively manage WFH settings is The platform offers effective management of not just employees, but resources, projects, tasks. This online project management tool works wonders in settings where larger teams are involved and working from home.

Development of the tool was developed by Evon Technologies with a simple objective: to develop a powerful tool to enable managers, clients, developers and teams to manage resources efficiently and effectively. The tool was developed not to facilitate “keeping-an-eye” on people working on projects, but to ensure they get the required support they want, to ensure they understand what is expected of them, and to ensure that clients can have a clear picture of how the people working for them are performing. One of the chief objectives was to enable transparency between clients and developers, the lack of which can create billing issues.

What offers 

For Project Managers 

With, one can easily plan, implement and monitor projects. The tool helps project managers handle their projects and teams effectively and can even help respond to crisis situations effectively. Collaborating with team members and clients becomes easy and so does tackling issues. 

Tracking Management


With, you can create a task and keep a track of everyone working on that task. An employee might log in, choose the task he is working on, ‘start’ the session tracker and ‘end’ it while logging off. records the sessions logged in by everyone, and presents an analytical picture, clearly displaying the hours people put in over a period of time. This is very valuable for the managers since it gives them an accurate picture of how human resources across teams are distributed, how well are they managed, and how well are they being utilized.  

Project Reports/Analytics

To present a succinct, cumulative picture to managers, or anyone who might be interested in tracking his or her own performance and progress in a project, offers crisp reports and charts. 

Time Tracking


Presents an accurate picture of the time employees spent logged-in over a certain period of time. PMs can use this tool to track their team’s log-in hours to have a clearer picture of how their teams are performing. With another option available, Time Tracking with session details, one can have a detailed view of an employee’s particular session (or all sessions put together), what he or she worked on and for how long. 

Sprints - Due and Delayed

This feature of the portal lets you keep track of all the projects that are planned to be completed within a specified period of time. The feature proves to be of great utility to those overlooking multiple projects. You can coordinate with teams, understand the problem areas and work on them to ensure timely delivery of projects.

Resource Utilization

The feature provides a comprehensive assessment of the number of working days in a specified time-frame, the hours put in by the team members, and the overall average utilization of the team member working on a particular project.

Bug Tracking

Provides comprehensive information on the bugs in a particular project, along with displaying their severity, debugging priority and their current status. 

For Clients

Budget Forecasting

Using FindNerd, clients can build up a clear picture of the upcoming needs and directions of a project and in what direction the project might steer in. This helps them develop a clear forecast of how their presumed budget for a project might increase or decrease, and what steps they can take to track, minimize, or optimize their expenditure.

Managing Expense

Having developed a clear forecast for their projects, clients now can manage expenses accordingly. They might factor in their requirements of the project. Having determined how much resources they are going to need and their allocation, they can set hourly rates after some deliberation. Once the project is in motion, the clients can track project hours, further helping themselves track their expenses. Put together, these tools can help clients have a much better control over their expenses and shape their projects accordingly.


FindNerd has an efficient and easy-to-handle interface for invoicing options.Clients can have a look at their bills, choose their payment option and proceed accordingly. Invoicing can involve several considerations. This is even more true when you hire and manage your developers directly. Ethics play an important role in the entire billing process. With the invoicing option available on the FindNerd platform, you can guarantee your peace of mind by making sure you are billed exactly for what you demanded, what you got, and in the designated time frame. 

Manage Resources

Clients can efficiently manage the resource allocated to their projects, and the skills they put into the projects. When required, according to the developing needs of a project, clients might need to add or remap resources, which can be done easily using the interface. They can search for available resources by skills and add them to their projects.  

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Evon Technologies

Evon Technologies has been a front runner at providing customized software and app development solutions to clients around the world. With solutions spread over a wide range of platforms, from consulting to web and app development,  we offer solutions to a wide range of clients. One of the needs we recognized for better coordination between clients and developer teams located in geographically spread areas was an interface between the two—an interface that could enable transparency and better coordination among the people involved in a project. From this need arose the idea behind FindNerd. And eventually, through the dedicated efforts of our developers, the idea was turned into reality. Contact us or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more about us and about FindNerd and how you can use it to manage your projects and tasks for free.


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