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How to Hire a Dedicated Web Developer from India - Quick Ways

  • India is a great destination for hiring web developers-freelance or companies. Read on to know quick ways you could hire one for your next development project

Quick ways to hire dedicated team of web developers from India


Hiring web developers is a great way to develop your very own web-portals or web-based business management tools and increase your presence online. You might be an individual looking for ways to promote your business and ended up deciding to advertise online. Or you could be a business already in operation looking to expand. You could be an IT firm looking for someone to develop your web-portal for you! Sounds ironic? Well, it is not! Even IT firms, on occasions, choose to get their web-portals and interfaces developed from external, dedicated developers. Hiring a dedicated web developer or a team of web developers could be a great way to share your load. It often takes away the burden of having to involve yourself in the minutest of details, while holding an abstract view of the entire project.

What has made this even more feasible in recent years than it was before is a stronger ‘distributed’ work culture that has come into existence due to the increased inter-connectivity between services providers and consumers around the world. Now, you could be someone based out of London looking for a team of web developers, to work on your dream project, located in another end of the world, e.g. India.

Working with offshore developers

Finding developers for your next web project is no longer as hard as it might have been a few years earlier. However, with the number of developers increasing and access to remotely located developers becoming easier everyday, it has also become challenging to find and hire the right talent. Finding developers whom you can trust to understand your specific requirements and deliver in time and with quality can be tricky sometimes. This often becomes more complex when you are looking to hire remote developers and especially complex when hiring developers in foreign countries. Working with offshore development can save you cost but there are problems involved too. The problems involved could be language barriers, requirement/specification misunderstanding, lack of experience, lack of talent. 

Why India

Over the years, India has evolved as a major IT hub. This was majorly brought about by the push the government of India gave to developing technical skills among young people and promoting the establishment of a plethora of educational institutes for promoting technical education. As a result, a huge number of people with a good technical skill set have and are still emerging year after year. 

Developers in India are well versed with English, thus making it easier to communicate with them. This saves a ton of time and effort. Working with Indian developers guarantees you low-cost, high-quality service. If you are looking to work with a company that provides web development in India, then you’re in for luck because of the number of IT companies that exist in the country and are growing. The Indian government supports the growth  of the IT sector and has been pushing for a more and more skillful workforce to emerge year after year. Choosing India for hiring web developers, thus can be a great choice, whether you’re looking for freelance web developers or companies to follow.

How to hire a Web developer?

Hiring web developers from India can be done in two ways: hiring a freelance web developer or working with a dedicated web development company. Both approaches have their pros and cons and might fulfill different requirements. If you are a business that’s constantly evolving, it’s better to work with a company. That saves you the trouble of having to “start all over again,” so to speak. Since the company you hire already knows your business, you won’t have to communicate your requirements and the fundamentals of your business over and over again. In addition, billing becomes easier, since the rates and other similar specifications (projected time frame, etc.) do not have to be negotiated over and over again. You can also build up a long, trustful relationship, and save yourself the trouble of looking for developers everytime you decide to add on to your business.

On the other hand, if your requirement looks like a one-time thing, hiring a freelancer might be the best way out. Working with a freelancer ensures that you communicate all your requirements directly with the person who is involved. The seamless direct communication also helps you keep constantly in touch with your developer throughout the development cycle of your web portal, and eases adding and removing features as and when you might need. You save cost by avoiding entering a long term contract and spend only the amount that gets your purpose solved.     

Hiring Developers from India

Freelance Developers

One of the most popular ways of hiring a freelance developer or a team of developers is, of course, the Internet. There are many portals you can log on to and look for potential people for hire.,, etc. are some examples where you can find developers for hire. The platforms clearly reflect the developer rates, developer reputation, and an estimated turnaround time.  

Web development companies 

A plethora of companies across India offer custom web design and development services at competitive prices. In fact, certain cities across the country have earned themselves the title of “IT hubs”. Up until a few years, it was only the metropolitan cities that were growing multiple folds in the Information Technology sector. However, recently many tier-2 companies have emerged as major hosts of IT companies that are performing no less than the ones established in the metro cities. As a result, a huge number of options are available for someone looking to find companies who they can hire to get web portals and projects developed. 

Evon Technologies

Evon Technologies, located in Dehradun, is a mainstream IT firm that offers services ranging from app and web development to consulting and salesforce. We offer customized web development in India. We work on multiple platforms—PHP, J2EE, Ruby on Rails,, etc.—according to your needs and requirements.  We help you develop web-based platforms for multiple domains, such as E-commerce portals, Enterprise Information Portals, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn integration, Scaling Existing Web Applications and a number of other similar applications. Get in touch with us or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more.

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