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Why Your Business Website Need Custom Development?

  • Website customization means you transform your creative business ideas into functional reality. Not having your website optimized according to search engine protocol, means you are possibly losing a strong client base

Importance of Custom Web Development for your business

Spending on a templated website and putting your company name on it seems convenient, even cheaper, but it's not the most reliable and smarter option . Why spend your capital on a website that doesn't help your business? 38 per cent of users will leave a website, it is not attractive enough. While 39 per cent of users will stop engaging if a website takes a bit longer to load. These little obstacles on the way of your website can have a big influence. Imagine all the clients you will possibly lose because of how your website looks and its functionalities. Instead of spending your money on a templated website, you stand out from the crowd with custom web development. 

Website customization means you transform your creative business ideas into functional reality. Not having your website optimized according to search engine protocol and not reaching the end-user, means you are possibly losing a strong client base. Each business has individual products and services to offer. Custom development solutions are generally customized for your brand, business objective, merchandise, and services. A custom website design, one developed to highlight your company’s strengths and convert visitors into buyers, is a priceless tool in today’s economy. Not only does it act as your important salesperson, customer service agent, and PR representative, but also as an important branding piece.


Reasons to choose Custom Development for your website


Visual effectiveness and user experience

Aesthetics, as you already know, plays an important role in driving traffic and promoting sales. In custom website development, you have more possibilities to make your website visually effective and appealing to users. It results in higher user engagement and ensures that you communicate with your visitors efficiently.

Furthermore, custom-built websites are also highly user friendly. The developers anticipate user expectations and plan the development process accordingly. For a better online presence, developing your website around your business needs and target audience is essential. That is why custom-built websites provide a more beneficial and enjoyable user experience.


Personalization and localization

Nobody likes interacting with bots. Internet users in today's world are far more demanding and require a website to recognise their needs and provide them with personalized solutions. It makes them feel unique, and a personalized experience makes users stick around a little longer on your website and visit it frequently. With custom web development, you have the resources to customize the web pages and provide website visitors with personalized content based on their location and demographics. That's the reason why a custom-built website is more trusted and lasts longer as compared to readymade templates.


Better performance due to optimized functionality

When you get a templated website from an online site building platform, it usually has an extra set of features that you cannot get rid of. Unused and unnecessary functionality creates an added load on your website’s performance. Advantage of custom cms for web development is that it solves this dilemma by providing exactly what you need, nothing less and nothing more. For instance, one custom Drupal module can replace a few free ones, because it is created specifically for your customers. It boosts performance, anticipates conflicts, reduces complexity, and provides smooth functioning of the website.


Unlimited growth opportunities

Startup companies may consider a standard website as good enough for them.  But this is the exact reason why you need to stand out. Time flies, business grows, and there is very less opportunity to expand a website built on a simple website building platform.  They lack “scalability”. With custom web development, your website grows exactly to the size you want, and the way you want. It gets equipped for new challenges like taking on larger traffic and so on.



Your Custom website must stand out with its unique characteristics that can bring in customers.  In this modern digital age, users find a standard templated website to be tedious. Therefore, you need a design that can grab the attention of the audience and convince them to explore your website more. It increases the possibility of turning a visitor into a prospective customer.



With the growth of your company, you can scale up your custom website and web app.  It is highly flexible in terms of the changing demand and growth of your enterprise. You can expand and contract as per your necessity.  This is one key reason why business-owners prefer custom websites and web apps over templated websites and general web apps.


Seo and Visibility

The more important reason why digital marketers go for custom-built websites is that these websites gain better search engines rankings. There is huge competition for the visibility of a website, and a fact that often gets missed is that web development and SEO goes hand in hand. Search engines favour custom-built websites because it is as we mentioned before, personalized and user-friendly. And the next important factor for better SEO ranking is mobile-friendliness.

In custom web design and development, you have more possibilities to make your website mobile optimized and offer a seamless user experience to visitors on the mobile site. Whereas, businesses who prefer a premade template have to hire an SEO specialist to improve search engine rankings.


More conversions and a higher ROI

Which one would you prefer? A simple website that’s quicker and cheaper to develop, but doesn’t boost your revenue significantly or one that costs more and takes longer to put together, but helps your business grow? For any successful business product, the answer would be the second scenario. Even though there is a larger investment involved in a custom web design scenario, the rise in sales and improved return on investment makes it worthwhile.



In the current scenario, where everyone claims to be the best, you need to be unique. Your website should convey your business objective and credibility.  If it does not represent your authenticity and reliability, then it will have nothing to do with your brand value. Web site functionality, online reviews, and market value are the determinants of your credibility. A custom developed website is essential to give a professional appearance to the end-user. Therefore, it provides credibility to the business owners and their website.



To summarize CMS Vs Custom Web Development, custom web design and development is like having an architect build a house for you.  A website template or a custom web design depends on several factors, such as what type of business you have, who’s your target audience, and what their needs are. For specific businesses, a website template with fundamental functionalities will do the job. The capabilities offered by a custom web design might not have a significant influence on such websites. Whereas if you need flexibility or customization in the design creation, it’s reasonable to invest money in a custom web design.

Evon Technologies is an offshore software consulting and custom web development company in India. One of the services we provide is custom website design and development. We have a dedicated team who design, code and create your website to include all of the crucial areas required for your brand. We make sure that the website is unique and user-friendly for the visitor and content management team. We bring attributes that include cross-platform compatibility, cross-browser compatibility, usability and scalability, to your business website. It helps your team learn the best practices for executing updates in future and you can keep the site going on your own. If you like to start or have any questions, contact us today or drop an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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