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Core factors responsible for mobile app development costing

  • Recognizing the major issues of mobile app development costs will help you make the most cost-effective choices. And it will provide you the best return on your development


Top Factors Influencing Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile app development cost involves several factors that are of significance. The key cost- drivers of app development vary about its building strategy, development platform, device compatibility, app functionalities, security, testing, hosting, and maintenance. Above all, the working business model of a company determines the cost requirements and final app pricing

According to a recent study by IDC, 90% of the developers and 87% of IT decision-makers expect that connecting mobile apps to enterprise data sources will become the norm in business. That same study also indicates that companies still face extreme challenges when it comes to the cost of mobile app development for startups. Building handoff functionality takes up a lot of time and can add substantial costs to the project.  Mobile apps are powerful drivers of traffic, advertising, sales, and growth. However, app development is not inexpensive, which explains why some companies hesitate to go for mobile app solutions

Factors affecting the cost of mobile app development 

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Deciding whether to support iOS,  Android, Windows mobile, or all of the above will help predict development time, and hence the cost.  Every platform is unique. Browser-based applications are just like websites that are built for mobile browsers. These sites are built to open quickly over a cellular network and are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. Recognizing the major issues of mobile app development costs will help you make the most cost-effective choices. And it will provide you the best return on your development. Below are some factors that affect the cost of mobile app development and pricing consideration. 


1. Choose the platform for Mobile App

When you decide to develop a mobile app, you must have some platform in mind. iOS or Android? Or do you have any other mobile operating systems that you are considering your app for? All these platforms come with development complexities,  which require different amounts and types of work. When it comes to comparing their development, Android platforms are a bit costlier

Applications developed for iOS usually reach financially sound customers. Therefore, this platform can help you generate more revenue compared to others. It is also important to mention that Android has a larger market share. Therefore, your choice of platform will depend on the purpose of your application. Similarly, it will be a vital factor in determining the expenses of developing your application.


2. Type of Business Model 

Consumers around the world spent around 22.6 billion USD on mobile apps. Along with that,  178+ billion apps are downloaded every year, and it is expected to grow regularly to 258 billion by the year 2022. These statistics indicate the spending involved in business app development services.

Substantially, the key factors such as the type of business,  the target customers, and services help to figure out the app design budget. If more composure is required in the business app model, the time involved in the process extends. Consequently, as time gets prolonged, the cost associated will also increase further. For example, if you need a customer service model, you will need additional external APIs, which makes it pricier. But If you need a mobile app personalization for just internal operations, it would require fewer functionalities and user interface elements compared to an eCommerce app. Software features of mobile applications like Uber are different from social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. 


3. App Development Team

The significance of apps varies based on their purpose and the value proportion with the core business function. Therefore, based on the capacity and complexity of the app, companies can either set up an in-house team with the best app developers and alternatively businesses can rely on any app development outsourcing company. Additionally, there are hundreds of freelance app developers out there to help startup businesses and enterprises. All these app development solutions have been providing the same solution but are different in throughput. The difference is in the cost and turnaround time attached to their services.

Collaborating with an in-house app development team may drag the budget off the line. It also needs domain experts and other creative team resources. Finding the right developer from the huge pool of developers is a tough job, which can even cause delays in a mobile app development project. The more economical mobile app development partners are freelance app developers. Though they can be a much more affordable solution, the quality level they offer is still uncertain. However, handing over the project to an external app development company can help businesses in various ways. A reliable app development company would have expertise in multiple domains and proficient resources to deliver superior service. 


4. Mobile app features and functionalities

Developing an app for internal users, where you have control over which platforms and devices will be supported is less costly than doing the same in a bring-your-own-device or external environment. The features and functionalities you agree on implementing in your app will ultimately decide the cost structure of application development and help in mobile app valuation. The more features and functionalities, the higher the cost. Therefore, you must differentiate between the main and secondary functions of your applications. 

For instance, you do not need a geolocation feature for an editing app. But it's impossible to have a food order app without the integration of the location services. So, you should thoughtfully decide which functionality to go forward with while developing your app.

Mobile app UI and UX

The application will be used by ordinary people after it is developed. No matter how good the application’s back-end is if the user interface and user experience are not good enough, your application simply won’t get enough attention.  So you must plan an impressive design for your app.

Application Backend

The backend is also a factor that needs to be considered. The solution to these subjects will help you to prepare a draft of your backend. The more complex your front end is, the more complex will be its backend. For storing your data you will need databases. As database handling is a responsible task and a key part of your backend development. You will also need the help of third-party app integration. The backend of your app is the backbone and a big determinant of the cost of the app.  Therefore, examine your app requirements and get the backend process executed successfully.

Application Testing

Gone are the days when app development was the only task that is carried out for the clients. Clients want to have assistance all the time.  Especially when their app encounters bugs. You should make it a rule that one testing is never enough. It should be done regularly to keep the app functioning and updated. Now, the cost of this step depends on how much you are prepared to spend. It depends on whether you’re using automated testing software or hiring a testing team. The choice depends on the type of app that you’re building.


5. Application Security Cost

App security is fundamental whether it’s an eCommerce app or a business app. Mobile apps store employee data, transactions records, and customer information, so security is the first thing to be taken care of by companies. Your app must be secured enough to guarantee the safety of data retrieved from the users.

Data is king and losing it can cost you and your business more. A major security gap through your app can lead to the end of the business. If the data is not secured, you might lose the trust of your existing customers and all potential future clients as well. When it comes to investing in data security, invest wisely. 


Key cost-driving factors mentioned in this article are going to help you answer the question “ how much does it cost to develop an app?” and build an app pricing strategy. Apart from the subsidiary elements, the factors that account for adding mobile app development costs are numerous.  As you enhance the features and functionalities, the time and cost associated with it also elevate. Besides, integrating advanced technology partners and Cloud-based services multiply its complexity. Therefore, the factors involved in app development cost dramatically vary according to the features and services used. 

Evon Technologies is an offshore software consulting company that provides custom app development solutions. We help you develop an interactive, feature-rich, and well-managed app that can help you achieve your business goals and may help you rank at the top of app stores. From validating a concept, implementing mobile app accessibility, stunning UI/UX design to selecting the appropriate mobile platform, custom elements, and several other factors, Evon can help you design and develop the best app while keeping your budget and timeline in mind. Want to know more about our mobile app services? Reach us here or Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and share your requirements with us. 

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