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Digital Transformation Consulting

  • Today the core of the IIoT revolution is the digital transformation based on integration. The transformation can and is being implemented in all the areas, where the collection, processing, distribution, and data security are essential to operations

What is a digital transformation consulting

Anyone who has been keeping up with the digital world for the last decade or so knows that there has been a global revolution taking shape, also said to be Industry 4.0. We are on the verge of technological progression that will transform how we live, do our job, and communicate with one another. In its size, scope, and complex nature, the transformation will be different from anything we have seen before.

IIoT is what many views as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, preceded by:

The First Industrial Revolution, which was marked by the mechanization of the industry with water and steam. The Second Industrial Revolution, which increased mass production made it possible to use electric power and The Third Industrial Revolution introduced automated production based on electronics and information technology. Each of these past revolutions was defined by the introduction of new technology that improved the efficiency and quality of the mechanical processes for goods manufacturing. The current revolution has the same goals of better quality and greater efficiency, but the key change is not mechanical processing.

Today the core of the IIoT revolution is the digital transformation based on integration. The transformation can and is being implemented in all the areas, where the collection, processing, distribution, and data security are essential to operations. But we should start by clearly defining what changes generate and analyze how digital transformation consulting can positively influence your business.  

What is digital transformation consulting?

Digital transformation consulting is a service that can help companies unlock new business value through technology. One apparent reason businesses look for digital transformation consulting firms is to get products and services to market quicker with lesser risk. Every consulting firm is unique, but its services will assess more than just a business's technical preferences. This is due to underlying social structure - people, ways of working, and how they are organized are also part of delivering better customer experiences and improving business processes through technology.

To put it another way, digital transformation consulting is the utilization of digital technology to implement new ideas or modify old strategies, and processes to improve business operations, culture, and customer involvement. 

What does a Digital Transformation Consultant do? 

 A digital transformation consultant or consulting company’s role is to assist a business to identify ways to become more productive by implementing strategic changes with the help of technology. But this is how they do it:

Assess the customer’s position and needs: What aspects of the customer's business can gain from technology? How can they help the client secure a sustainable future?

Form Client strategies around digital solutions: Which and where technologies could be utilized to enter a new market or to outperform the competition.

Assist in the advancement of business cases for digital transformation projects: Bringing co-workers on the same page to modify the way they have always done their job can be a complication.  Efficient change management is key in this case.

Analyze and design key user journeys: Inform at which point you could use automation or provide additional service to the user.

What is the objective of Digital Transformation Consulting? 

Improving the customer experience, whether that customer is external to the organization or an internal user should be the end game of a  digital transformation strategy. One can do it by stimulating the adoption of technology across an organization and building up its influence. Digital transformation solutions are useful when they discuss how processes, people, and technology align with each other to affect business outcomes such as consumer experience. This integrative approach is how companies can successfully keep up with technology disruption by enabling teams across the business with processes to evaluate new technology and handle any changes. 

Though the software development outsourcing sector can follow a digital transformation roadmap.  But digital transformation is not something that can be outsourced or done to the organization. It requires strong leadership, often both at the individual level and through a guiding collaboration within the organization. Businesses often use consulting services because they bring in expertise while implementing digital transformation procedures in different organizations across different industry areas. This surface experience can provide a steady partnership for the insider views of those driving digital transformation within a corporation. How potential advisors express their outlook on a digital transformation can say a lot about the procedure they will follow. 

Benefits of Digital Transformation Consulting

We already know the advantages of outsourcing software development such as reduced costs, faster development, and rollout. Digital transformation consulting also includes some amount of software development that provides the same benefits and more. There are several crucial areas where the conversion service can impact your business: 


  • Business Model 

For digital transformation, an expanded business model is required. This is adequately done by adapting an ecosystem in which operations, business structure, staff, and customers are seen as an integration, instead of as separate considerations. In easier terms,  individual contributors are allowed to proactively coordinate and communicate with group-level teammates outside any given silo. This removes any resistance and grants greater insight into existing business models to help drive productivity in the company. 


  • Infrastructure Flexibility

Going forward your infrastructure will change by default. This holds even when you have a large number of legacy systems to maintain.  This is the perfect opportunity to explore new tactics to improve efficiency.  A digital transformation usually pairs with infrastructure that supports the DIE- Distributed,  Immutable, Ephemeral resiliency design. Eventually, digital infrastructure removes friction across systems and provides the clarity to understand how the business is working and the behaviors that drive results.


  • Organizational DNA

Based on the surveys from 2018, 70% of digital transformation efforts remain ineffective. Technology, or the lack of it, is not the reason. Rather, the lack of consideration for affected system personnel is the reason for this failure. To be successful, a new internal culture of teamwork and clear documentation or records that represent company operations and activities should be in place. Organization-level innovations and business model improvements play off each other naturally: you can’t have one without the other.


  • Adaptability  

Proper planning will lead to a more resilient system and it will be able to adapt to new technology, regulatory requirements, and customer needs. This is a natural effect of improvements in other areas, prominently to achieve operational agility, infrastructure flexibility, and scalability.


  • Transparency 

Enhanced transparency for internal teams and external clients is necessary to gain operational efficiency, consumer usability, and client satisfaction.  This shows the need for DevSecOps that provides better communication and access. , while protecting data and personally identifiable information (PII) security. This strengthens the digital infrastructure that leads to greater observability so that you always know what’s happening with your data. 

How to get a  start on digital transformation?

If reading this makes you feel left out or woefully behind, fear not.  A big misunderstanding CIOs have on digital transformation is that their competitors are doing so much better than they are. This is because digital transformation is a massive undertaking, especially for larger, established businesses and there's much appreciation of (popular press around) the fastest transformers.  When done properly with the help of a digital transformation consulting company, it will produce a business that is more aligned with customer needs and flexible in the forward-moving future of digital transformation.

Evon Technologies is a web design and software development company in India that has over a decade of experience in providing quality digital transformation services. Through our services, we help you progress and create value in the digital age by solving complex business problems. We know that delivering customer-centric experiences requires appropriate and profitable digital transformation strategic initiatives. Our team of experts offers digital transformation consulting, to help your company unveil the innovative potential of applied intelligence from data and converting information into a digital format; ensuring elevated experiences and enhanced operational efficiency. If you are planning to achieve great outcomes through enterprise agility then contact us today or drop an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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