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What are the Key Responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant?

  • Salesforce consultants are the primary asset in an organization as they bring value to business by generating revenue and provide benefit to the clients

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant in an organisation

Salesforce as a tool has helped organizations increase lead conversions and sales revenue. It has improved faster deployment and customer satisfaction with the aim of improving the overall productivity of the workforce. Ultimately, it has been vital in building relationships with customers ensuring customer satisfaction and leading the way to the company’s success. A Sales integration consultant has to do a lot with this as they are the key to adding value to any business.

An expert software consultant can help you develop appropriate solutions, generate revenue to bring value to the clients and examine the changes that impact the business. An organization that has implemented Salesforce CRM generally prefer to hire a Salesforce consulting company for their CRM,  who can help the organization to perform routine activities and guide the organizational employees when needed. However, a Salesforce administrator can also take care of these roles and responsibilities. Though being the administrator, they do not know the customization process of this CRM that well. Salesforce customization is better if done by the Salesforce consultant or a person who has the entire knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Why Hire a Salesforce Consultant or Consulting Partner?

You can only get the maximum out of the Salesforce implementation platform when you do a suitable Salesforce customization to meet the company goals and requirements. Therefore, if you are out to get the best customization done and obtain most of the Salesforce customization, you will need to find the right Salesforce Consultant. Afterall the Salesforce consultants are the ones who support and customize the  CRM in the best possible manner and will assist us along the way. 

A Salesforce consultant applies his whole expertise and efforts in making Salesforce a convenient tool for the organization and provides them with the certified and experienced Salesforce essentials. They have enough experience by having worked with a number of different Salesforce projects in the past. Therefore, they will know the features that are necessary for your organization and how to implement them. They have the additional benefit of knowing how to optimize Salesforce as per the organizational needs. In the initial stage of Salesforce implementation, consider Salesforce as a pile of clay which can be moulded as per your need. The Salesforce consultant's responsibility is to design, execute and manage the databases that form a connection between organization and client.

Roles of Salesforce Consultant

A big number of Salesforce consultants can help you to provide only the essential Salesforce implementation while some can go a step further and provide you high-level of support for Salesforce customization. But to hire any Salesforce consultant, a business must set the exact goals and requirements.  

The reason is,  you may not prefer to hire someone who would overdo the customizations and add features which are not even relevant to your business. There are certain scenarios in which a Salesforce consultant should help you deal with. Given below are few of the important roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce consultant.

1. Managing client relationship

One important aspect of a Salesforce Consultant's job is to maintain the relationship between the company and its client. As a Salesforce Consultant, they will be the first person to handle communication with your company's clients. They act as a middle man that deals with every query, concern or general comment immediately. They must make a note of all client requirements, get to know their client and their business. It helps them nurture a relationship with them which is also essential for the client retention process. 

Your customers are more likely to renew their account if your company and consultant are more responsive to their requirements, provide them with satisfactory results and finally give them a higher ROI for their partnership with your company.

2. Creating and executing project plans

A Salesforce Consultant needs to have excellent planning skills because most of the time, they will find themselves involved in planning a project of different sizes. For instance, these are the few areas that need proper attention and detailed study -The scope of the project, utilizing the hours efficiently,  creating a project timeline,  and a case study document for including any hurdles, discovery and status meetings. 

The next important task that a  Salesforce Consultant needs to handle is the scheduling of client meetings. These client meetings are the stepping stones for building your project execution strategy as they can also work as a discovery session. One can use these meetings and sessions to discuss business processes to successfully meet the needs that you will use to build an efficient Salesforce environment.

3. Intelligent communication

Another crucial area of expertise where a Salesforce Consultant has to shine is good communication skill by which a consultant can help in building a stronger relationship with clients. Perfecting communication is the best way for consultants to convey their ideas and solutions to their customers conveniently. Given that they also have good technical knowledge and expertise in the respective field as it is key for better communication skill.

The thing is if an organisation is adopting CRM, then a Salesforce consultant becomes an important part of their hierarchy.  So it's not just about communicating better with clients, a consultant should convey their plans to all the departments and employees of the organization involved to improve the business quality. Consultants have to convey their ideas to different departments in an organization and to its employees to enhance the quality of a business. Being an important part of a company, a Salesforce consultant is also involved in forming the business strategies and for that, one should possess strong communication skills. They are a part of a company he represents, which means they are also involved in building the business strategies that need possession of strong communication skills.

4. Dealing with constraints

A Salesforce consultant helps deal with certain constraints:

  • People constraints

A company has to know if they have enough workforce to do the work at hand. A consultant comes handy in a situation like resource constraints which can indirectly affect the deployment. Being a consultant, they analyse the work and the team members required for it. The process of project management, implementation, training, and rollout are handled by the consultant, so your organization doesn't have to trade-off on anything to get the job done.

  • Time constraints

Completing an implementation in the planned timeline is as important as the successful implementation of Salesforce. There are times when team members are not accustomed to Salesforce, that's when a consultant gives you an ideal solution to tackle the problem while maintaining the schedule. 

  • Skill constraints

The consultant gives you a complete and accurate understanding of the obstacle and provides the solution as well. They consider the skill of the resource and studies if they are a good option for the project. It saves your time and money by not having to guide people in every step.

5. Design, Build, Train & Deploy

Once a consultant has all these things in place, the best phase of their job begins. From there onwards, they can do the job they were hired for in the first place, i.e. to design, build, train and deploy. All this translates to designing the required Salesforce setup, building the necessary tools to implement it, train the client and workforce about its functioning and finally, deploying the major project needs.



Every business is different and so are their needs and Salesforce implementations have a very broad scope, which not just requires expertise but also a track record of past achievements. Giving it a professional touch by letting a Salesforce consultant take care of the implementation will always be a positive impact. A Salesforce consultant's job role includes being there for their client and resolving any Salesforce related obstacle to give you a long-lasting sense of satisfaction in your business.

Association with Evon Technologies , a Salesforce development company in India,  would enhance your Salesforce platform in the right way. We have worked with small, independent companies and large corporations to provide Salesforce consulting and implementation services, so they make the most of this platform. Our Salesforce developers and experts check out above-discussed roles and will help an organization to achieve its goals, boost sales and satisfy organizational needs your team will experience a smooth transition to the CRM platform. If you need further assistance with this, contact us today or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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