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IT Outsourcing to India Advantages

Outsourcing has come a long way since the 1700s when businesses first started to outsource specific business processes outside their country primarily to save cost and control the headcount. But today, outsourcing has also become a big means of staying ahead of the competition by conserving energies dedicated to core competencies. Many businesses across the globe now gain skills and resources lacking internally by offloading non-core competencies to experts in another country, that too at low cost. 

Among various outsourcing services, IT outsourcing is one that several businesses in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and many more leverage to achieve their business goals fast. Let’s talk about why IT outsourcing has become a global phenomenon and why India tops the list of favorite IT outsourcing destinations.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing to India

Largest Base of IT Professionals in the World

It’s not surprising to hear that the widest availability of IT talent in India makes it a top choice for outsourcing. With over 3 million talented graduates adding to the workforce each year, India has become an IT paradise for businesses looking for quality talent to take on their IT tasks. IT Outsourcing is especially a boon to startups to make a working product ready in lesser time and market it fast. The faster your product reaches the market, the faster you learn and the faster you improve the user experience, resulting in a quicker revenue generation.

Well Capable of Working with People from Diverse Cultures

Since India itself is a diverse country, business people from different cultures and backgrounds face no communication and cultural issues while working with Indians. Indians are also known to have a strong understanding of international affairs. As far as English speaking population is concerned, India comes second after the US, with over 100 million English-speaking people. And, it’s not just English that Indians are proficient in, but French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, etc, as well. The ability to transcend cultural and language barriers makes India endearing to businesses looking forward to outsourcing their technology requirements.

Low Labor Cost Yet Top-Notch Quality

Yes, low labor cost in India is indeed very lucrative for businesses to save cost and use it to fuel their core business activities. Compared to a software developer in the US and UK that costs 80$-200$ and 50$-150$ respectively, a software developer in India costs 12$-25$. However, the wage difference doesn’t mean low quality as Indian developers and testers come from the finest universities of the country and follow international best practices to ensure user acceptance at all levels. Besides, Indian testers are adept at performing all sorts of tests. Test automation is also on the rise in India which greatly helps save time and avoid human errors in tests that have to be performed repeatedly.

Latest Technologies

One thing that is constant in the software industry is change. New technologies keep hitting the market from time to time, making it essential to stay updated in order to meet ever-changing market demands. One of the best things that makes Indian developers the most sought after ones is their ability to quickly adapt to new technologies as and when they enter the market. So, be it AI, AR & VR, IoT, Blockchain or Cloud, Indians have been doing quite well at every front to cover latest technologies.

Access to All Non-Core Technology Requirements

Outsourcing software services to India means no technology burden at client end as India covers all sorts of software services. The wide range of software services India offers comprises of software application development, Quality Assurance (QA), database management, systems integration, and software consulting. Such a great ability of Indians helps clients free themselves from the tasks they are not expert in and rather keep the focus only on their core business activities, like sales, marketing, accounting, etc., and increase ROI. 

Top Class IT Infrastructure

Another big thing that makes India a highly IT-outsourcing friendly country is the wide availability of ISP, cellular networks and latest technologies in its major towns and cities. There’s never a blockage in the pipeline of communication channels owing to high-speed bandwidth via satellite connectivity, submarine cables, and fiber optic networks in India.

Stable Government and Huge Support for IT Outsourcing

India is a stable parliamentary democracy and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. The Indian government gives phenomenal support to IT industry and has built an atmosphere of peace, goodwill and harmony to promote international business. India is also a member of prestigious international and regional associations including The United Nations (UN), The International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank, The World Trade Organization (WTO), The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

The Information Technology Act in India makes IT outsourcing even more powerful by allowing to recognize electronic contracts, put strict cyber laws in place and facilitate e-filing. The Indian government also offers tax benefits and low service charges in order to make India an attractive IT-outsourcing destination.

Having such big advantages on offer, businesses world over find India a paradise for IT outsourcing. It has been over two decades and India still sits at the top in software development outsourcing and is very likely to maintain its numero uno position in the coming years ahead. Yes, software outsourcing is not completely risk-free and has pitfalls, but then there are ways to recognize those risks and mitigate them to successfully accomplish your business goals.

Evon Technologies, based in Dehradun, India, has over a decade of experience in providing quality IT outsourcing services and has become a matured company in terms of business delivery. As far as the risks associated with IT outsourcing are concerned, Evon has built an effective mitigation strategy to deliver a quality product within the agreed deadline so that the product goes into the market fast and works as expected. Evon has a history of serving various happy clients across the globe, thereby establishing a strong foothold in the IT outsourcing space and maintaining a strong client-vendor relationship as well.

You can also check out Evon's case studies to make an informed decision about outsourcing your IT requirements to Evon. If you want to contact us directly, click here and we will get back to you shortly to discuss and start a fruitful IT outsourcing industry.

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