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Is MACH Architecture a Right Choice for Your Business? Essential Factors to Consider

  • MACH architecture provides the building blocks necessary for brands and retailers to future-proof their businesses and continuously evolve in the rapidly changing retail landscape

MACH architecture is becoming increasingly popular due to its agility, scalability, and flexibility. This enables organizations to quickly adapt to changing business requirements, along with helping organizations create a modern technology stack that supports their digital transformation initiatives and provides a seamless and consistent customer experience across channels and devices.

MACH architecture is a perfect solution, as it offers the necessary flexibility by separating different business functions into independent functional services. According to the Infosys Digital Commerce Radar 2023 report, MACH can adapt to the constantly changing technology and customer requirements. As a result, businesses can benefit greatly from this approach that allows for easy extension of the system without risking destabilization of the entire system. MACH allows businesses to create specialized services that can dynamically connect, which in turn enables them to scale their systems more effectively.

Why do you need to Invest in MACH?

Having a choice to select the best tools available is a major advantage of switching from suite-based technology to MACH-certified software. By embracing MACH, companies can avoid the need to constantly overhaul their technology infrastructure. This not only prevents the frustration of being stuck with outdated technology that can't keep up with the times, but it also offers four additional benefits of MACH technologies.

Seamless Innovation and Customization
Ensuring your business can adapt to the needs of your customers is crucial and should be a top priority for any forward-thinking company. One of the key features of the MACH design is the ability to continually develop and adapt to the customer experience. With MACH, it becomes possible to quickly redesign the experience for an enterprise customer or add new features over the weekend.

Minimize Risk to Stay Agile
With this agile design, businesses can quickly deploy their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test important concepts, making large-scale implementations unnecessary. Digital agencies, system integrators, and enterprise development teams will be able to rapidly prototype and prove key concepts before investing in large-scale implementations.

Business Composability
A recent survey conducted by Gartner, which involved over 2,000 CIOs, has shown that IT budgets are predicted to experience the fastest growth in over a decade. Moreover, enterprises with high levels of composability are anticipating increases in revenue and IT budget next year, compared to their moderate or low composability counterparts. This shows that businesses that have invested in a future-proof foundation are better equipped to adapt to a challenging and ever-evolving business climate, leading to an increase in revenue growth.

No need to worry about Upgrades
You will never have to worry about disruptive upgrades that seem like re-platforming projects in themselves again. With MACH architecture, all releases are automatic and non-breaking. It is possible due to the distinct, intrinsic border between the MACH-based software codes and your existing technology ecosystem.

Evaluating MACH Architecture 

The term "MACH architecture" is gaining popularity in the market, but it can be challenging to identify truly modern tools. The adoption of MACH architecture can range from simply replacing the front end of an existing commerce or content management stack with a headless framework, to fully adopting it as a new enterprise technology strategy.

Evaluating MACH architecture involves assessing its suitability for specific business requirements. Here are 6 factors to consider when evaluating potential MACH architecture:

Does your business require a shift to composable architecture?

Enterprises need to clearly understand when it is appropriate to implement a MACH architecture. It is important to keep in mind that while MACH architecture is suitable for distributed computing and offers benefits such as business agility, innovation, and flexibility, it can also lead to a more complex landscape as it integrates with diverse solution components. 

Does it feature true microservices? 

MACH architecture uses microservices that communicate with each other via APIs. It is important to ensure that this architecture can integrate with other systems, services, and applications smoothly. With MACH, you can develop, update, and scale individual platform services with minimal impact and risk to the entire implementation. 

Does it offer scalability and flexibility?

The MACH approach enables greater flexibility, scalability, and agility in deploying new features and functionalities. Evaluate the architecture's ability to easily adapt to changes in business needs and market trends as well as handle increased traffic and demand as a business expands.

Will the shift align with the business vision?

Enterprises must evaluate whether adopting MACH technology will help them generate more revenue. They should also consider if the investment made in MACH will bring a suitable return on investment for their business. While MACH technology offers more capabilities and flexibility, enterprises should determine if their business context requires these features and if the high cost is justified.

Is it built with APIs from the ground up?

API-first systems are completely open, providing complete control of the entire platform by building technologies with APIs from the ground up. This leads to nearly 100% coverage in feature functionality. Whereas bolted-on APIs are tightly coupled with the front-end design, which creates strict requirements on user flow and website structure.

Can your IT team handle the complexities of a MACH architecture?

Developing and maintaining a MACH system requires a significant amount of technical skill and knowledge. If an organization does not have the necessary expertise or resources to work with MACH architecture, the lack of technical governance to guide the strategic technical vision means that MACH may not be the appropriate path for them.

Is MACH architecture the right fit? 

MACH architecture provides the building blocks necessary for businesses and retailers to future-proof their businesses and continuously evolve in the rapidly changing retail landscape. By evaluating these factors, businesses and retailers can determine whether MACH architecture is the right fit for their business and make an informed decision about its implementation.  Evon technologies can help you implement MACH architecture, build your applications with the MACH approach, and make it easy for you to adopt each practice, one at a time. Reach out to our software development company in India to make your business grow faster while continuing to provide high-quality digital experiences to your users.

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