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Top 7 reasons why you should choose Salesforce for enhancing Customer Acquisition

  • Salesforce equips your organization with the tools it needs to improve your performance, boost your revenue, and hence improve your overall customer acquisition in the process

7 Salesforce services for enhancing Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is key to your organization's growth, so you need to manage your relationship with them as efficiently and effectively as possible. When it comes to achieving success, doing anything that will improve your business performance should be a priority. If your organization isn't performing to your or your clients' expectations, then it would affect your customer acquisition rate. After all, business is like a strong river current; if you aren't continuously pushing yourself forward, you are automatically moving downstream towards failure and obscurity. 

Salesforce provides your organization with the tools it needs to improve your performance, boost your revenue, and hence improve your overall customer retention and acquisition in the process. Salesforce is one widely used cloud-based and SaaS-based CRM solution for managing the business’s relationships and interactions with customers. It helps your sales team to optimize and automate your workflow right from Marketing to after-sales, and on top of it, its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing business systems. For example, you can integrate it with your Marketing Automation tools for Salesforce CRM  like Hubspot, Active Campaign, and Marketo to name a few. We are going with the assumption that by now you've done your research, and concluded that Salesforce meets your business needs. If not, then we are going to get into the top 7 reasons for choosing Salesforce to enhance customer acquisition later in this article.

Customer Acquisition 

The customer acquisition method is a process of bringing in new customers or convincing people to buy your products and services. It is a method used to bring consumers down the marketing funnel that is from brand awareness to making a purchase decision. The cost of acquiring a new customer is referred to as a customer acquisition cost (CAC). Once the customer acquisition process is done, it then hands itself to customer retention & re-acquisition. If you are a small-business owner, you know that to stay ahead of the competition and succeed in today’s marketplace, your business needs to be remarkable at attracting new customers along with keeping existing customers satisfied.  You may be good at customer retention, but it doesn’t stop customer attrition from still happening.

Why Choose Salesforce for enhancing customer acquisition?

Salesforce CRM tools are designed to keep the customer in mind, empowering your business to assist customers, address issues, find solutions, and provide worth. Salesforce makes it possible for you to put customer success first, and in the process, concentrate on your business performance improvement. Ultimately, you can boost customer retention and acquisition with salesforce,  here’s how:

  • Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce, the world’s biggest customer relationship management, has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. A company that began as nothing more than an experiment is now more diverse, complex, and incredible than ever. It has transformed the way we experience business and sales, much of its credit goes to the potential of its ecosystem. The Salesforce ecosystem of customers, marketplace, partners, and developers is created on top of its unique business model that is focused on engagement and collaboration. They were not wrong to believe that an open-ended and creative partnership would be beneficial for creating tremendous possibilities in the enterprise app cloud. 

  • Supports marketing automation tools

Marketing Automation tools can perform tons of important tasks to optimize and satisfy the marketing needs of a company. Primarily, one should look for these four essential features in the marketing automation software - email marketing, social media marketing, mobile messaging, and managing ads. Marketing automation platforms integrate with your Salesforce CRM software and do the time-consuming work like sending a welcome message to new leads and tracking their engagement for you. So every time a new prospect signs up for your newsletter, the software starts gathering data on them and notify the sales team when those prospects are active on your website.

Another process these tools let you automate is lead capture, which is a way to gain customer's information and what they are looking for by building a landing page, also known as a lead capture page. The visitors are asked to enter their details and needs on the lead capture page in exchange for some offer or freebies.

  • Salesforce Blockchain

When Blockchain technology combines with Salesforce for business enterprise, each customer is assigned just one single block. Since one particular block is all that a customer owns, data silos break down and all applications have just one single touchpoint to get the details of that customer. This removes redundancy and duplicity from the CRM system. Also that Blockchain works on a distributed network architecture, it becomes easier to wipe off inaccurate data and feed richer data to the CRM system. What this provides is a unified and more appropriate view of a customer’s details, purchase history, and other crucial information. And, as the saying goes “Time is money”, Blockchain helps facilitate the CRM processes that throttle up your revenue-generating engine.

Additionally, Blockchain can help companies make the most of their loyalty programs. Since customers can have all the collected points in a single decentralized wallet, their experience would not be confined by the rules and limitations of individual brands. With Blockchain combined with Salesforce products, users are more likely to rule by having far greater control over the whole experience. This paves the way for businesses to run loyalty programs that encourage engagement and enhance user acquisition. 

  • Inclusion of Einstein AI in Salesforce solution

Einstein AI works by borrowing customer data on Salesforce, Chatter activities, calendars, e-commerce, emails, and even from social media streams to gather data from tweets and uploads. All this accumulated data is then utilized by predictive models to train itself and determine the pattern in which various methods have worked in the past. It can make recommendations based on the information and tells you what needs to be done more frequently. 

The implementation of Einstein AI in the Salesforce sales cloud boosts business performance and helps sales personnel sell their products smartly by making predictions and recommendations for the products. Einstein provides a lot of actionable insights to sales reps and automates their repetitive tasks like data entry and dashboard management, helping them exceed their quotas and be more productive.

Einstein AI in marketing is used to create market journeys that can be predicted by knowing more about new customers by taking all customer acquisition measures. It analyses the customer lifecycle to create data models and predict if customers are going to engage with your content or not. It is done for personalizing a prospect’s experience and determining their engagement, such as opening an email, clicking on the link, and going through an offer across all the acquisition channels. 

  • Salesforce AppExchange

To put it simply, AppExchange is the Salesforce app store. Initiated in 2005, It is a marketplace for all third-party apps, components, and consulting solutions that integrate into the Salesforce platform. Salesforce AppExchange doesn't just include apps but other types of solutions too, such as components, Lightning Data, Bolt Solutions, and Flows. It enables businesses to spread the functionalities of Salesforce across every field and industry. If you are a Lightning platform developer or Salesforce consulting partner or thinking of becoming one, then you can use AppExchange as a bridge to connect customers with your enterprise solutions.

Listing your app on the AppExchange marketplace is your primary method for promoting your lightning app or component. The listing should include a description of your solution, its pricing, and support details. You can also attach videos, white paper, and any additional relevant content. All this information and details of your service should help customers determine if what you are offering is right for them or not. 

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud refers to "service" that relates to the "customer service" module in Salesforce. It is more focused on Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Solutions. Sales Cloud also contains features such as the Public Knowledge Base, Web-to-case, Call Center, and customer service automation. It is designed to help its customers support their clients' requests for support with their product, service, etc. Service cloud serves as an insightful service module that has everything to do with Customer Service. 

It motivates service agents in accelerating the success of customers with smarter and faster service tools. Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud include improving customer acquisition and retention rates and ensuring that a company is identified for caring about customers’ issues. Therefore, it can be a strategically important tool for customer service agents, managers, and Salesforce consulting companies

  •  Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing is an approach where sales and marketing teams combine their efforts to gain leads and build account relationships. Unlike traditional marketing, where a marketing team creates one campaign that targets a broad audience which results in less personalized leads. Account-based marketing is a step ahead as sales and marketing teams work together to create campaigns that are targeted and customized to drive the highest quality leads. You can track ABM in salesforce, it helps the sales team to adapt account-based sales strategy, hence the plan is to align their efforts with the marketing team. Engaging earlier in the sales process, aligning marketing initiatives with sales strategies help both teams to maximize Return of Investment (ROI) from marketing campaigns. According to the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA), ABM delivers the highest ROI of any strategic B2B marketing approach. 

Summing up

Customer acquisition is the biggest asset and most cost-effective way to impact your revenue. But the competition is fierce out there, a customer does not need to stick with you if someone provides a better product to them. The marketers nowadays are savvy, they know how to utilize the potential of data to personalize customer experiences, add value, and truly cater to the needs of the customer. It’s the small, personal touches that matter, they can either make or break a long-term relationship. You can use the above ways to improve your customer acquisition rate and obtain new ground with your customers or you can let Salesforce consulting companies do that for you more efficiently.

Evon Technologies, a Salesforce development company in India offers end-to-end Salesforce solutions ranging from implementation, consulting, migration, support, and enhancement. Our Salesforce consultants are experts in optimizing customer support processes that will help you in implementing the best customer acquisition techniques. We can integrate a series of tactics to create a custom customer acquisition process just for you. To learn more about our Salesforce implementation solutions, contact us or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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