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What is ISV in Salesforce and How Evon's Prolific Experience in it can benefit your business?

  • ISV plays an important role in Salesforce and one can become an official ISV partner for Salesforce and get their software solution on AppExchange. With Evon's expertise and help you can make this process easier and efficient

What is ISV in Salesforce and How Evon's Prolific Experience in it can benefit your business?

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

A company that offers its software service on a cloud marketplace such as Salesforce AppExchange, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure comes under Independent Software Vendor or ISV. In the Salesforce cloud, that term refers to a partner who has built a product on the Salesforce platform which is available for customers on AppExchange. They are also known as product partners that make use of the highly customizable and flexible Salesforce platform to create something that was not present in the platform. The product can be as simple as an e-signature app from AppExchange or as complex as an automation tool that takes care of repetitive and routine tasks and automate all the tedious tasks into the workflow by copying and moving data for users. Since all ISV products for Salesforce are built on the Salesforce platform, apps on the AppExchange runs seamlessly into your Salesforce environment.  

Choosing ISV partners on Salesforce

While choosing an ISV partner, Salesforce makes sure that they are official partners of Salesforce and select the one that's right for their client’s business. Official ISV and OEM partners of Salesforce provide you few guarantees to assure that the software you're installing is safe and secure. Security review and testing is the main benefit of the Salesforce ISV program. It is mandatory for all product partners to pass a thorough process called Salesforce Security Review where the Salesforce team tries to break their code and disclose any possible security flaws. This is their way of ensuring that their product partners also provide security to their customers.

Meaning of ISV certified

Once the independent software vendors product gets tested by cloud-based platforms, only a few are allowed to offer their solutions on the marketplace. For example, Salesforce offers a different level of ISV certifications to those independent software vendors whose products get through their rigorous quality tests and assure that they can provide effective software solutions for Salesforce users on their marketplace. That's the reason Salesforce can provide the most relevant software solutions to its customers on AppExchange.  

What is an ISV partner?

An ISV partner is pretty much the same as ISV certified, in terms of functionality, they can also offer their software solutions on the AppExchange after a brief testing process. The only key difference is that the ISV partners are not as exclusive as ISV certified. Applying for ISV partnership programs on the Salesforce platform is a simple three-step process. Where you just need to sign up for the partner program, verify that you are an organization, and get acceptance. As long as you agree to their terms and maintain a good relationship with the platform, you get to continue with your membership program. 

ISV programs 

Platforms like Salesforce and other fuel ISVs by lending them support through ISV partner programs. So that more applications could run on the platform, which in return could bring more value to the customers. An ISV program additionally offers a combination of technical and marketing support for software providers. It gives them ISV benefits like training programs, briefings on product development, ISV-specific pricing, and co-marketing initiatives. This also includes a validation program through which Salesforce may offer approval to ISV partners on their product. 

Note: The AppExchange Partner Program replaces the ISV Partner Program at the beginning of the new program year on March 1, 2018.

Benefits of the partner program

The benefit of enrolling in the Salesforce AppExchange Partner Program includes providing a useful set of resources, training modules, and tools, enabling ISV partners to provide service to their customers, categorize their applications and gain profitable returns. They get an opportunity to build advanced enterprise apps on one of the world’s leading cloud platforms for global CRM leaders. Unlike traditional software providers, the products developed by the Salesforce Partner Program are built exclusively for the cloud platform. It helps partners to gain the latest technology and market resources that deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

Difference between OEM and ISV?

To put it in simple words, ISV partners develop, markets, and sell software solutions that run on the Salesforce platform. While original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use hardware platform components to build a software solution. The term OEM is used when a specific version of the software is associated with a piece of hardware, that is, original equipment. OEM embedded software is not limited to selling to Salesforce customers only, they are usually related to changing the infrastructure of an industry vertical, which could include engineering, healthcare, finance, etc. Existing Salesforce customers, however, can search and install OEM Embedded software from the AppExchange just like an ISV software. 

How Evon helps an ISV integrate their product with Salesforce

ISV businesses have seen significant growth lately. In 2018, there were approximately 100,000 ISVs worldwide, compared to around 10,000 ISV partners in 2008. Looking at this elevating curve, the numbers could reach an immense amount in the next ten years. Enterprises are highly dependent on Salesforce and Salesforce consulting companies for their business processes ranging from marketing automation to sales management. It makes sense for an ISV to look at different approaches to incorporate Salesforce integration into their products and become a Salesforce ISV. 

Evon has been providing software development and consulting services persistently to one ISV at a time for over a decade now. We are aware of the development efforts, deployment efforts, scalability, and Salesforce restrictions in providing Salesforce integration to an application. With our abundant experience in the matter and expertise in Salesforce development in India, we will help ISVs fully optimize their product or software solution to support the Salesforce platform. We make sure that your product gets through the Salesforce quality test and becomes ISV certified. We don't want you to hold back, reach us here to get started. 

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