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What to consider before Outsourcing your Salesforce Implementation?

  • Maybe you are looking to decrease your operating expenses, enhance company focus, get expert exposure or free in-house resources. Whatever it might be, if you decide to outsource your Salesforce implementation, know what to look for before doing that

Outsourcing Your Salesforce implementation

Outsourcing is almost more than a quarter-century old industry concept, once on which businesses didn’t understand, is now a trillion-dollar industry. The concept came into existence in the early 1980s when the companies began outsourcing their non-core business processes to the other firms. Salesforce ranked first among the CRM’s, has become a great tool for any business that can help you increase sales and productivity among your sales team. A step-up platform for any enterprise focused on marketing and customer relationship, which has given rise to Salesforce outsourcing. 

However, to completely take advantage of this platform, you need a Salesforce implementation consultant who can help you use all of the features of Salesforce CRM implementation. Besides, the consultant should be able to configure Salesforce to have it fit your business demands. With relevant experience, it is fine to have this role in-house but, often, outsourcing your Salesforce implementation to a separate Salesforce implementation company can make more sense. The choice of outsourcing Salesforce can be strategic and tactical. It can save you a lot of time and money or help in a dilemma when you have a shortage of resources. We will discuss some of the advantages of outsourcing the Salesforce implementation role and things to consider before doing that.

Choosing to outsource Salesforce 

A question that might come to your mind a lot would be - do I need to outsource my Salesforce implementation services? There is no easy answer here, as mentioned before, the decision to outsource can be a strategic and tactical choice. The answer to this question is probably based on your company’s internal structure, expertise, and needs. Maybe you are looking to decrease and regulate your operating expenses, enhance company focus, get expert exposure or free in-house resources for other projects. It may also be because you don't have the experienced resources within your company or are just not available. Because in the end, if you decide to outsource your Salesforce implementation to Salesforce consulting companies, the next and more important question is, what should you look for before outsourcing your Salesforce implementation? 

Why Outsource Salesforce Implementation?

Each year Salesforce adds many tech products to its platform to meet varieties of growing business needs in this ever-changing market. Even if the inclination of IT development has shifted to adopting Agile methodology in a couple of last years from traditional methods, firms still can’t produce a workforce overnight to meet their technical requirements. If basic Salesforce services do not align with your sales and marketing objectives, then outsourcing to another consulting firm may be a more viable plan for your business. Working with an outsourced implementation team will save your time, expenses, and get you knowledge from a Salesforce expert while relieving you from the stress when issues arise.

1. Reduced cost

Using a third-party firm for Salesforce implementation can be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house Salesforce professional. The uncertainty of costs generated by hiring, providing profits, and the possible turnover of an in-house Salesforce expert takes more time and money than outsource to a reliable Salesforce partner.

2. Improved focus

With a certified Salesforce expert working with your CRM implementation,  you can shift your focus to growing your business. It’s vital to have the peace of mind that if anything goes south with your Salesforce platform, you have an expert on-hand to resolve those issues right away.

3. Gained access to expertise

The robust but layered Salesforce platforms require comprehensive knowledge and training to be properly managed. Third-party outsourcing companies with Salesforce-certified consultants let you get the best of all that Salesforce has to offer and should provide you with valuable tips and best practices to make sure you enhance your business practices.

4. Reduced downtime

A dedicated expert at all times will reduce overall downtime. Although Salesforce has a standard Salesforce support with 48-hour response time for all support case tickets. Having an additional support solution will address those concerns and problems ASAP will reduce downtime. The Salesforce experts communicate what needs to be done to get your issue resolved faster.

Considerations when Outsourcing Salesforce Implementation

1. Cost Savings

For better business outcomes, outsourcing should grow your business bottom lines through reduced operational costs. If you don’t see this happening with your outsourcing firm, chances are that you’ll be spending more than you save. One doesn't necessarily need to be an expert examiner to figure out if outsourcing your Salesforce implementation is going to be profitable or not.  All you’ve to determine is whether or not outsourcing Salesforce implementation will help you decrease a significant amount of your resources in hiring experts or training in-house employees. Simultaneously, you also need to maintain a balance between the quality and quantity of the Salesforce services provided by the outsourced firm. For example, if you outsource Salesforce support, you make sure if carrying out this role on your own is taking up more resources and payments as compared to outsourcing it.

2. Pricing

As we discussed before, cost-cuttings by hiring expertise at a low price is one of the most common factors why companies outsource Salesforce implementation services. You’ll go through many vendors offering their services at a competitive price. So instead of opting for the cheapest vendor, compare and figure out the offerings from other vendors as well. For instance, some vendors will also offer services like customer support without the extra charge, which is already a great value. 

3. Resources and Technology

Technology and resources are two points that are necessary to consider when you outsource any Salesforce operation. Request the vendor to tell you about the tools and technologies they are going to use for your implementation and how proficient they are in managing all your services and needs. The next thing you enquire about is resources, make sure they are well trained for the assignments. Does the vendor have up-to-date systems for seamless handling of your Salesforce related business functions? 

4. Minimal Supervision

When you hire a third-party firm to work on your business requirements, they should be taking care of everything from the start to end. There should be no reason for them to be mediocre or poor with their work and they should be able to meet the demands. Appointing a dependable vendor who will take care of all the implementation processes is important. So you don't need to supervise them all the time and let them do what they are good at. It will give you more freedom to concentrate on your core business requirements.

5. Trust

Before you make it official do make it a point to visit the firm's website. Additionally,  do thorough analysis on the internet to find more about the firm, their infrastructure, practices and team reputation. It will help you evaluate the authenticity of the company providing you with the services.  If you can get in touch with a reliable reference who has worked with the vendor in the past, you can have a better knowledge of the firm.

6. The Service Level Agreement

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) is the most vital document for any sort of outsourcing partnerships. While creating the document, ensure that every single detail is mentioned in it precisely. It will help you dodge any kind of complexity or ambiguity about the quality of the services in the future. Hiring a lawyer to manage your outsourcing efforts so that you don’t end up in any legal dispute is something you should also consider. 


Salesforce contributes to providing a lot of value to a company but an in-house Salesforce administrator/consultant may not utilize it to its full extent. Here's where Outsourcing your Salesforce implementation and administration becomes a great alternative to hiring in-house. You may also choose to outsource Salesforce services for more complex tasks. The right offshore Salesforce partner will offer you reliable, productive, and flexible candidates for the services you need. Therefore, knowing things to consider before you jump in can save your money and time. This gives you a chance to focus on your business while knowing that your Salesforce platform is being taken care of by a certified expert.

Evon Technologies, based in India, is one of the dedicated IT companies for outsourcing Salesforce consulting and implementation services. Associating with us for your Salesforce integration needs would enhance your Salesforce platform in the right way. We are capable enough to take the workload and have enough Salesforce certified professionals to help you navigate through your Salesforce journey. Headquartered in Dehradun, a Tier-2 city, the standard of living is affordable, making the wages relatively low. It enables us to offer a wide range of end-to-end quality software services at low costs. Let's start talking or email your business requirements at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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