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IT Outsourcing to India: Challenges and Fixes

IT Outsourcing to India: What are the Challenges and Fixes

Are you also enticed by the idea of IT outsourcing to India but the challenges associated with it keeping you on the fence? If yes, this blog is for you as it takes a deep dive into the pain points of IT outsourcing to India and how Evon Technologies handles those to put clients’ worries to rest and help them achieve their business goals fast.

Let's breakdown the challenges of IT outsourcing to India and Evon's take on fixes.

You’re a new startup without prior experience of hiring an outsourcing team in India

It’s true that India has the biggest pool of IT talent in the world. But, being a first-timer (like most startups) in hiring an outsourcing team surfaces concerns over if you’re hiring the right people. Trust is alright but not to the full extent, and you will not want to be in the make-or-break situation.

Evon offers a transparent hiring model to leave no room for such fears. So, you can conduct a one-on-one interview, run a test series or even give some real project tasks for two or three days to be completely satisfied with talent acquisition. Evon does all that helps clients to ensure that they’re hiring a team of developers and QAs who have the right skill set to successfully deliver a quality software product.

Cost of evaluation

A waiting period of two to three months before you finally get something from the outsourcing team to evaluate the competence involves a cost for the effort made. And, what if you find your outsourcing team’s work unsatisfactory after five to six weeks of effort made? It’s not just the waste of precious time but money as well that go in the unused effort. Also, the hunt for yet another outsourcing team only adds to the frustration.

Evon’s take on cost-of-evaluation challenge is - Start Small and Build Fast. In a nutshell, instead of spending six long weeks in developing multiple modules, Evon works on a few to facilitate weekly or biweekly release. This way Evon expedites the evaluation process and clients get to evaluate the code quality, bug fixes and the team’s overall understanding of the product much sooner.

Quality Assurance

Yes, low labor cost is one of the major reasons why businesses outsource software development to India. But, do low labor cost guarantee high quality? So, how would you ensure the desired product quality when outsourcing your IT requirements overseas?

Evon has a built-in testing process and performs different types of tests to ensure high-quality product delivery. Evon’s QA process is not restricted to the end of a project, but is conducted on a regular basis throughout the development cycle to ensure that the software works smoothly and as expected. Evon also performs automated testing to avoid human errors in tests that have to be performed repeatedly. Besides, Evon’s QA specialists aren’t the only ones responsible for checking the quality of the code, but tech leads and SMEs also do code review before creating a test instance for clients. Each sprint is shared with clients for user acceptance.

Timely Delivery

Even if you’re satisfied with the quality but the development team fails to deliver on time, your business will suffer.

After gathering clients’ requirements, Evon establishes how much time it would take to develop your software product from the ground up. Having a minimum viable product works best for startups, which Evon delivers in 8-12 weeks. Since Evon has a large base of qualified and experienced developers and testers, there are always enough resources onboard to ensure timely delivery. Besides, Evon’s own project management tool Findnerd always keeps clients/project managers in control of the processes and allows to track progress at any given point of time. Evon also has provisions for delivering versions of your product on a regular basis (weekly/biweekly releases).

Communication gap due to the remote team located in a different time zone

When you work with an outsourcing team located in a different time zone, there are always chances of communication gap and delay in releases. So, the question arises as to how clients will be able to prioritize requirements, track progress, review and be on the same page while working with a team located in a different time zone.

Evon regularly conducts daily/weekly meetings at a time that overlaps with working hours of clients/project managers. Evon also assigns a dedicated account manager to each project for Pulse Check in every 15 days. This way Evon establishes whether or not clients are happy with the tasks being performed, and if issues occur they are effectively addressed at the earliest.

Time Overlap Requirements

You want your outsourcing team to work in your time zone. But due to a time-zone difference of 8 to 12 hours, the outsourcing partner may not be willing to fulfill your time overlap requirements.  

Evon believes in flexibility and the same is true for working hours. So, clients get to work with their outsourcing teams at Evon in a timezone that suits them.

Language Barrier

Outsourcing software development services to a country that has a different native language than yours creates a language barrier. How will you take things forward with your outsourcing partner when there’s a big lag in understanding each other?

India has a big pool of English speaking people. In fact, India has the second largest English speaking manpower in the world. In addition to that, Evon’s operations and HR teams also make efforts to further groom employees, enhance their interpersonal skills and educate them on multicultural awareness. So, Evon’s employees are both fluent in English and sound in comprehension. For a non-English speaking country, say France, Evon hires trainers to teach French so that language barrier doesn’t hinder the communication process.

Efficient Working Environment

Efficient working environment is pivotal to the success of any outsourcing partnership. But clients who are independent workers and work on their product along with their jobs find it challenging to maintain the working environment required for the project’s success.

Just throwing a product idea to your outsourcing partner and expecting them to come up with a working model is not how it works. For smooth functioning of operations, clients need to have defined and efficient processes throughout the development process. So, clients must understand the importance of them being available daily or alternate days to ensure that the teams are on the same page. Evon also encourages startups, that have confusion over whether to be available for product ideation or marketing, to have a team member at their end dedicated to product ideation and be available to collaborate with the offshore team.

IP (Intellectual Property) and data security

Your IP and data strictly belong to you, but the challenge is how to ensure that your outsourcing partner will not make it available to your competitors or third parties to make money out of it. There is also no denying to the possibility of your outsourcing partner using your source code or other product info to start a business similar to yours.

Evon knows very well that data security concerns have grown very fast especially in the past few years. Therefore, Evon signs a  non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with all its clients as a data security standard and is even ready to enter in a non-compete agreement. Since digital information is always vulnerable to hacks and attacks, Evon always uses latest security protocols for data transmission and sharing.

Increasing the number of skilled resources in the future

Since project requirements keep on changing, you may need to scale up your team size in the future. If your outsourcing partner does not have enough resources to ramp up the team size when you need in the future, you would have to hire from a different software development company in India in a different location. Managing two teams in different locations is a very difficult and tiring task and could prove detrimental to your project if the teams don’t coordinate well with each other.

It’s more than a decade that Evon is in the IT outsourcing industry for and has grown a large base of IT professionals over the years. So, Evon faces no hassles in providing more skilled resources as and when changes happen in project requirements. This helps Evon clients to get a significant edge over their competition by working for 100 hours a week when the competition is working for only 40 hours. The faster you market, the faster you grow.

Evon fully understands the concerns that clients often have over outsourcing IT services to India and makes every possible effort to address them with great efficacy. However, it’s also important for every business organization to show full commitment and have openness in communication to make the outsourcing decision a success. Evon has a sound track record of delivering quality products to clients across the globe and having established a good client-vendor relationship as well.

Do you also have a product idea and looking forward to shaping it into a reality by outsourcing your technology requirements to India? Contact us, and we promise to get back to you shortly to discuss the requirements and get you started on a successful outsourcing journey.


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