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Why choose Node Js for your next web app project?

  • Node.js is one of the most widespread cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environments to build scalable and effective REST APIs, mobile apps, desktop applications, and even IoT products

Node Js for your next web app project

The increase in the number of websites could only mean that the demand for web app development has certainly soared in recent years.  While developing a web app, efficiency is the key factor. The more time a project takes, the costlier it naturally becomes. Node.js is one of the most widespread cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environments to build scalable and effective REST APIs, mobile apps, desktop applications, and even IoT products.

It comprehensively simplifies the task of web app development, offering plenty to Node Js developers. It makes up for an ideal choice for the companies looking to commit to the real-time web application and cross-platform runtime environment. The JavaScript support makes a lot of sense why developers are using node js for web development that comes bundled with the latest features. For instance, allowing developers to append networking tools and web servers.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is not a framework or a library, it is a runtime environment, based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine that helps in the execution of JavaScript code server-side. It works on a single-threaded event-based loop for making all non-blocking applications. The technology was first launched back in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. Node.js provides real-time two-way flawless communication between the client-side and server-side. It distributes the workload between the client and the service provider. If your business requires a tailored solution with all types of modern features, creating one using Node.js will be more reasonable than other alternatives.

Essentially, businesses and many developers choose Node.js due to its support of JavaScript and modern features. 43% of Node.js developers use it for enterprise apps and 85% use it mainly for web application development.

Some facts about Node.js:

  • Node.js is an open-source source environment
  • Node.js is free
  • 500k downloads daily on an average
  • Node.js runs all major platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Node.js uses JavaScript on the server-side
  • 3.5 million+ developers work with Node.js
  • 80% of Node.js developers have over 3 years of experience 

Reasons to Choose Node.js for Web App Development

  • It Allows Easy Sharing

Easy sharing is possible with Node.js powering the nearness of the  NPM (Node Package Manager) by disclosing it.  This is an important reason why a web app development company prefers adopting Node.js.  It is hard to share anything while using another framework too. Businesses know that this will speed up their project development.  Node.js developers embrace this feature to share things easily while executing a similar NodeJs project. To maintain codes at an extent level, developers use the Node.js platform. NPM enables Node.js developers to use the codes easily by disclosing them. 

The storehouse of over 50,000 bundles helps developers to make necessary prerequisites before starting the project. This helps them to share, refresh and even reuse the code effortlessly.


  • Fast-paced

Packed with V8 engines powered by Google, Node.js compiles JavaScript into a native machine code that provides extremely fast execution. This is the reason why it can speed up any framework. Businesses looking to hire NodeJs experts from India can expect to develop fast and flexible network web applications that can handle multiple parallel connections. For example, PayPal significantly reduced the response time to 35% and managed double the amount of requests/second with Node.js applications. In fact, both PayPal and Netflix saw significant results in performance and economically after executing Node.js


  • It Gives Long-Term Support

Every release of Node.js gets maintained actively for the next eighteen months from the date of its listing to Long-Term Support. During this time, no new feature is found to get linked with the current version while all security updates and bug fixes are done by the development team. Almost 62% of developers consider long-term support for the web application, and Node.js is a perfect option for the developers to keep up with an app.


  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Node.js is one of the fastest programming platforms out there. When we compare it to Java, it needs fewer lines of code. Its fast input/output performance lets users use the framework for static file serving, essential routing operations, and middleware messaging. With Node.js, businesses can merge the frontend and backend teams into a single team and magnify the effectiveness of their web app development processes.

Node.js helps to improve the output of a development project in terms of its libraries and features. It lets developers write code seamlessly and utilize a single scripting language for both server-side and client-side. You can find tools that emphasise improving a web development project’s work rate. In the 2018 Node.js User Survey Report, it is stated that Node.js can improve business productivity immensely. However, only 4% of businesses said that it did not move their productivity up.


  • It Enables Easier Data Streaming

Accomplished application development would need high-end I/O management. This gets complicated with web frameworks that take HTTP0 responses and requests as complete data objects. This is where Node.js is utilized as it can handle such an I/O procedure that enables users to transcode media files at the same time when they are getting uploaded. Besides, reading and writing streams to WebSockets allows the management of such HTTP more smoothly.


  • Cost-Effective

 Building web apps using Node.js does not require a huge chunk of your investment. Research has shown that companies that go with Node.js web app development use less computing power to host them. Since Node.js is faster than other development environments, it can reduce development cost by 56%.


  • Being SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization friendliness is an important role for each business to survive in the fast-moving digital world. If SEO is something you do not need to miss out on, then Node.js have to go into your app development tech stack. The back end rendering through Node.js increases the engagement and visibility of a website. The high speed and enhanced performance of Node.js also contribute to improving the SEO likelihoods along with quality user experience.

Final Say

The above-mentioned reasons indicate that Node.js is an effective alternative in developing a web application. If you are looking for an extraordinary platform to develop scalable, efficient, and faster web apps, then Node.js may just be the best choice. It can be for programming drones/robots, developing complex real-time gaming web apps or developing an IoT-based application, you get all the benefits from this tech stack. With the progress of time, more and more businesses have started adopting Node.js development services and have ended up with concrete results. Make sure to hire dedicated Node.js developers and explain your requirements to them to experience a seamless web app development procedure.

Evon Technologies is one of the NodeJs development companies in India with a skilled team of developers who specialize in the development of Scalable JavaScript Portals. We can Build Node.js backends for desktop apps, expertise in Angular and electron. We also have Expertise in multiple audio, video streaming technologies and servers. Our web developers can work and customize with technologies like JavaScript, .Net, J2EE, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and NodeJs. We have developed over 30+ scalable web applications on a JavaScript stack that includes business portals, social network, e-commerce portal, etc. We know the best web stack for building your new product and will help you choose the technologies to go with based on your company goals, requirements, and resources you have.  Get in touch with our consultants to discuss the requirements of your next web app project or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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