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Why Outsourcing Custom Web Development to India Works?

  • The reason why outsourcing web development to India works is primarily because of its manpower and skilled IT professionals with low labour costs

Outsource your Custom Web Development to India

There is no doubt that outsourcing is one of the fast-growing businesses worldwide, especially in the IT sector.  Generally, outsourcing means utilising external resources or getting help from the outside of your organization. Globally outsourcing is seen as a viable solution to many operational concerns in small or big companies. Many big names in the IT industries such as Apple, Nike, HP, Google, and many others outsource their businesses.  They are trying to explore every aspect of the market and they are trying to improve their core services, outsourcing services is becoming an integral part of the business. 

With all the benefits of outsourcing software development, saving cost is the key reason for companies outsourcing their business operations. Web development services are one of the most frequent outsourced services in the industry. You must also promote your business online for its growth and custom web development is one way to do it. A dynamic and elaborate website can help an enterprise reach heights of success. Many web development companies provide professional services like graphic designing, website maintenance, E-commerce, web app and game app development, and more. The difficulty of the processes involved with the custom web development solutions usually eats up a huge chunk of resources available to the business. Therefore, outsourcing web development is one of the most profitable steps that a business can take.

Quick benefits of IT Outsourcing in general

Access to a pool of development resources — outsourcing opens up a global technology talent pool, providing access to critical IT skills that you might miss when hiring in-house developers.

Focus on core activities — while outsourcing web development, the company’s in-house team can focus on some other business-critical issues like marketing, business development, financial plan, etc.

Improved quality —Outsourcing providers have a dedicated QA team who verifies the accuracy of code and provides bug-free software/website to the customer. Moreover, they can run various types of testing like performance, load testing, security, usability, etc. making your website secure and high performing under peak loads.

Cost Savings – inevitably the key benefit of outsourcing is significant cost-savings. The prices of outsourcing development companies are much lower than in the regional market. An average company can save up to 60-70% on outsourcing to low labour-cost countries. 

Fast time-to-deployment — outsourcing the development means the project can be released much faster than an in-house team could do. A company can also work on several projects concurrently by integrating their inhouse and outsourced team.

Outsourcing Web Development to India 

More than 50% of programming and IT services are outsourced to popular destinations like India, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. India is one of the oldest and most established outsourcing destinations in the world and has been in the outsourcing game for a while now. They are the primary big outsourcing destination in the world. Started years ago with call centres are now delivering tonnes of software and application development. Although labour is comparatively cheaper in India than in the U.S, the U.K, Canada, And Australia. Also, the skills of human capital are relevantly satisfactory. According to the KPMG, businesses prefer outsourcing to India for software development work than any other country.  

The reason why India is very good at outsourcing IT services is primarily because of its manpower and skilled IT professionals with low labour costs. This is why big companies like Dell, HP, Oracle, ATT wireless have outsourced their various business processes with Indian outsourcing companies.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Custom Web Development To India

The major benefit of custom web design and development is that it plays an essential role in online marketing. While creating a website, web designers help your website and brand to stand out from others.  The designing team takes care of the layout, text, navigation and graphics. Once the design gets approved, it goes to a web development team. If you are on the way to get your website designed, the information will certainly help you out. Considering there are a large number of web design service providers across the world, outsourcing web development services to India will offer you a host of benefits. 

1. Affordable pricing

A crucial factor that motivates companies to outsource web development to India is affordability. The companies get a sound and reliable product as an interactive and efficient website with less input. Expensive investments and high-cost custom website development in their countries have caused them to turn to India. The low investments and ostensible plans in India provide clients with a stable option for outsourcing web development and web design services to the country. 

Businesses save a lot of money and development cost by outsourcing their web development projects to reliable web app development companies in India.  Additionally, by outsourcing Web development projects, you don’t need to commit to paying a monthly salary to web developers. Thus, it will save you money and taxes. And no one can deny the fact that if this is properly executed, you can increase sales with a custom website which is beneficial for the company’s revenues and profits. Furthermore, it also helps in lessening operational expenses. Low operational costs of web development companies include a low lease, taxes, rent, rates, utility, etc. Because of this, they can provide low-cost and effective custom web development services to their clients. 

2. Superior Quality Web Design  

India has emerged as one of the leading outsourcing destinations for custom web design and development. The level of competition is very high among web designing agencies to run their business efficiently. This is what gives advantages to outsourcers in terms of getting excellent quality services. Web designers in India know very well that quality service is the only way to sustain itself in the  IT industry. So the work provided by them has uniqueness, significance and is based on the customer’s requirement.  Indian IT industry has a highly competitive environment, which works in their favour as where there is competition, there is talent. So, your project will be in the hands of highly experienced and ambitious designers to offer quality work.

3.  Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technology

The technology of yesterday won’t keep you in the market today. That is why it is very crucial to invest in the latest technology and trends to serve better and stay ahead in the market. The flourishing IT Sector across the globe arose the competition enormously, this led companies in India to feel the influence and urge to have a specialization in every bit of this sector. Current India has state-of-the-art communication infrastructure,  cellular networks, fibre optic network, satellite connectivity, telecom, as well as cutting edge technologies for software and web development.  Every corporation in India, particularly in the IT sector, keeps itself abreast with the latest technology and devices needed to outperform. And they keep themselves updated and learn new ways to deliver better quality services every single year. When you outsource your web development in India, you are most likely to receive the most advanced features and configuration that meets the demands of the market. 

4. On-time project delivery

Timely delivery is the main concern of every business owner. By outsourcing custom Web development projects to advanced Web application development companies, customers will get their projects on time. In the industry of website development, time is everything. There is a subsequent rise in demand for website development now more than ever. No one can afford to delay the launch of their website idea. Therefore, you need a development company with custom web development skills that can develop the website for you within the expected time frame. So that you can launch it before your competitors do. 

Clients from the U.S and European countries get a time-zone advantage which is a big reason why companies prefer to outsource to India. With sufficient available resources and the development of a project with a flexible scope of 24/7 work, the development process can go on day and night every day. They can rest at night and see their requirement met the next morning by the offshore development team and continue from where they left off. Whether it’s the busiest time of the year for your business or you are just catching up to the speed with the market. You can benefit from the maximum number of resources available as per the need of the hour.

5. Innovative, dedicated and proficient developers 

It is one of the prominent benefits of outsourcing web development services. You will have highly skilled and expert web developers on your hand from the outsourcing company. The companies that are planning for outsourcing web development to India get an opportunity to hire devoted web developers who are highly skilled, expert, and reliable in handling challenging responsibilities. It’s not surprising to hear that the widest availability of IT talent in India makes it a top choice for outsourcing. The majority of the Indian population is young people with an average being of 27 years, with over 3 million talented graduates adding to the workforce each year, India has become an IT paradise for businesses looking for quality talent to take on their web development tasks.

Quality assurance processes of custom web development are observed at every step of the development. Hiring a third-party app development partner from India ensures that your website is being built by certified engineers and experts you can trust upon.  They can quickly provide solutions to your bug-free, fast, dynamic, and easy to use web development project.


A responsive website has become an essential part of online business. Therefore, outsourcing custom web development services is a powerful business strategy to be successful in this competitive digital sphere. There are already a large number of Web development companies in India that provide web development services to many businesses. However, only a reliable offshore web development company could give you outsourcing benefits.

Evon Technologies is one of those offshore software consulting and custom web development companies in India that has over a decade of experience in providing quality IT outsourcing services. You can hire web developers from us to get feature-rich, fast, aesthetically appealing UI, responsive and a user-friendly website. Our dedicated team of experts are tech-savvy and we keep them stay abreast with the latest web development technologies to meet client’s preferences. They design, code and create your website to include all of the latest custom web development trends required to your business website to help you boost up business sales.

As far as the risks associated with IT outsourcing are concerned, Evon has built an effective mitigation strategy to deliver a quality product within the agreed deadline so that the product goes into the market fast and works as expected. Evon has a history of serving various happy clients across the globe, thereby establishing a strong foothold in the IT outsourcing space and maintaining a strong client-vendor relationship as well. You can also check out Evon's case studies to make an informed decision about outsourcing your IT requirements to Evon. If you are planning to have your custom website developed, then contact us today or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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